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Free Spins give you an extra chance to win big, and luckily they are one of the most popular bonuses out there! Here you will find everything you need to know about them.

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Free Spins Casino Bonus

Free Spins Casino Bonus Overview

When playing slots, we often find ourselves wishing we had just one more spin – but what if we could get one, and for free at that?

Read on to learn what a free spin bonus is, and how and where to claim. Once you have all that covered, go ahead and put your skills to the test by playing at one of the best casinos out there, dutifully indexed in the list below.

Give your Luck an Extra Free Spin

Here at we like to cover all bases when reviewing casinos and bonuses. Let’s start by making sure we are all on the same page as to what a free spin bonus is:

A Free Spin Bonus is, as the name entails, a bonus round at a slot for real money.
It is completely free, so when you click on that Spin button your casino credit will not decrease.

Free spins are played on the maximum amount of paylines and on the smallest coin size, usually amounting to €0.05 or €0.10.
Free spin bonuses work on all devices, meaning you can enjoy the thrill of an extra turn from desktop or from mobile. Forerunners such as LeoVegas who already spearheaded the mobile gambling revolution are already optimising all games for you to enjoy from the palm of your hand. A great example of an online casino that offers fun free spins is Wheelz Casino, where David Hasselhoff lets player spin the wheel once more as an extra bonus.

Arguably the most popular bonus out there, a free spin bonus is often associated with a specific game or type of game such as slots, card games, roulette just to name a few. The beauty of free spin bonuses is that they allow the player to try out the casino and the game for free, with low to no risk. Given you do not have to pay to spin, you have all to win and nothing to lose!

Types of Free Spins Bonus

Types of Free Spins Bonus

Now that we have a clear picture of what a free spins bonus is to begin with, we can move on to check out what the different kinds you can find out there. We will go through them one at a time, sifting through their advantages and disadvantages in the fairest manner – the signature SPCasino way!

Free spins no deposit

The best option out there, free spins no deposit bonuses let you play a free round of the game without the need to deposit any of your money. This means you can enjoy the thrill of the game without having to put any of your hard earned money on the line.
These free spins are not unlocked by depositing a certain amount of money, and are usually given as freebies to new members that sign up to a casino for the first time.

The brilliant thing about them is that you can get a feel of the casino with no repercussions; you can also experience the game you choose for free, and decide whether it is something you enjoy or would rather skip to a different one altogether.
Sadly, not everything can be an easy win, and free spin bonuses do have a small downside: the amount of free gos you can use will be small, like 5 or 10 free spins. Once those are up, you will have to start playing with your own means.

Free spins per deposit

An alternative to the aforementioned are extra spins awarded to players every time they deposit.

Casinos may be feeling gracious and offering these promotions. They might ask for a minimum deposit amount in order to unlock such a bonus, or they could simply offer them regardless of the quantity you decide to deposit.
Free spins on deposit function just the same as those which have no ties, but will only be accessible once the down payment has been made. Different payment methods such as SkrillTrustlyZimpler, and alternatives like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be accepted at selected online casinos.

But fear not, this caveat does come with an upside: the amount of free spins you are granted is usually higher! Casinos understand that you are now gambling with your own money and want to even out the playing field with higher rewards.

You might also have heard of:

Big Spins

These are spins with a greater value per spin than the minimum bet allowed in the slot. On average, these spins will be valued at something around €0.50 per spin.

Super Spins

These are spins with a greater value per spin than the minimum bet allowed in the slot. On average, these spins will be valued at something around €1 per spin.

Mega Spins

These are spins with a greater value per spin than the minimum bet allowed in the slot. On average, these spins will be valued at €2 or more per spin.


Where to find Free Casino Spins

Where to find Free Casino Spins

Now that you’ve got the rundown of what a free spins bonus is and what types you can find out there in the online casino jungle, it’s time for you to get your hands on one.

But where to find them? Luck for you, we have the answer.

Keep your eyes peeled for:

Pop up offers

How many times have you viewed an online casino and have a small window show up indicating a promotion? These little helpers usually appear either at the centre, commanding attention, or on the side of the screen.

Side pop ups are more discreet and don’t get in your way as you navigate the online casino website but they can sometimes be overlooked. Keep close attention to any movement catching the corner of your eye as it could be your chance to get yourself some free spins!

