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Rapid Transfer is known to be an extremely safe and convenient way to make online casino transactions. Not only will you get to enjoy deposits and withdrawals that are quick and easy, but you’ll also have the chance to claim exclusive bonuses simply for using this trusted method. This article covers everything you need to know about using Rapid Transfer from how to make deposits to whether or not it’s truly safe to use at online casinos. So, keep reading if you’re curious about whether or not this is the perfect casino payment method for you!

The Best Rapid Transfer Casinos

The Best Online Casino Sites That Accept Rapid Transfer Online


How to Use Rapid Transfer Online

How to Use Rapid Transfer to Make Transactions at Online Casinos

Rapid Transfer, a service offered by Skrill, is seen as a gateway between your online casino and bank account. When making casino deposits using this method, you can expect toRapid Transfer Casinos Supported Countries pay a fee of 1%. However, when the time comes to withdraw that big win you won’t need to worry about giving up a portion of your money as Rapid Transfer doesn’t charge players any fees for receiving payments.

When it comes to withdrawing using this method, you can expect your funds to reflect in your account within 24-72 hours after the casino itself has verified your identity and processed the transaction.

Although withdrawals are fee-free when using Rapid Transfer, keep in mind that the casino you choose to register at may charge transaction fees, so be sure to check out the Payments page beforehand so that you know exactly what to expect. Using this method to make casino deposits online is easy, and to show you what we mean we’ve provided a set of easy step-by-step instructions below.

Steps on How to Deposit With Rapid Transfer

Make Quick and Easy Rapid Transfer Deposits


Make your way to one of the recommended rapid transfer casinos in the list above.

Rapid Transfer Casino Deposit Step 1


After creating your account or logging in, click the Cashier/Banking option.

Rapid Transfer Casino Deposit Step 2


Select Deposit and choose Rapid Transfer as your preferred payment method.

Rapid Transfer Casino Deposit Step 3


Enter the amount you wish to deposit and log into your online banking app.

Rapid Transfer Casino Deposit Step 4


Confirm the transactions either with two-factor authentication, SMS, or OTP.

Rapid Transfer Casino Deposit Step 5


After confirming the payment your money will reflect instantly.

Rapid Transfer Casino Deposit Step 6

Rapid Transfer Casino Bonuses

Claim Thrilling Bonuses Simply for Using Rapid Transfer

Just like many online casinos will exclude certain payment methods from claiming bonuses, sites also reward players for using a specific method! By using Rapid Transfer to make deposits online, you can look forward to exclusive bonuses. Here we’ve provided a few examples of the exciting rewards you’ll get to claim simply for using Rapid Transfer online.

Welcome Bonuses

When you register at an online casino, often you’ll have the opportunity to claim a welcome bonus. When you choose to use Rapid Transfer, you’ll unlock exciting offers such as free spins, a deposit match, and in many cases a combination of both! Make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions carefully to check whether or not a promotion code is needed or if you’ll need to opt-in before making your deposit. Neglecting to do this could end up with you losing your reward altogether.

Reload Bonus

Most of the time casinos will have a really enticing bonus to attract new players, however, they won’t have much on offer for returning players. At Rapid Transfer casinos, this is certainly not the case! By using this method to reload your account, you could unlock exclusive bonus offers such as free spins and/or a deposit match. Make sure that you’re aware of the wagering requirements and how much time you have to meet them. By taking the time to do this you’ll be able to decide whether you have both the time and money to get the most out of your reward.

Free Spins

Free spins are a great way for players to try out new and exciting slots for free. Whether they’re part of a welcome offer or reload bonus, you’ll often find that they’ll need to be used on specific slots or a series of slots powered by a specific provider. Wagering requirements also tend to differ when it comes to free spins as you will need to use your free spins to gain bonus funds and however much you win will need to be wagered a certain number of times.

About the Safety of Rapid Transfer Casinos

Why Safety is Never a Concern for Players Who Use Rapid Transfer

When you use Rapid Transfer at licensed online casinos, you never have to worry about potential hackers gaining access to your funds even though each transaction is made using your banking information. This is because these casinos make use of the latest SSL encryption technology. And because you’re making payments directly from your bank account, you can be sure that the institution you bank with has put rigorous security measures in place to ensure that their customers’ funds remain secure at all times.

Rapid Transfer Pros and Cons You Should Consider


  • It’s Convenient
  • Claim Exclusive Bonuses
  • Casino Payments are Safe
  • There are No Fees for Withdrawals


  • You’ll Need to Pay Deposit Fees
  • Transactions Appear on Bank Statements

Now that we know a little bit more about what Rapid Transfers are, why they’re so safe and how to go about making quick and easy casino deposits, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages you can expect.

