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Bitcoin casinos are setting ablaze the iGaming world. Flash transfers and anonymity are their strong suits. Read on to find out more about the new frontier of crypto casinos. We have thoroughly reviewed the top Bitcoin casinos for you to play in total safety!

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 25.10.2023

  • Updated: 25.10.2023

    Best Bitcoin Casinos

    Best Bitcoin Casino Sites


    What exactly is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin, also known as a cryptocurrency, is a type of money that is completely virtual.
    Stored in an electronic wallet (e-wallet), the idea of this currency is no different than that of your online banking system.

    The major difference between mainstream (fiat) currency and cryptocurrency is that whilst the former is recognised and regulated by its issuing country and banks, the latter is not. Money as we know it can be produced ad libitum (though facing massive inflation), and transactions between people are monitored by third parties such as bank institutions.

    Bitcoin, on the other hand, is finite. Utterly digital, it permits users to exchange money directly, effectively cutting out the third party. Consequently, fees associated with Bitcoin transactions are much lower if not non-existent, and there are virtually no waiting times as the execution is instantaneous.

    All Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger that has come to be known as the ‘blockchain’ whilst maintaining user anonymity (or pseudo-anonymity) via the randomly generated alphanumeric strings assigned to each transaction.

    How a Bitcoin Casino Works

    How a Bitcoin Casino Works

    The best bitcoin casinos are basically no different than those which use fiat currencies.

    Bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular among players who seek out these sites to enjoy quality casino games and pay for their fun using this new coin. Certain casinos only operate with cryptocurrencies, whilst others use more of a hybrid method and integrate Altcoin (Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, Cardano etc.) and Bitcoin gambling into their portfolio of accepted currencies.

    BTC gambling sees poker as the preferred game of crypto players, although there are also hundreds of other casino games that can be played on these websites including online baccarat, slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack and more.

    Bitcoin Casinos Online

    Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

    Can I Get a Casino Bonus if I use Bitcoin?

    Just like its fiat currency cousins, crypto-accepting casinos offer bitcoin casino bonuses to their players. There are, however, a few rules to follow when gambling with Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin and No Deposit Bonus

    Some of the best bitcoin casinos are already neatly selected on our toplist above.

    When signing up at a Bitcoin online casino, you will usually be eligible for a no deposit bonus. To claim it, we encourage you to carefully read the T&Cs you must fully comply with in order to enjoy your no deposit bonus. These wagering requirements are different with each online casino. Below is a summary of the general No Deposit Bonus rules you encounter:

    • Wagering Requirements
      You can usually find a rule stating that you must play through the amount of the no deposit bonus x number of times before a cash-out can be allowed.
    • Maximum Limit
      In most cases, online casinos set a maximum limit of the amount you can withdraw from your no deposit bonus.
    • Account Ban
      If a player tried to somehow circumvent the rules, the provider could very well ban the player from their online casino.
    • Proof of ID
      Online casinos reserve the right to ask you to send through proof of identification in order to process the first withdrawal request.
    • Restricted Countries
      Whilst online casinos offer exciting no deposit bonuses to all new players, some countries may not be on their map. Double check that your country is not in order to cash out your prize.
    • Game Eligibility
      Our Online casinos provide a list of the various casino games that contribute towards your low wagering casino bonus requirement per spin or hand.

    Free Spins Bonus using Bitcoin

    To be added to other bonuses offered by providers are free spins, some of players’ favourite way to try their luck one more time. You can expect Free Spins for:

    1. Free spins in the deposit bonuses offered by the casino
    2. Free spins with no deposit, as mentioned above
    3. Free spins offered through emails to loyal customers
    4. Free spins as an extra round in the slot games if Lady Luck looks your way

    Free Spins in the No Deposit Bonuses

    No Deposit Free Spins are given out immediately after signing up. They are one of the most popular bonuses, and, just as the name implies, you do not have to make a deposit to get the bonus. Generally speaking, Bitcoin casinos award no deposit free spins which you can use for a limited time period.

    Deposit Bonus Free Spins

    These are free spins that are tied up to a deposit bonus. You can find such reward combinations on welcome bonus packages. For example, an online casino may offer an extra 50 free spins per every €100 worth of Bitcoin you deposit. Note that deposit free spins are often rewarded in intervals.

    Promotional Free Spins

    Apart from the free spins we mentioned above, some betting sites offer free spin rewards to their existing players. For example, online casinos might give away free spins on a specific day such as Christmas Day, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s etc.
    On the other hand, some providers might offer daily promotions where free spins are gifted.

    Bitcoin Safety Features

    Is Bitcoin Gambling Safe?


    Given its rise in popularity over the past few years, Bitcoin (BTC) has been widely adopted as an online method of payment. Casinos are starting to warm up to it, allowing players to make use of this novel currency.