The centre screen pop ups may be a tad more distracting but they do come with great promotions. Don’t be too hasty in closing the windows; double check whether they carry a free spin no deposit or free spin on deposit offer.

Email offers

Another widespread method of communication is the classic email, and casinos make very good use of it. When you give your details, make sure to use an email address that you often look at.

Online casinos that know their stuff are aware that spamming their users’ inbox with promotion or random information is not only annoying but counterproductive. Nobody wants an avalanche of messages to sift through, and casinos do not wish to be put on the black list.
Proper casinos will send you interesting offers they might be having at appropriate intervals, and trust us, they are often worth it.

Just read through any content that might have caught your eye and follow the links provided – in all probability, a big button will be there for you to click on inviting you to claim free spins.

On Sign Up

A classic way of redeeming free spins is to avail yourself of the myriad of casinos offering them upon sign up.
Falling under the umbrella term of “sign up bonus”, free spins given out to newcomers are prevalent in the online gambling sphere.

In the event you do not yet have an account with a casino that is handing out free spins, jump on it! Get yourself an extra round by creating a new account.


Only use real information (you will be asked to verify your identity), and give an email address you often look at so you are always abreast of the latest casino deals and offers.
Do not abuse the system by creating multiple accounts. Your details will be screened and if it looks like you tried to cheat the system, there will be consequences.

Overall, free spins bonuses given upon sign up are the best way to get to know the new casino and its games. You have a chance to experience first hand the newest releases, for example, or just a novel casino you haven’t tried out yet – and if you are not keen on certain games, you can always try out others. Free spins bonus is not just for one game, it usually covers a few precisely for this reason.

So go ahead, try your luck and spin those wheels! But first, be mindful of all the advantages and disadvantages they may come with. Read on to find those out with us.




  • No deposit needed
  • Can try games for free
  • Popular amongst many casinos


  • Smaller amounts offered
  • Could come with a cash cap
  • At times only on selected games

Remember how we mentioned you might only be able to spin a few extra rounds? They could be 5, 10, 15 or another specific number which is at the online casino’s discretion.

What’s more, it might come with a cash cap: no matter if you win big during your bonus rounds, you could only be able to claim a maximum amount of your winnings.
Lastly, free spins could only be available to be played on selected games.

Let’s look at free spins with deposit:

Pros free spins with deposit

  • More spins offered
  • Greater winnings

Free spins on deposit come with the same pros as those without, minus of course the aspect of the necessary deposit. What’s best about these is that online casinos understand that you are actually depositing your own money, and they look to reward that by providing you with more spins (20, 30, 50+) and even greater winnings.

Cons free spins with deposit

  • Deposit trigger

The main characteristic of these free spin bonuses is in the name: you first must make a deposit in order to trigger the bonus. These are also known as “extra spins”, especially in markets such as the UK where new regulations have given a clear definition of each term. The amount will depend from casino to casino.
This is in addition to any other winnings cap or game selection there may be, so make sure to read all terms and conditions that may come with them.


  • More spins offered
  • Greater winnings


  • Deposit trigger

How to Claim a Free Spins Bonus

Terms and Conditions may apply to a Free Spins Bonus

Disadvantages of free spins will not blindside you, though. Not unless you skip the ever-so-important Terms and Conditions (T&Cs).

T&Cs are bound to be encountered at any respectable casino: they lay out all the rules you need to be aware of in order to cash out that good money in case of a win. Our casino lists are all based on trusted, thoroughly checked websites, all of which hold official licences in the most important jurisdictions and that undergo independent testing agencies such as eCOGRA and iTechLabs.

Once you open the T&Cs, be on the lookout for any mentions of the following:

  1. Deposit requirements
  2. Wagering requirements
  3. Cash caps
  4. Number of free spins
  5. Game selection

We will now go through each one in detail so as to arm you with the best knowledge possible.

Deposit requirements

You may be asked to deposit a certain amount in your casino account in order to unlock the bonus. Whether this may be in fiat currency or cryptocurrency such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum or others is up to the casino’s discretion.

Make sure to check whether this may be the case or if the promotion being made is a no deposit free spins one (our favourite!). Some dodgy casinos may try to pass free spins as no deposit offers by not mentioning the caveat in the promotion, but later ask for money during the last step.