Reasons Why Players Choose to Use Rapid Transfer at Online Casinos

  • It’s Convenient: Because you only need to use your banking details to make transactions, you never have to worry about remembering different passwords, email addresses, etc. as you would with alternative methods, making it very convenient.
  • Casino Payments are Safe: Because a fully licensed casino uses the best security technology to ensure their players’ information is protected at all times, you can rest easy knowing that nobody has access to the information you enter in order to make a deposit or withdrawal. Not only that but your bank has also put excellent safety measures in place, adding that extra layer of security to each transaction.
  • Claim Exclusive Bonuses: When you use Rapid Transfer to make casino transactions you could benefit from a range of exciting bonuses. Although each offer will vary depending on the casino you register at, you’ll usually be able to claim a deposit match and/or a set of free spins.
  • There are No Fees for Withdrawals: Because this method doesn’t charge its users for receiving money, if you ensure that the casino you choose to play at doesn’t charge transaction fees you’ll never have to worry about losing a portion of your big win!

Reasons Why Players Consider Alternative Payment Methods

  • Transactions Appear on Bank Statements: Unfortunately, if you’re looking for ways to gamble without leaving a trace then this may not be the method for you. Whenever you make a deposit or withdrawal the transaction will be recorded and made visible on your bank statements.
  • You Will Need to Pay Deposit Fees: Although using Rapid Transfer means that you won’t need to pay any fees when withdrawing, when it comes to deposits you will need to pay 1% of the amount you wish to play with.

Alternative Rapid Transfer Casino Methods

Alternative Methods Accepted at Rapid Transfer Casinos

Not everyone is the same and as a result, what may seem like a minor disadvantage for one player may just be a complete deal-breaker to another. If you don’t have access to Skrill Rapid Transfer or feel that the pros don’t outweigh the cons there’s no need to miss out on all of the excitement that comes with playing at these casinos! These sites accept a range of alternative methods. 

However, each payment method will come with its own fees and processing times and what may be used to deposit may not always be accepted for withdrawals as well. Below we’ve provided a few examples of the alternative payment methods you’ll be able to use at Rapid Transfer casinos.

Rapid Transfer Casinos With Zimpler


Because Zimpler is regulated by the Swedish Payment Supervisory Authority it’s known to be one of the safest alternative methods available at Rapid Transfer casinos. Although you may need to wait for one to two days before receiving your withdrawal, it’s a small price to pay when you consider the range of benefits. For example, you can make transactions wherever you are, at whatever time you please simply by downloading the Zimpler mobile app. The main downfall you will need to consider is that Zimpler isn’t available in many regions.

Rapid Transfer Casinos With PayPal


Many players all over the world choose to use PayPal as an alternative Rapid Transfer payment method for a number of reasons. PayPal uses numerous security measures to ensure that each transaction you make is safe and secure, withdrawals are processed quickly and deposits reflect immediately. U.S players will be disappointed, however, as PayPal prohibits U.S players from making transactions at online casinos.

Rapid Transfer Casinos With Qiwi


Because Qiwi is associated with Visa, you can be sure that only the best security technology is being used. Deposits are instantly processed and you won’t need to worry about paying transaction fees unless the casino you choose to register at charges a fee for deposits and withdrawals. Although this seems like one of the best alternative methods, keep in mind that when it comes to withdrawals, Qiwi only processes them within 1-2 working days.

Rapid Transfer Casinos With Visa

 Visa Credit Card

Visa credit cards are one of the most commonly used casino payment methods around the world. The security is top-notch, deposits are instantaneous and because all you need are the details on your actual card, transactions are extremely easy to make. However, you should note that not all Rapid Transfer casinos that allow players to deposit with this method will also allow it to be used for withdrawals, and when it comes to fees you can expect to pay anything from 1.3% to 3.5%.

Breakdown of Alternative Methods

A Breakdown of Alternative Rapid Transfer Casino Payment Methods

Payment MethodDeposit TimeWithdrawal TimeFees
ZimplerInstant1-2 Days0%
PayPalInstant2-48 Hours0%
QiwiInstantInstant1-2 Working Days
Visa Credit CardInstant1-2 Days1.3%-3.5%

What We Think About Rapid Transfer Casinos

What We Think About Rapid Transfer Casinos

Rapid Transfer casinos allow players to enjoy a range of exciting benefits. There are thrilling bonuses up for grabs, deposits are instant and withdrawals are processed within 72 hours. There are a variety of alternative payment methods that can also be used to wager and win at these online sites and even though you may need to pay a fee of 1% each time you deposit with Rapid Transfer, withdrawals are fee-free!

If you’ve been looking for a payment method that is safe, easy to use and you don’t mind your transactions appearing on your bank statements each month then we definitely recommend using Rapid Transfer the next time you decide to gamble online.

Rapid Transfer Casinos

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