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Are you looking for a safe, quick and easy way to do your online casino deposits and withdrawals? Then look no further, you have definitely come to the right place! In this article, we will cover everything about JCB casinos, including what JCB is, its safety and security, deposits and withdrawals, pros, cons, bonuses and so much more!

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 15.07.2022

  • Updated: 15.07.2022

    Best JCB Casinos Around the World

    Best JCB Casinos Around the World


    Understanding How JCB Works

    A Better Understanding of How JCB Works

    JCB LogoThe JCB payment system ranks among the largest in the world. The headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. JCB casinos use an international credit card – the JCB card. This is much like any other credit card. The application process is simple and will ask for your details, as with any standard credit card.

    The Japan Credit Bureau will handle the application process and either approve or disapprove your application according to your credit history and rating. The approval process can take up to four weeks, but the company is known to give you an answer in under a week. However, only applicants in participating countries can use this payment system.

    Once you have gone through the application process and have received your JCB card, the rest is simple. JCB allows you to deposit or withdraw money, both ways following similar steps. Log into the cashier section of your casino site and click on the credit card option and select JCB.

    Supply the necessary information on your card, follow the screen prompts and your payment will be done in no time. The transaction will reflect on your account within minutes if you are depositing money, so there is no waiting period for your transaction to process.

    When doing a withdrawal the waiting period may be between 2 and 7 days. So, if you have been looking for a credit card that is accepted by most of the best casinos globally, then the JCB casino payment method is just for you!

    JCB casino bonuses

    Exclusive Bonuses When Playing at JCB casinos

    JCB casinos offer exclusive bonuses when using the JCB credit card method. Some of these bonuses include free spins, deposit bonuses and other weekly cash prizes for loyal customers.

    Some examples include: 20 free spins when signing up. Yes, you read correctly… 20 free spins just for signing up!

    There are many different sign-up offers at the different casinos, and many of them have been designed to suit your gambling preference. For example, players registering at an online casino could receive a 100% zero wagering match bonus that includes bonus cash which is immediately cashable. This is the ideal offer for those looking to play exciting table games. If you love online slots then you should check out free spins bonuses as these can be used to enjoy popular games for free.

    Regular and loyal JCB users could be part of a rewards program and could receive points for every deposit made. With these points, you qualify for exciting bonuses such as cashback bonuses which could range between 20% and 50%. Having no annual fees to pay when you play with this method is definitely a win-win situation!

    JCB Security

    JCB Casinos Are Safe & Secure

    JCB is an extremely safe and trustworthy method to use. It has an excellent reputation and has been active for over 50 years. JCB has received many awards and recognition over the years which speak volumes. JCB has a great track record and more and more users and merchants are being added each year.

    They use the highest security measures possible and are legally compliant. You can rest easy knowing that JCB casinos have never been considered scam/illegal gambling sites.

    As with any other credit card, the information given is between you and JCB. Users will need to supply card information to the online casino when making transactions. It works much like a VISA or Mastercard with transactions being much safer and secure.

    All JCB casino payments are processed with the same level of security used in the major banks. You will have maximum protection against fraud and identity theft. JCB uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with a key length of 128 bits. In addition to this, players can connect to a two-step verification process system. This means that you will not become a victim of fraudulent activity, even if somebody had to get hold of your card details, they will not be able to do the verification.

    JCB casinos security

    Pros & Cons

    Different Pros & Cons of JCB Casinos to Consider

    As with any payment method that can be used with online casinos, JCB comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Weigh up the pros and cons before choosing the online payment method that is best suited for you. Below are a few pros and cons to help get you started:


    • High level of safety and security
    • Instant deposits
    • No annual fees and transaction fees
    • Easily accessed support


    • Restricted to certain countries
    • Risk of overspending
    • Need to supply credit card details

    All in all the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages in using the JCB casino payment method. If you are in one of the supporting countries, the JCB Casino payment method is one of the best, most secure methods to opt for.

    Why players have opted to use JCB Casinos

    • The high level of safety and security that fully complies with international banking standards
    • Instant deposits – funds are reflected within a few minutes with no waiting period
    • No annual fees and transaction fees
    • High-qualified and easily accessed support for users

    Why players have opted for alternative payment methods instead

    • JCB cards are only issued in some countries; mainly Asian countries, which means that people all over the globe cannot make use of the services
    • There is a risk of overspending if no restrictions have been placed on the card
    • When making deposits at JCB casinos you need to supply credit card details (many people are afraid of this), however, only the best online casinos are presented in our list of highly secured casinos

    Breakdown of Alternative Payments

    Comparing Different Online Casino Payment Methods

    Payment MethodDeposit TimeWithdrawal TimeFees
    JCBInstant2 – 7 days0%
    Credit CardsInstant1-3 Business days2% - 5%
    e-WalletsInstantInstant0 – 5%
    Rapid TransfersInstant24 – 72 hours0 – 1%

    Alternative Payment Methods

    Alternative Payment Services to JCB That Can Be Used

    If you had a look at the pros and cons of JCB Casinos and you have decided that this method is not the best for you, you will be pleased to know that there are many other similar alternatives that players have opted for to make their gambling experience best suited and most convenient for them. Below you will find a list of a few other convenient payment methods to use at online gambling casinos worldwide.

    Credit Cards

    A very similar method to the JCB Casino method is using your credit card, like your VISA or Mastercard. By using these you can be assured that the security and technology used to protect your information is top class! And VISA and Mastercard are accepted in most countries globally. Although this method can be a little risky, if you can practice responsible and safe gambling, this method may just be for you.


    Cryptocurrency has affected many online industries, including online gambling. More and more online gambling sites are now allowing players to use cryptocurrency to make transactions. Many popular methods like Bitcoin and Ethereum are being used, with Bitcoin definitely being the most popular. When using this method, always double-check your crypto details, we don’t want you losing out on a lot of money unnecessarily.


    Using e-wallets for online gambling has become very popular among users, especially for players that are very hesitant and don’t want to share their banking information with an online site. Some of the most popular e-wallets include PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Skrill and Neteller are supported at most online gaming establishments and are available in most countries. An advantage of using an e-wallet method is that transactions are processed instantly resulting in fast payouts.

    Rapid Transfer

    One method for fast and safe casino payments is Rapid Transfer. It allows you to use your bank account to deposit money into your online casino account. All transfers arrive instantly in your online casino account. The main disadvantage of using Rapid Transfers is that you may have to pay a fee for your transaction. Rapid Transfer may also encourage overspending, but if done safely and responsibly, it can be a great method to make transactions. Each transaction will reflect on your monthly bank statement.


    Our Final Thoughts About JCB Casinos

    After looking at all the payment options available to online casino players around the world and weighing up all the pros and cons. It is safe to say that the JCB Casino method is definitely a top-ranked payment method if it is available in your country.

    There are many online casinos supporting and accepting the JCB Casino payment method. It is safe and secure and has a great advantage with the user not receiving any additional fees. The only downfall is that it is not available in every country, but if you are in one of the supporting countries, then we recommend going for it!

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