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Online gambling is a phenomenon that has grown more and more popular in recent years, and as an Austrian, you might be curious to find out more about what to expect from the gambling industry in your home country or country of residence. Luckily, Austria’s gambling laws are very accommodating, and it is perfectly legal to gamble both in-country and online. However, before you get started, there is a lot you should know that could help you make the most of when you gamble at our best online casinos Austria.

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  • Updated: 25.08.2023

  • Updated: 25.08.2023

    Top Rated Online Casinos Austria

    Top Rated Online Casinos Austria


    How we rate the best online casinos Austria

    How we rate the best online casinos Austria

    If you are ready to start gambling at online casinos Austria, either via the casino browser versions or in one of the many mobile casino apps available, you’ll need to start by finding a trustworthy gambling site that can offer a large selection of games, good payment methods for Austrian players, safety, and more.

    The above listed casinos are all good options for casino players residing in Austria, and the best thing you can do is to explore the recommended sites until you find one you are comfortable with. While each of the recommended casinos are trustworthy, it comes down to what you want to get out of your online gambling.

    The Best Austria Casinos

    Are online casinos Austria legal

    Are online casinos Austria legal

    There are many good things to be said about Austria, and one is that gambling is legal. You are free to gamble at gambling establishments located in Austria as well as online casinos overseas, and the high acceptance has led to growing popularity throughout the country. If you are considering starting gambling on the internet, then you are far from alone. There are a few things to be aware of at online casinos Austria, and one thing is how the gambling laws and restrictions work.

    Just because gambling is legal in Austria, it doesn’t mean anyone can offer gambling services or set up a casino, as this would put Austrian gamblers at a significant risk of ending up at a sketchy platform or falling victims to a scam.

    The Austrian Gambling Legislation controls all gambling activity in the country, and it is a division of the Ministry of Finance known as the Tax Authority of Austria that regulates the gambling (online and land-based) that takes place in the country. The existing law for casino activities in Austria is known as the Law on Games of Chance.

    Do Casinos Austria have licenses

    Do Casinos Austria have licenses

    To further understand how gambling is regulated in Austria, we’re going to have a look at the existing licensing requirements. There have been recent attempts by the Austrian government to tighten the laws in favour of keeping players safe, and this has led to small but relevant changes.

    All types of gambling are permitted, such as slots, table games, live casino, sports betting and lotteries, but all categories need to comply with set regulations. The main motivation behind this was (and still is) to promote responsible gambling and prevent gambling addiction.

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    Two Types of Gambling

    The Austrian government splits gambling into two separate categories, where different rules apply for each category. There is what is known as “Kleines Glüksspiel,” which essentially refers to games with lower stakes, such as hobby card games, some lotteries and a few select slot type games. These games can be offered and played anywhere and are subject to a lot more slack regulations.

    The other kind is for games with high stakes and where players can win large amounts of money, and some consider this category “real gambling.” Only casinos Austria with the right permits can offer this type of gambling legally in the country.

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    Different Regulations in Different Parts of the Country

    While this mostly affects the land-based casino industry in Austria, it could be worth noting that different rules apply depending on where you are in the country. Interestingly, a larger city like Vienna is subject to additional restrictions for how many gambling businesses that can operate within the city limits, and its population’s density has led to fewer casinos being allowed in Vienna than in other cities of similar size.

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    Qualifying for an Austrian Gaming Licence

    Casino licences in Austria are issued by the Ministry of Finance, and what you need to comply with as a licence-seeking organization is a long list of non-negotiable items. One thing that makes Austrian gambling a little different is that for an establishment to get and maintain an Austrian licence, they are not allowed to offer their services to foreigners or people who aren’t Austrian.

    At this time, there are only two corporations that meet all the requirements set for obtaining an Austrian gambling licence. There is Casinos Austria, which is responsible for providing all types of standard casino games to the Austrian gambling community, and they operate both on a land-based level and via their online website. 

    The second site is the Austrian Lottery, and if you are unfamiliar with the name, it is the corporation behind the popular gambling site win2day, known to offer more than just lottery games.

    Do Casinos Austria have licenses

    To obtain an Austria casinos licence, this is what is required

    The corporation looking to obtain an Austria casinos licence needs to be based within the country.

    A corporation with an Austrian gaming licence may under no circumstances provide or offer services to foreign nationals living in or outside Austria.

    Responsible gambling resources must be available, such as the option to set daily, weekly or monthly spending limits.

    Austrian gambling tax laws must be respected as all gambling is subject to be taxed accordingly.

