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A casino bonus is a fantastic, risk-free incentive that increases your balance and playtime at an online casino. Experienced players use bonuses to optimise their winning online gambling strategies. We’ve dedicated this page to providing you with the best casino bonuses and equipping you with all the tools you’ll need to take advantage of these valuable offers.

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All about Online Casino Bonuses

Everything you Need to Know about Online Casino Bonuses

We’ve all experienced the disappointment that comes with finding the best online casino bonus, only to discover that we’re not eligible for it moments later.

In most cases, casino bonuses are denied because the bonus offers are not valid for players in a specific region. It makes sense to play at online casinos that are preferred for your region to make sure you don’t run into problems with the casino bonus.

That’s why we created this amazing toplist that reveals the best online casino bonus and no deposit bonus offers for players in your country. The list adjusts based on your region, which means that all you have to do is pick a bonus and fire away.

Let’s face it, not many people know how to use an online casino bonus effectively.

You need a powerful combination of two things to get ahead of the game and work your way towards a worthwhile jackpot:

  1. The best casino bonus
  2. Insights on how to use a bonus to maximise your winning potential

Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to all this knowledge on one page?

Well, now you do!

Keep reading for loads of tips and tricks that will transform you into a casino bonus boss.

Types of Casino Bonuses

The Different Types of Casino Bonuses

The simple truth is that all bonuses are not created equal. A casino bonus that works for some players may not be the right choice for you.

Online casinos are constantly customising their bonuses to differentiate them from bonuses offered at competitor casinos and to make them more accessible to players from various regions.

It’s beneficial to understand the basic structure of each type of casino bonus.

  • Welcome Bonus | A welcome bonus, also known as a registration bonus or sign-up bonus, is offered to players who are new at an online casino. Welcome bonuses may take the form of any of the casino bonuses described above, or they may be made up of a combination of these types of bonuses.
  • No Deposit Bonus | A no deposit casino bonus will get you playing right away without a deposit. These bonuses are 100% risk-free because online casinos add them to your balance with no money required from you.
    You will typically be required to sign up for a casino account before you can claim a no deposit bonus.
  • Deposit Bonus | A deposit bonus will be added to your account when you make a qualifying deposit. The deposit bonus increases your balance and gives you more opportunities to play at the online casino. You can play for longer, enjoy more games, or raise your bet size.
  • Reload Bonus | A reload bonus is the same as a deposit bonus except that players receive bonuses on a specified number of deposits. In other words, reload bonuses are multipart deposit offers where each deposit is coupled with a bonus.
  • Free Spins | Free spins are spins that are added to a slot game. You can play these spins without decreasing your casino account balance. Free spins may be offered as a no deposit casino bonus or a deposit bonus.
  • No Deposit Free Spins | Just as the name entails, free spins are given out to players without the need for a deposit.
  • Cashback Bonus | A cashback bonus is a refund that is added to your casino account. The casino will give a percentage of the money that you played at the casino back to you.
    Cashback bonuses are great for mitigating risk while maximising your chances of winning because your deposit will have low (or no) wagering requirements. This means you will be able to withdraw your winnings fast if you win while playing with your deposit. If you don’t win, you will receive extra money to continue trying.
  • No Wagering Bonus | Most casino bonuses and free spins come with wagering requirements. This means you have to play the bonus, or your winnings, through the casino a specific number of times before you can request a withdrawal. This bonus eliminates the need to meet wagering requirements in order to cash in on winnings.
    No wagering bonuses don’t have wagering requirements attached. You can withdraw your money at any time.
  • Sports Betting Bonus | Sportsbooks will often incentivise betting on sports by offering many different promotions to punters such as cashbacks, sports-specific bonuses, parlay insurance, boosted odds and much more.
  • Match Bonus | Online casinos will reward players by matching up to a certain percentage of the amount they deposit. This is known as a match bonus. It can come in many different varieties, but usually it looks like this: 100% up to €200. This entails the casino will pay the player up to the full amount they deposit as long as it doesn’t surpass €200.

Terms and Conditions of Online Casino Bonuses

Let me guess – you already know what the different types of bonuses are but sometimes you get caught off guard by the terms and conditions of a certain casino bonus.