    Early adopters can already withdraw, deposit, wager and cash out using nothing but BTC.

    Given Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and therefore not regulated by third parties (bank institutions) or a country authority, casinos are not required to hold a licence in order to operate with the aforementioned virtual currency.

    Though licences are not strictly necessary, some reputable gambling jurisdictions including Curaçao and Isle of Man have become trailblazers and already issued licences to casinos that accept payments via cryptocurrencies. Upon awarding a licence, the issuing authority takes the responsibility of monitoring the operation of the websites it bestowed such certificate to.

    Regardless of the fact that licensing is not yet mandatory, it is advisable for users to play safely and only trust those casinos that already sport fiat currency licences as extra precaution.

    Bitcoin Pros & Cons

    Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Gambling

    There are major advantages to playing at online Bitcoin casinos. We have mentioned a few key characteristics of the virtual coin earlier which we will expand on below, adding another couple core benefits:


    • Data Protection
    • Lower Fees
    • Instant Transactions
    • Anonymity


    • Volatility
    • (Not yet) Widely Spread

    Bitcoin VS Fiat Currencies Comparative Table

    We mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of playing online casinos with Bitcoin, but how do they stack up against mainstream methods of payment? Here is a comprehensive table that will help you take stock of the situation.

    BitcoinSkrillPay N PlayTrustlyZimpler
    Widely availableNot yetYesNoYesNo
    Transaction timeInstantInstantFastInstantFast
    Withdrawal timeInstant2-48 hoursInstantInstant1-2 days
    FeesNone or very lowDepends on casinoDepends on casinoNoYes
    The wow factorDigital, immediate, anonymousSimple & easy e-walletNo account creation requiredNo app downloads or feesSwedish Fintech company established specifically to support online gambling transactions


    Data Protection
    If you are not keen on sharing your personal information on betting sites, Bitcoin casinos are the way to go. The best bitcoin casinos will allow you to deposit and withdraw completely anonymously without ever exposing your personal information to the sites. This safety and security measure extends to all transactions done online. Rather than sharing your personal details with many different sites, you only input them in your e-wallet which then hides and protects them. Considering the rise of digital crime, this is a big security plus.

    Lower Fees
    Traditional methods of moving around money rely on third parties such as banks to act as the middleman between the sender and the receiver. This, in turn, requires higher fees to be paid out in order to cover the additional work put in this step of the transaction. Bitcoin payments, on the other hand, are peer-to-peer and completely bypass this phase. With direct transactions made between Bitcoin holders, the costs are cut and payments incur very low if not free fees. Such savings do not only apply to you but also to Bitcoin casinos which can then offer additional bonuses for using this cryptocurrency.

    Instant Transactions
    Bitcoin works purely on a virtual scale, meaning both withdrawals and deposits are practically instantaneous, whilst fiat currency transactions can take up to days to be processed and sent. Not only are the transactions faster, but the limits are usually considerably higher on both deposits and withdrawals.

    Bitcoin gambling is practically anonymous due to the intrinsic nature of the cryptocurrency. True, all transactions done through Bitcoin are publicly listed for everyone to see on the public ledger known as “blockchain”, however, there is absolutely no personal data attached to each transaction. Instead, a one-time-use alphanumeric code only known by the sender and the receiver of the Bitcoin is issued per transaction.


    On the flip side of the (Bit)coin, users need to be aware of two defining features of cryptocurrency:

    All currencies fluctuate every single day but Bitcoin is not tied to anything but the value that it is given by its users: a double edged sword. The volatility of the virtual coin is higher compared to mainstream currencies. Though it is impossible to accurately predict what the Bitcoin trend will look like, it has been soaring in the past few years. Investors and entrepreneurs alike have started adopting Bitcoin as their preferred method of payment, and the virtual coin has become more and more mainstream. Due to its soaring popularity, Bitcoin is gaining traction and is expected to keep on growing in the near future.

    (Not yet) Widely Spread
    As with all things novel, it can take time for the public to get acquainted with unexplored ideas. Some of the best Bitcoin casinos out there are laready pioneering the new wave of crypto gambling, setting the pace for all others to follow.

    With all the advantages that Bitcoin gambling brings to the table, it is only a matter of time before more and more providers start accepting this method of payment. Meanwhile, the first Bitcoin casinos are offering very interesting bonuses which early comers can profit from.

    Aleksandra Nolan

    Experienced online casino writer and reviewer who loves to share her knowledge and experience with others. She enjoys analyzing the latest trends in the industry and offering valuable tips to help others by having the most from betting at online casinos. She is constantly looking for new and interesting topics to write about and stays up-to-date on the latest changes in the online gambling industry.