No Verification Casinos Overview

Are you an eager gambler that wants to get their game on as soon as possible? Then a “no verification casino”, “no KYC casino” or “no ID casino” is just for you.

These online casinos will not require players to prove their identity when making a deposit or creating an account, letting you skip over the tedious task of providing ID verification.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to these great casinos, and compiled a list of our favourite ones for you to check out. Read on to learn more.

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Skip the KYC Process and Play at a No Verification Casino Now!

We are used to online casinos that ask for your information right off the bat. Be it at the initial sign up or just after depositing, you will have to prove that you are a real person by submitting a form of identification.

However, some players don’t like to disclose their personal information whilst others just want to skip over the time-consuming obligations and go straight to the fun part.

A no verification casino, also known as a no KYC casino or even as a no ID casino, is exactly what it sounds like: a casino where you are not asked to verify yourself. No ID requested, and most often no registration process either.

The only data collected by the no verification casino will be that of the player’s payment method. So although the provider will not collect and store details such as your address, it will still know who is playing on their website.

After all, you wouldn’t want a casino to have the chance to take your money and you do not have any sort of proof that it actually came from you! Furthermore, online casinos will want to keep their licence, and keeping track of players’ basic data is one way to do it.


We only want to play at legitimate online casinos, no verification casinos included! Look out for licences from reputable jurisdictions such as:

How a No Verification Casino works

Now that you have the bigger picture, let’s get into the nitty and gritty of a No KYC Casino.

Playing at a provider’s website where you needn’t submit your personal information may sound too good to be true but there is in fact a particular set of reasons and processes behind it.

Firstly, it is good to point out that although you are not directly giving out your more personal information such as your ID card number, the online casino will still know who you are. Why? Because it will ask for your payment method.

A no verification casino works a bit like a PayNPlay casino. It refrains from digging too deep into who you are and only asks for the essentials: how you wish to withdraw and deposit.

Is that all? Yes! No other documents required. No shuffling through heaps of paper to find your latest consumption bill, no having trouble finding a scanner for your ID and no messing around with photos on your mobile (which somehow always come out blurry!).

How to Sign up to a No Verification Casino

Here comes the best part: getting started at a no verification casino. Let’s look at a quick step-by-step guide on how to do just that:

  1. Choose a trustworthy casino. We suggest you check out the ones in our toplist, they have undergone our signature SPCasino intense scrutiny.
  2. Click on a “Play Now” button
  3. Create an account if required (you will only need an email address and a password)
  4. Register your preferred payment method
  5. Start playing!

It’s as easy as that. All you need to get started at a no ID casino is an active email, a secure password, and your preferred method of payment.

For extra level security, use an email address you often use so you do not risk forgetting your credentials later on.

Your password should be alphanumeric and contain special characters so that unwanted users can’t get in.

And that’s it!

No Verification Casinos


Pros and Cons of a No Verification Casino

We have hinted at a few upsides and downsides of this sort of casino.

As usual, we at have weighed out the advantages and disadvantages of the casino we are reviewing. We only bring you the best first-hand knowledge, and all is as unbiased as it gets.

Ready? Let’s dive in!


The absolute best aspect of no verification casinos is of course the fact that there is no need to submit any ID – but that’s not all! Here are a few more:

All in all, no verification casinos have a lot of upsides and very few downsides. Curious to know what those may be? Take a look:


No ID casinos are great in theory but let’s look in practice as well:

Overall, playing at a no verification casino provides more safety and a seamless playing experience. We really don’t have many negative things to say if not that you might not be able to play at your favourite online casino bypassing the burdensome KYC process just yet. Here is to hoping more and more alternatives soon pop up!

Normal Casinos VS No Verification Casinos

  Normal Casino No Verification Casino
Requests your ID/personal data Yes No
Is legal Yes Yes
Requests payment method Yes Yes
Is safe Yes Yes
Widely available Yes Not yet
Quick route to playing No Yes
Withdrawals & deposits timing Up to a few days Instant

Difference between a No Verification Casino and a No Account Casino

Often mixed up, a no verification casino and a no account casino are two distinct types of online casino you may encounter.

A no verification casino, also called a no KYC casino or a no ID casino is precisely what we have covered so far: an online provider that does not ask you for photographs of yourself holding your ID, scans or photos of your passport, the last utility bill you have or anything of the sort. You simply pay and play!

A no account casino, on the other hand, is simply an online provider that does not ask you to register on their website. However, they might still ask you to submit your private information in case of withdrawal or deposit, for example.

Think about it: if you win big and they don’t know who you are, will they easily transfer a big sum to you?

The answer is no because any casino in good standing will still require the minimum amount of information from you in order to process any transactions between yourself and the provider. If you don’t have an account on the online casino, there is no guarantee that you are who you say you are; thus, no account casinos will most probably ask that you confirm your identity when transacting to safeguard both parties. Make sense?