You’re not alone.

In this section, we’ll go over the details of each bonus type to prepare you to take full advantage of your next casino bonus.

Welcome Bonus

The majority of online casinos offer some form of a welcome bonus or welcome package. These offers attract players to try online casinos that they have not played at before. That’s why welcome bonuses are only offered to players that are new to the casino.

A welcome bonus may include a combination of the bonuses we already covered. Here’s an example of a typical welcome package:

  • €25 No deposit welcome bonus + 10 free spins
  • 1st deposit bonus: 100% match up to €50
  • 2nd deposit bonus: 50% match up to €50
  • 3rd deposit bonus: 25% cashback bonus

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is completely free of risk since there’s no deposit required to claim this casino bonus. However, online casinos must include conditions on their bonus offers and promotions to prevent bonus abuse.

No deposit bonuses almost always carry wagering requirements. The lower the wagering requirements are, the faster you’ll be able to turn your bonus into real cash that can be withdrawn.

A €10 no deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of 30x (30 times) will have to be played through 30 times before the bonus balance becomes real cash. That is, you will have to place bets worth €300 before you can withdraw your winnings.

We’ll go into detail on wagering requirements in the next section.

Deposit Bonus

A casino deposit bonus is commonly advertised as a percentage bonus. In some cases, it may be stated as a specific amount.

A 100% match deposit bonus will award you with a bonus that is equal to your deposit. It doubles your casino balance. If you deposit €20, you will have a total balance of €40 made up of a real cash balance of €20 and a bonus balance or €20.

On the other hand, a €20 bonus on your deposit will award you a bonus of €20 for any qualifying deposit that you make.

Benefits of a deposit bonus:

  1. Lower wagering requirements means easier withdrawals.
  2. Players can usually withdraw their cash that they deposited and any winnings in their real cash balance before meeting the wagering requirements; however, the bonus balance will be forfeited.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are multi-level deposit bonuses. The number of deposit bonuses offered may range from two deposits to four deposits – or even more at some online casinos.

A reload bonus may look something like this:

  • 1st Deposit: 100% up to €200
  • 2nd Deposit: 50% up to €100
  • 3rd Deposit: 150% up to €150
  • 4th Deposit: 25% unlimited match

Pay attention to the maximum value of the reload bonus offered for each deposit.

If you plan to take advantage of multiple deposit offers, then it makes sense to make the most of each deposit according to your bankroll.

Free Spins

Online casinos award players with free spins for different reasons. Free spins may be part of a welcome offer to entice new players to join the casino, or the casino may be promoting a specific slot game.

Make sure you know which slot (or slots) the free spins will be added on. Some online casinos will let you choose the game.

Free spins usually come with wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are attached to the winnings you make while playing with the free spins. If you win €50 while playing free spins with a wagering requirement of 20x, you will have to play the €50 through 20 times before you can withdraw your winnings.

Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus is typically stated as a percentage of a deposit. The percentage is the value of your deposit that will be refunded to you after you have played out a certain amount of your deposit.

If you claim a 50% cashback bonus and deposit €20, you will receive a €10 bonus after you have used your €20 to play at the casino.

Some online casinos allow you to request the cashback bonus before you have played out your entire deposit. For instance, the casino may add the bonus once your cash balance reaches 25% of the original deposit amount.

No Wagering Bonus

Lower wagering requirements mean faster withdrawals. That’s why no wagering bonuses are the most coveted type of casino bonus.

A no wagering bonus of 50% on a deposit of €100 will give you a total real cash balance of €150. You won’t have to meet any wagering requirements for your bonus to be converted into real cash, which means that you can withdraw your winnings at any time.

Online casinos usually require players to deposit before awarding them with no wagering bonuses.

VIP Loyalty Program Bonus

Some casino operators refer to their loyalty schemes as a VIP club; others offer exclusive, invitation-only VIP programmes for high rollers.

These are known as VIP Bonuses, and are showered onto loyal customers who keep coming back and playing at the casino.

