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Casino Cashback bonus is a player’s best friend: get up to 20% rebate on your losses with this fan favourite bonus. Read our full guide to learn more about the best casino cashback offers.

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  • Updated: 25.10.2023

  • Updated: 25.10.2023

    All Cashback Casino

    All Cashback Casino


    Casino Cashback Bonus Overview

    Casino Cashback Overview

    We all love a good win at the casino, but we also know our winning streaks can be tainted by a few losses here and there. What we can do to minimise these blows is to make use of the cashback casino bonuses that may be offered by the online casino.

    Read on to discover what a cashback bonus casino is, whether any restrictions may apply, all the pros and cons, and most importantly, how to redeem one.

    Get Up To 20% Cashback Casino Bonus

    casino cashback bonus ParimatchGenerally speaking, casinos offer a rebate between 5-20% on the player’s net losses; however, you might be lucky enough to find offers with a higher per cent cashback – so stay on the lookout for any promotions!

    An online casino may offer daily, weekly, monthly, or even seasonal casino cashback bonuses. These can usually be added to any other bonus the player might also have available such as free spins or no deposit – which can boost your chances of success even more!

    We have explained in theory how a cashback casino bonus works but have not seen it in action yet. Let’s see a concrete example:

    Example: the online casino you are playing at is offering a 10% daily casino cashback on any losses incurred. You bet and lose €100. The casino will therefore give you back €10. Now, the way the bonus is accredited is dependent on the casino, which brings us to our next topic.

    Types of Cashback Casino Bonus

    Types of Casino Cashback Offers

    Generally speaking, there are two different kinds of casino cashback offers:

    1. Automatic: where the player is accredited the cashback straight into their casino account in an automated manner.
    2. Manual: where the player needs to directly contact the cashier to redeem their cashback casino bonus.

    Depending on the casino, you might encounter either of the above. What is most important is that you are aware of what you are entitled to and how often.

    As you journey through gambling offers, you may also come across the following:

    Casino Welcome Bonus icon

    Cashback Welcome Bonus

    Just like the name implies, you may be awarded a cashback as a welcome bonus.
    As a token of thanks, online casinos offer cashback bonuses as part of the welcome package for when a player signs up to their website.

    Usually, you qualify for it after losing your initial deposit and receive a rebate upon your first (and even sometimes second) loss.

    free spins bonus casino icon

    Cashbacks + Free Spins

    This dynamic duo is the best on the block. By pairing free spins with an online casino bonus cashback, you can enjoy trying out a new slot minus the risk of losing your entire bet. With a clear distinction of the kinds of casino cashback bonuses, a player may come across, it is time to analyse just how profitable a casino cashback bonus can be.

    vip card and gambler icon

    VIP Programs

    The most loyal customers can work their way up to VIP status by accumulating loyalty points.
    Once unlocked, you will be rewarded with different perks, such as a cashback bonus online casino on your net losses.

    slot-machine icon

    Bonuses for Existing Customers

    Casino Cashback bonuses are not exclusive to newcomers: they are, in fact, offered to existing players quite often as well. The casino cashback offers can take place on a specific title game, on a live casino, or on a type of game such as only slots.

    Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    Casino Cashback bonuses can be a very profitable way of playing at online casinos, awarding players with further chances of betting in case they were to lose a round or two.

    What is most important to note is, as mentioned, that each online casino reports different terms and conditions for their casino cashback offers. Though similar in nature, casino cashback bonuses come in different shapes and forms, so you would be wise to thoroughly check through any limitations there may be before betting.

    • Do not abuse the system: first and foremost, abide by the rules and do not try to cheat the system into giving you more cashback bonuses online casino than you are owed. If you were to create multiple accounts in order to claim more bonuses, the online casino will know and will most definitely take action against you, even banning you for life.
    • Wagering requirements: most often than not, there will be no wagering requirements on a casino cashback bonus; however, some casino cashback offers may come with wagering requirements attached. Before being able to cash your money back in case of a loss, you might have to wager a certain amount of time. These completely depend on the online casino you are playing at, so make sure to double-check what they may be. In general cashback promos are considered very low wagering casino bonuses.
    • Cashout cap: just like with wagering, there may be a clause on the maximum amount of rebate you are entitled to. Different casinos will have different limitations if any, so definitely look through the T&Cs to check if that may be the case for you. For example, you may receive 30% cashback, but up to a maximum of €2,000. When you lose €12,000, you don’t receive 30% of €12,000 – you receive the maximum cashback of €2,000.
    • Timed promotion: casino cashback bonuses can be subject to time limitations, mainly in order for them not to be used and abused. Though a bonus can only be used within one week from signing up, for example, there will always be more on the horizon for you to enjoy.
    • Minimum deposit: you could be required to deposit a minimum amount on your bets, meaning that you cannot avail of the cashback bonus casino if you deposit less than the stated amount. As an example, the terms and conditions of a certain online casino may state that the minimum deposit is €50. If you deposit €30, you will not be eligible for a cashback in case of loss.

