Full Guide to the Top Reload Casino Bonuses in the World

When playing at online casinos, we can find ourselves reaching to refund our casino credit – but what if we could get more out of it than just the amount we wish to deposit?
Read here how you can get a better bang for your buck with reload bonuses, what they are, how they work, and how you can claim your own!

Best Reload Bonus Offers

International Casinos with the Best Reload Bonus Offers


How a Reload Bonus Works

How a Reload Bonus Works at Online Casinos

Let’s start off with getting a clear idea of what a reload bonus actually is:

A Reload Bonus is a boost to players’ accounts offered to them when they deposit money in their online casino accounts, usually in multi-level form.

A reload bonus may look something like this:

1st Deposit: 100% up to €200
2nd Deposit: 50% up to €100
3rd Deposit: 150% up to €150
4th Deposit: 25% unlimited match

The concept of a reload bonus consists of online casinos giving incentives to players in order for them to keep playing on their website.

This works well for both parties: the online casinos get to retain customers, and players have extra chances to enjoy their favourite casino games.

Reload bonuses are an excellent way for punters to keep their streak alive, and are an especially helpful offer for high rollers.

Reload your Casino Credit and Play More for Free

You probably get the just by now: reload bonuses are a promotion an online casino offers its players in order for them to keep on playing.

Free spins, free chips, extra casino credit, or other flights of fancy can be added to your casino account for you to play more.

Although they are often found as part of a welcome bonus package which can only be claimed once, reload bonuses are frequently offered as standalone bonuses as well – and timely ones, at that. Daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal bonuses are rolled out by online casinos to entice new players and keep their current ones happy and pampered.

Different reload bonuses can be claimed multiple times by the same player, making them truly a great tool to get a well-deserved boost to your gaming, which is why we are so fond of them.

The different types of Reload Bonus you can Find at International Online Casinos

Reload bonuses at casinos online take on many shapes and forms as the term practically encompasses all bonuses that entail a deposit. This is why you can find the following list of bonuses as part of a reload bonus:

In general, any bonus that is tied to a deposit past the welcome bonus can technically be considered a reload bonus. Online casinos like to come up with more and more promotions to offer their players, so the amount of offers that can fall under reload bonuses may well be more.

More often than not, though, reload bonuses will take the guise of a percentage match bonus. This means that the casino will match up to a certain percentage of the total deposit the player makes.


Online casinos offers a reload bonus of up to 50% of a player’s second deposit.

The players deposits €100.

The online casino will match 50% of €100, meaning €50.

50% of €100 = €50

So we can calculate €100 (initial deposit) + €50 (match reload bonus) = €150

The player will walk away with €150.

The Pros & Cons of Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses may sound like an amazing idea, but even the very best of things have some shortcomings.

In the case of reload bonuses, we can say that the only disadvantage of them is that they are only redeemable when making a deposit – we would all love to just be given free bonuses forever!

Another thing to consider is that reload bonuses are usually awarded in lower percentages than their fellow deposit bonus or match bonus, never truly reaching the higher %.

They do, however, make up for this by being issued much more regularly: monthly, weekly, even daily!

What’s more, different reload bonuses can be stacked upon others and players can make use of as many are on offer.

In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of reload bonuses are:

Reload Bonuses as Part of a Welcome Package

We may have mentioned that reload bonuses are available to returning players, but that does not mean that brand new players cannot make use of this promotion as well!

In fact, a reload bonus is very often found as part of a welcome bonus: online casinos will not only offer a welcome bonus to their new customers with no deposit needed, but they will also throw in further promotions based on the punter’s second, third, fourth, and even more deposit!

So operators will not only welcome new users with a one-off, but they will continue to spoil them throughout their first experiences at the casino.

Reload Bonus T&Cs

Terms and Conditions Tied to Reload Bonuses

As a general rule, terms and conditions should always be read. Though quite tedious to go through, they give a very clear indication of what a gambler is entitled to when redeeming a reload bonus and what may be some limitations to the action that can be taken with it.

Here are some common caveats:

Minimum deposit

Check whether a minimum of a certain amount is necessary in order to qualify for a bonus. This is usually set at around €10, but can vary from promotion to promotion.

Maximum Reload Bonus amount

We can only wish a casino gave out unlimited bonuses, but sadly they must cap the amounts they pay out, otherwise they themselves would run out of funds!

The maximum bonus amount is usually stated in % (Ex. 50% up to €100).

Wagering requirements

As with many other bonuses, reload bonuses often need to be wagered a certain amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings made. To wager means you have to play through the amount of bonus money a number of times set by the casino.

For example, if you receive a £100 bonus and the instructions say it must be wagered x20 in order to withdraw winnings, you will have to play at least €100×20 = €2,000 at the casino before you can request a cashout.

Cap on winnings

Sometimes a casino adds a maximum win amount to their bonus terms and conditions. It is good to know this before you claim the bonus. If you are not aware of the maximum win amount you could end up winning a lot of money. But in the end you are not able to withdraw the winnings. We don’t want this to happen. That is why we recommend you to use reload bonuses without a maximum win.

Timed event

Oh yes, even the best reload bonus is subject to time sensitivity; this means you can only make use of it within a certain timeframe, after which it will expire and you won’t be able to claim it any longer.

Game eligibility

Some reload bonuses are only available for a specific game or a selective list of game providers, meaning it is only valid when playing those.

Are all these requirements sounding too difficult?

Fret not, you can always decide not to take advantage of a bonus if you have no use for it by simply opting out of it.

Ho to Claim a Reload Bonus

casino reload bonus

How to Claim a Reload Bonus at an Online Casino

Now that you know everything there is to know about reload bonuses at online casinos, it’s time to claim your very own!

Follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a casino of your preference that offers reload bonuses. If you don’t know where to start from, check out our toplist on this page to find one that suits your taste.
  • New player: register an account and make a first deposit for a reload bonus casino to become available; or,
  • Returning player: if you’re a returning customer, make sure your account is active and in good standing.
  • Find the reload bonus offer on the online casino.
  • Read the terms & conditions thoroughly.
  • Opt in for the offer.
  • Follow steps such as inserting promo codes in a designated field or other (if required).
  • Play at eligible games and meet wagering requirements.
  • Cash out on any winnings!

It’s as simple as that!

Pros & Cons of Reload Bonuses

Casino Bonuses Compared: Welcome Bonus vs Reload Bonus vs Deposit Bonus

Welcome BonusReload BonusDeposit Bonus
Guaranteed when signing upOffered at casino’s discretionOffered at casino’s discretion
One-time useCan be stackableNot usually stackable
Great deals with different bonusesLow % deposit matchUnlocks upon deposit
Only for new playersFor returning players only (unless as part of welcome package)For new and returning players
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