    Can I gamble at online casinos Austria without a local licence

    Can I gamble at online casinos Austria without a local licence

    While online casinos Austria need to be licensed, and while these may not offer services to those of other nationalities, there is nothing preventing Austrian players from making use of international online casinos and gambling sites. It is fully legal for an Austrian to join sites that are not in the possession of an Austrian licence.

    It can be a little confusing when you first start reading up on the rules and regulations of online gambling in Austria, but when it comes down to it, it is mostly the gambling establishments themselves that are affected, and not you as a gambler. An Austrian licence works as a guarantee for a more regulated casino site, but you are still free to gamble elsewhere if you choose to do so.

    If the casino of your choice is not licensed in Austria, make sure it has other trustworthy licences such as an MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) or UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) licence, as this will help keep you safe when gambling with real money on the internet. An unlicensed casino is never recommendable, as there is no guarantee you’ll have a fair chance to win or that you’ll get your money when you win.

    What is the History of Casinos Austria

    What is the History of Casinos Austria

    Gambling in Austria can be dated back all the way to 1696, when a Roman emperor imposed the first gambling restrictions to put a halt to what was then considered unauthorised gambling participated in by the working class. It wasn’t considered appropriate to gamble, and especially not for someone with a higher status.

    This went on until somewhere during the 18th century, when the interest for gambling spread from what were then considered the “poor and uneducated” population and to the rich and powerful. With the newfound interest among the wealthy came new laws, and gambling was eventually legalised throughout the country.Austria Casinos Online

    The government-run lottery was first introduced in 1913, and Austria opened its first official (and fully legal) casino in 1934. In 1967 came the next significant change, when what is today known as Casinos Austria opened its doors under the name of Österreichische Spielbanken, which has since grown to become an internationally acclaimed gambling corporation with a large online gambling platform and a total of 40 land-based casinos scattered worldwide (in 16 different countries).

    In the early 2000s, online gambling became fully legalised and the legislations were starting to be put into place, slowly leading up to what we know today as the official gambling laws of Austria. While it wasn’t a straight-forward path to the liberal laws found in the country today, Austria has always been a country that has slowly moved in what could be considered the right direction for gambling enthusiasts.

    Available games at Casinos Austria Online

    Which are the available games at Casinos Austria Online

    It certainly helps that all kinds of casino games are available in Austria and to Austrian players, as it gives you almost endless options. You could start out with slots from hundreds of game developers, as these are great options for beginners. A second step is to try a few table games, live casino games or perhaps some sports betting. There is something for everyone at casinos Austria online.

    Austria Casinos Slots


    Whatever online slots you prefer, you are guaranteed to find an excellent selection at most of the casinos Austria, and popular slots are classics from the Swedish game developer NetEnt such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest, but also TV show inspired slots from Microgaming, Play N’GO titles and much more. You’ll notice that it’ll be harder to find a casino without slots than one with hundreds.  

    Austria Casinos Table Games

    Table Games

    Video slots are popular all over Austria, and they’re great for those who want to try table games like Blackjack and Baccarat, but who don’t want to commit to playing live casino games. These types of video table slots are available 24/7 and you play against a random number generator to make sure the game outcome is fair.

    Austria Casinos Live Games

    Live Casino

    Whenever you sign up for a new casino in Austria, it is always smart to double-check to make sure there is a live casino. You might not plan to start by gambling live, but once you get warmed up, it is almost a natural step to want to try games where you can interact with other players and watch a real dealer throw the dice, spin the wheel of fortune and more. Live casino games like Lightning Roulette and Deal or No Deal have gained popularity all over Austria and among Austrian players recently.

    Austria Casinos Sportsbook

    Sports Betting

    Bet on all the top sports in Austria, such as football and ice hockey, or try something a little different like one of the many esports and fantasy sports available. Austrians are adventurous when betting on sports, and the available online casino pages make sure to deliver by offering sportsbooks full of sporting events and games.

    Austria Casinos Other Games

    Other Games

    Don’t forget fun games like online bingo and keno, which are also big in Austria and available at both Austria licensed casinos and gambling sites licensed abroad. There was a time when bingo was considered a game for an older generation, but online gambling has brought the game back and it is now popular also among younger casino players. 

    Which bonuses can I bag at Casinos Austria

    Which bonuses can I bag at Casinos Austria

    Some countries have restrictions when it comes to casino bonuses, but luckily for Austrian players, you can claim any bonus offers you’re eligible to claim when you gamble! It is always nice to start off with a casino welcome bonus to boost your casino bankroll, and Austrian casinos often offer free spins to both new and returning players, as well as beneficial cashback programs and VIP offers!