To avoid such issues, make sure you are only playing at certified, trusty casinos. Our toplist is a great starting point in case you don’t have any providers in mind. Here at we go through every name you see reported extensively, giving you honest reviews of each one. You can never go wrong with us!

Wagering requirements

When playing free spins at online casinos, you may be asked to wager a certain amount of times in order to benefit from any winnings you make. The lower the wagering requirements, the easier it will be to cash in those winnings.
Note that some online casinos will automatically calculate this for you whilst others expect you to do the maths on your own. It may sound daunting, but we can assure you it is fairly simple.

Let’s look at an example:

You have deposited the minimum required by the casino which is €20, and have started using your free spins bonus rounds. On the third try you get a win! You go to claim the prize but are being told you cannot withdraw because you didn’t meet the wagering requirements which are listed as x10. How to calculate that?

You must wager €20 a total of 10 times before being able to cash in on any winnings. Therefore:

€20 x 10 = €200

So, you need to make bets totaling a value of €200 before you can withdraw. What does this mean? That any time you hit the jackpot after the wagering requirement has been satisfied, you can scoop up the gold!

Cash Caps

You have spun the wheel once more and won big time! Or have you?

Some free spins bonuses may come with a cash cap tied to them, meaning you can only withdraw up to a certain amount previously decided no matter how much you win.

Say you get 25 extra free spins on your favourite game, and on your third go you win a grand prize of €6,000 which you try to withdraw. You get a notice that you can only claim up to €500 – why is that? Possibly because in the terms and conditions of the free spins bonus it was reported that the maximum amount of winnings you can claim is a total of €500.

Make sure you always check the T&Cs to avoid any nasty surprises!

Number of free spins

Ah, if only free spins were infinite… but sadly all good things come to an end. You may be entitled to a maximum number of turns, which usually range from 5x to any number the casino may be feeling like offering – all the way up to three digits!

What’s more is that they can be monthly, weekly or even daily free spins!

Game selection

Free spins bonuses could only be relevant to certain types of games or specific titles. You could find, for example, 50 daily free spins on any roulette or 20 free spins for Coin Master.

The free spins game selection offered tends to change quite often as casinos like to showcase different games, and will often put the newest entries in the limelight. It’s the perfect opportunity for players to try a new name in the game (pun intended) and for casinos to feather their nest with attractive promotions.

Time limits

Time may be relative but countdowns are real. You might be told that you can make use of a free spins bonus only for a certain period of time before the promotion is up.

For example, if a provider is giving out 50 free spins no deposit bonus on a specific day such as that of St. Patrick, you can expect the T&Cs to report you can use them only within a 24 hour window. After all, what is the point of celebrating a special date if you can celebrate it every day?

Another example is that of free spins bonus given on sign up. You might be able to only claim an extra few spins for the first week. At the same time – who wouldn’t want to get to use their free spins as soon as possible?


If you cannot find a free spins bonus perfect for you right off the bat, do not worry: there are infinite combinations you can find out there in the iGaming world. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly as we update our toplist often!

How to Claim a Free Spins Bonus

Free spins bonus casinos may be found across the board, but how does one claim them?
It is usually very simple.

Depending on how you came across the promotion, you might have:

  • a button to click
  • a link to follow
  • a casino bonus activation section in your account
  • they might be added automatically, or
  • you have to enter a bonus code

If a big button appears, things are pretty straightforward – but always make sure you are clicking on a button which is part of the online casino you are playing at and not a random ad!

When receiving free spins via promotional emails, you might have to click on a link. Again, quite a simple manner of claiming your bonus.

Make sure to also check your casino account as there usually is a section dedicated to bonuses. You can find the different ones available to you there, and free spins are very commonly offered.

Even better, the online casino could do the work for you and just add the free spins to your account, completely hassle-free!

If you are asked for a bonus activation code, however, follow the instructions given by the casino itself. Usually such code is sent to the email address linked to your account. It may be a unique code or it could be one which the casino promotes to players through various channels. Either way, the bonus code will be made very apparent and you will smoothly get your free spins once you enter it in the dedicated section.

Mind you, if an online casino makes things difficult, beware of their T&Cs. If you have to go through the hassle of contacting their customer support just to get a bonus, they might be hiding bad bonus terms.

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