    In principle, the above are the main T&Cs you could encounter when playing at an online casino with cashback bonuses.

    We do, however, encourage you to read carefully through the fine print in order to gauge a proper idea of what rules you must follow in order to successfully win back your lost money.

    Wagering Requirements

    Wagering Requirements

    We briefly touched upon wagering requirements that may be listed for certain casino cashback bonuses. We can further explore these and round up the sums by dividing them into two categories.

    Whichever wagering requirement the online casino asks for, ensure you remain mindful of it and comply with it fully. Should you not follow the online casino’s guidelines, you very well might be refused the casino cashback until you fulfil them.

    Palmslots casino cashback bonus

    All information pertaining to requirements can be found in the online casino’s terms and conditions (or T&Cs for short). We know you would rather not fine-comb your way through them, but trust us, you do not want to find unsavoury surprises along the way. At this point, you have learnt all you need to make a bet and leverage a cashback bonus – but how exactly do you go about claiming it?

    Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

    No wagering requirements

    These are the most common. Lucky for you! The name is a dead giveaway, but just to be sure, we will remind you that this means you do not have to follow any specific requirements for the wagering you must make.

    Low or high wagering requirements

    Casino cashback bonuses might rarely require you to make a minimum number of wagers in order to be allowed to secure that cashback bonus.

    How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

    How to Claim an Online Casino Bonus Cashback

    Okay, we are now at the crucial part of our casino cashback bonus review: how to actually claim it. After having gone through the process of reading the T&Cs, signing up to the casino, and making sure to comply with all rules, you have tried your luck and have lost your initial bet.

    The online casino you are playing at may either use an automated method or a manual one to follow up on any online casino bonus cashback. Chase the casino only after the processing time is overdue; your insistence will not quicken the process – if anything, it might earn a strike to your account.

    The procedure of gaining a cashback bonus at an online casino is pretty straightforward; however, remember to only gamble at legitimate and trusted ones. If you are having a hard time finding a good casino to try out a cashback bonus at, take a look at our toplist where you will find the best casinos for cashback bonuses.

    In the case of an automated method:

    1. Choose a casino of your liking – we suggest picking one on our list so you can be sure it is safe, licensed, and, most of all, great fun.
    2. Create an account by inserting your real details. Remember: do not create multiple accounts, or you might be banned!
    3. Read through the T&Cs with maximum attention so you can remain mindful of the limitations (if any) you may have.
    4. Make a bet when playing a game that falls under the list of accepted ones by the provider. Put down the minimum amount, and wager the number of times requested (again, if any).
    5. Hold on tight to your seat as the results come out! Successful or not, you are still technically a winner!
    6. If everything falls into place, then you will see your casino credit go back up.
    7. Enjoy your cashback in any of your preferred manners.

    On the other hand, if the online casino uses a manual method, follow the same instructions as above, up to the point of claiming your cashback.

    At this point, you will have to:

    • Contact the casino’s customer support via their preferred method (chat, phone, or email).
    • Explain the situation thoroughly, providing the support agent with any information they may need.
    • Allow the online casino time to process the request.
    • Once the processing time has elapsed, you will see your casino credit increment.

    Different online casinos will have different contact channels and processing times.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros & Cons of a Cashback Casino Bonus

    A cashback is a handy bonus to make use of for both neophytes and more advanced players. For those starting out, it represents a nifty way to ease into the gambling pool, whilst veterans will already know how helpful these offers can be when Lady Luck is not really looking your way.

    Let’s see what the overall advantages and disadvantages are of casino cashback bonuses:


    • Win back cash on your losses
    • Low or no wagering requirements on real money
    • Can be added on top of other bonuses
    • Perfect for high rollers
    • Available to veteran players
    • Available to new players


    • % depends on casino
    • Cashout limits
    • Time limit on offer
    • Some payment methods may be excluded

    Both pros and cons can work in your favour if you know exactly how they work and what your play strategy will be.

    A deep dive into each will help you fully understand how you can leverage each aspect of a cashback casino bonus.

    Casino Bonuses Comparison Table

    Casino Bonuses Comparison Table

    We have explored at length what a casino cashback bonus is, how it works, and what the advantages and disadvantages are. But how does it stack up against other bonuses?

    Here is a comprehensive table of all casino bonuses for you:


    Cashback BonusNo Deposit BonusFree Spins
    Available toNew & experienced playersUsually on signupNew & experienced players
    Wagering limitsUsually notYesUsually not
    RiskVery lowVery lowNone
    Stacked on other bonusesYesUsually notYes
    Cash capUsually notUsually notYes

    So, which bonus is the best for you? Still not sure? We suggest you read through our Frequently Asked Questions, where any further doubts you may have will certainly be covered.

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