If you still have doubts, we have a great guide to no account casinos you can read through.

But back to us and no ID casinos.

Payment Methods at No Verification Casinos

At this point you might be pondering which might be the best payment options for you.

You could either be used to using your ever trusted bank account or you could prefer your gaming expenses not to show up on your bank statement at the end of the month.

The best payment methods we can think of in order to shorten the waiting period between you and your gaming time are the following:

By using the above, you are still providing a method of identification which will keep the casino happy but you are also cutting down on your precious gambling time by allowing your payments to provide indirect basic information on you. Only the strictly necessary data will be shown, giving you peace of mind that sensitive information such as your address and ID number are safely tucked away in your pocket and not online for others to find.

You might be wondering: is this even legal? Can I really skip all the bureaucratic stuff and just play?

The answer is yes. No verification casinos are legit, though still quite a niche option in the iGaming universe as they are slowly growing in number. What’s more is that they undergo the same licensing procedures as any normal casino, and sport the same licence as their verification peers. Always make sure that the online casino you want to play at is properly licensed – bonus points if they show they pass tests from independent organisations such as GLI and eCOGRA!

No Verification Casinos Payment Methods

No Verification Casino Bonus

If no ID casinos are so rare to come across, will I be able to find bonuses offered?

Yes, absolutely. Even more so since the no KYC casinos actually try to attract more and more players!

You will often find very lucrative bonuses ready to greet you at no verification casino doors, from the ever popular free spins to no the classic no deposit bonus, casino cashback bonuses and more. The choice is yours!

Choose from our toplist whatever casino tickles your fancy – we can assure you that they are all 100% legal, legitimate, and properly licensed. We only offer the best here at!



Frequently Asked Questions about No Verification Casinos

Do casinos without verification exist?

Yes, they do. These are new up and coming casinos that do not require you to go through the burdensome KYC process. They are commonly known as No Verification Casinos, No ID Casinos, or No KYC Casinos.

The beauty of them is that you don’t have to upload any documents and can just jump straight into the action!

Are no verification casinos legal?

Yes, especially given the many legal hoops they are obligated to jump through when it comes to obtaining licences. Of course, the governing body that provides the licence depends on where the online casino site is hosted.

Only play at casinos that clearly showcase their licensing, be they with or without verification.

I am playing at a no verification casino. Why are they asking for my details?

What is most likely the case is that you are either trying to deposit an amount of money that is raising a red flag in the eyes of the casino, or you are trying to withdraw a big win.

In the first case, the provider wants to make sure that you are not operating illegally by doing something sketchy as money laundering. This is a completely acceptable request on the casino’s part because, although they may not need ID verification right off the bat, if you are doing anything that can raise alarm bells then it’s worth looking in to further. After all, they want to keep their licences and make sure they adhere to any rules their governing body may be imposing.

In case you are trying to claim a big sum of money, the provider will want to ensure that they are paying out the right person. You wouldn’t like your hard earned win to fall into someone else’s lap now, would you?

Can I just provide false details?

This is a terrible idea for two reasons: identity theft is a felony, and giving out the incorrect details will mean that the casino can’t confirm you are who you say you are.

What documents do online casinos usually ask for?

Generally speaking, operators could ask you to upload scans or photographs of either your ID card, your passport, your latest utility bill, or any other method of identification they might be happy to accept.

Keep in mind that any photographs you take will have to be clear and anything slightly blurry will automatically be rejected. Why? Because your details need to be easily read even from a screen.

You might even be asked to hold your passport next to your face, so get your selfie game on!

Are no verification casinos safe?

Indeed they are. Just like any other casino, they will certainly have state-of-the-art security protocols in place. Extra security steps will assure that all information such as banking details and sensitive data is stored in a virtual safe.

The majority of casinos use secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology, which is the same security used by many of the world’s leading banking organisations. Curious to know what that means?

In simple terms, the system scrambles all data making it unreadable and then reassembles it on the other end of the line. The result is that anyone trying to learn the data being sent from one point to another will be met with a load of gibberish.

What payment methods can I use at a no verification casino verification?

No verification casinos go hand in hand with payment providers such as Trustly, Zimpler, PayNPlay, and Cryptocurrency just to name a few.

By integrating the above, online operators ensure the smoothest gaming experience a player can hope for.

What is the difference between a no verification and a no account casino?

The names perfectly reflect what these two kinds of casinos are about:

A no account casino offers punters the opportunity to play their favourite games without needing to sign up.

A no verification casino lets you skip the KYC process where you have to upload documents attesting your identity; they instead rely on the information given by your payment method.

These two types can also combine into one single offer where a provider lets players gamble without having to sign up and therefore without having to provide ID, passport, utility bills or other.