Bonus NameDescription
Welcome BonusA bonus for new players at an online casino. You will need to register a casino account to claim the welcome bonus and may be required to complete a minimum deposit. Some casinos let you claim a no deposit welcome bonus without depositing.
No Deposit BonusA bonus that is added to your casino balance with no deposit required.
Deposit BonusA bonus that is added to your casino balance on completion of a successful deposit.
Reload BonusA bonus that is added to your casino balance on completion of a successful deposit. Reload bonuses are usually offered for more than one deposit.
Free SpinsYou may be awarded free spins as part of a deposit offer or no deposit offer. The spins may be added to a specific game or the casino may allow you to choose a game for the free spins.
Cashback BonusA bonus added to your casino balance that is equal to a percentage of the money you spent at the casino.
No Wagering BonusA bonus that does not have any wagering requirements so you can with your casino balance without playing the funds through the casino a number of certain times.
VIP BonusLoyal customers are rewarded with lavish bonuses as they climb up the ranks of online casinos.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements

At this point, you might be tempted to go on a search for “no deposit no wagering bonuses” – but don’t get your hopes up. No wagering bonuses that don’t require a deposit are notoriously hard to come by since they pose a real risk to the online casinos that offer them.

Here is some advice:

Don’t stress too much about the wagering requirements. In practice, wagering requirements are very easy to achieve.

All experienced casino players know that a balance can be played through 50 times in no time at all.

A wagering requirement is not equivalent to the amount of money you have to spend at the casino before you can withdraw your winnings. It’s simply the number of times you have to play a balance through before you can request a withdrawal. When you play a game that gives you regular wins, or one large win, you can quickly reach the wagering requirements.

Let’s look at an example:

  • A player claims a bonus of €10 with a wagering requirement of 20x
  • The player must wager €200 (€10 x 20) worth of bets for the bonus balance to become a cash balance that can be withdrawn
  • Player places a €1 bet on a slot and wins €5
  • The player now has a balance of €14 and must place bets to the value of €199 before the balance can be withdrawn

It’s easy to see that if you’re having a good run then the requirements of the casino bonus can be met fairly quickly. That’s why many bonus players choose to play games that have a medium or low variance.

The variance of a game (sometimes referred to as the game’s volatility) is an indicator of how frequently the game pays out. Games with high variance payout less frequently but when they do, they pay out large amounts. Games with lower variance tend to pay out smaller wins at more frequent intervals.

Pro Tip: In general, players can play for longer at low variance games since they can place lower bets and score frequent wins.

Wagering Limits

Here’s a trick to be aware of:

Different games contribute differently towards the wagering requirements of any bonus. It’s important to look at the game contributions before deciding which casino game to play. Game contributions are stipulated in the terms and conditions at online casinos. Here’s an example of wagering contribution found at a typical online casino:

  • Slots contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements
  • Table games contribute 10%
  • Live casino games contribute 5%
  • Progressive jackpot games contribute 0% towards the wagering requirement

Playing slots at the online casino in the example above will help you meet the bonus wagering requirement much faster than playing live casino games. There’s also a restriction on jackpot games, so playing those won’t help you convert your bonus to cash at all.

There are other limitations that you will encounter when claiming casino bonus offers. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Time Limits | The wagering requirements must be met within a specified time after the casino bonus has been claimed.
  • Bet Size Limits | The bet size allowed may be restricted to a minimum or maximum value while playing with a bonus.
  • Slot Exclusions | An online casino may list specific slots that do not contribute – or contribute less – towards the wagering requirement than the other slots do.
  • Maximum Withdrawal | Online casinos may cap the value of withdrawals when playing with bonus money.

Online Casino Bonus Rewards

How to Claim a Bonus

How to Claim a Bonus Step-By-Step

Now that you know how to use a bonus to its full potential, all that’s left is to claim the best casino bonus offer for you.

This part is easy:

  1. Look at the list of casino bonus offers available in your region.
  2. Compare the bonuses.
  3. Choose the best casino bonus (or bonuses) for you.
  4. Click on the link for the bonus offer.
  5. Follow the instructions to claim it.
  6. Make sure that you enter your correct details.

Welcome bonus tip:

Many online casinos stipulate that a welcome bonus must be claimed within a specific time frame after a player has registered a new account. Be sure to claim the welcome bonus before this window of opportunity closes.

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