    Less frequently found bonuses in Austria are no deposit bonuses, where you get a bonus without having to do anything, but they do exist. Just be aware that these types of “free” bonuses often come with very demanding wagering requirements, which are the requirements you need to fulfil before you can withdraw bonus money.

    If bonuses are something you are passionate about, then it is always a good idea to check the ‘Promotions’ page before joining a new casino site, as the available offers may vary. Another recommendation for Austrian players is to sign up for newsletters and promotional materials to stay up-to-date on what’s new.

    Claiming a Bonus at online casinos in Austria

    How to get a bonus as an Austrian player depends entirely on the rules and processes established by the individual casino. Some sites give out bonuses automatically when you make a deposit, and others might require you to type in a bonus code or manually activate the offer. Bonus codes were more common a few years back, but you might still come across the occasional site that remains faithful to the concept.

    In a case where only one bonus offer can be active at once, you might have to opt out of one bonus before you can activate another, but this information should be readily available in the terms and conditions of the casino site.

    How can I deposit and withdraw at Casinos Austria Online

    How can I deposit and withdraw at Casinos Austria Online

    While you can play demo games for free at most casinos Austria online, there’ll likely come a time when you want to make your first deposit and start playing for real. As you probably know, the drawback of playing in demo mode is that the winnings you cash in aren’t real, and you won’t win unless you make a deposit.

    It is important to choose a payment method you feel comfortable with, and one that benefits you in terms of withdrawal times, fees and more. Some of the most popular casino payment methods in Austria are those that can be used without having to type in a card number, such as an e-wallet or a contactless payment option, but you’ll soon discover that there is usually a long list of options at most sites.

    We have listed a few of the most common payment methods found at casinos Austria online, but you’ll also find less popular options if these fail to convince you. Keep in mind that most online casinos require their players to deposit and withdraw with the same payment method as part of their efforts to prevent money laundering and illegal activity.

    Pros and Cons of Payment Methods at Online Casinos Austria

    Which are the Pros and Cons of Banking Options at Online Casinos Austria

    If you are new to online gambling or using payment methods other than bank transfers and debit and credit cards, then you might need a little extra information before you can make an educated decision. Check out the comparison of some of the above-listed payment methods down below.

    Payment MethodPayment TypeProsCons
    VISA/MastercardDebit/Credit CardAlmost everyone has a card. Widely available.Inconvenient to always need your card number.
    Bank TransferWire TransferExtremely secure. Available everywhere. Available to anyone with a Bank I.D.Slow transactions. Casino transactions visible on your bank statement.
    TrustlyPayment ServiceSpeeds up regular bank transfers. Adds an extra layer of security. Instant withdrawals.Not available everywhere.
    PayPalE-WalletAvailable only at trustworthy casinos. International payment method. Easy to use.Only available at a few casinos. Fees on some transactions. Extensive verification.
    ZimplerMobile PaymentPay with your mobile phone. Low fees. Great for beginners.Not available everywhere. Only available for deposits.

    Can I use cryptocurrencies at Austria Casinos

    Can I use cryptocurrencies at Austria Casinos

    Cryptocurrency is another payment method you’ll be able to use at some online Austria casinos and abroad, but there are still many gambling sites that haven’t taken the step to offer this modern way of making online money transactions. If your preferred site is a Bitcoin casino or an Ethereum one, then you are going to do some extra research and pick a Crypto casino available as a payment method.

    Are Responsible Gambling tools available at Casinos Austria Online

    Are Responsible Gambling tools available at Casinos Austria Online

    Gambling responsibly is one of the most important things to do regardless where you are from, but in Austria, the government has made it its mission to promote this concept as much as possible. The reason behind its restriction for gambling companies wishing to operate in Austria is mainly to keep their people safe when gambling online, and this has led to only two corporations currently having Austria gambling licences.

    Austria Casinos Games

    If you feel you are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling, then there is help to receive. Both at licensed casinos Austria online and those licensed by other reputable authorities such as MGA and UKGC, gambling limits can be set to control how much you can spend within a set time frame, and you can also choose to ban yourself from gambling online for the time of your choosing.

    The easiest way to get help with gambling addiction in Austria is to reach out directly to the casino as a first step, as no responsible gambling site benefits from having their players lose control of their online spendings. If needed, you can also turn to one of the leading sites for responsible gambling in Austria.

    Our Final Thoughts About Online Casinos in Austria

    How to choose the best online casinos Austria

    Gambling in Austria is safe and fun, and best of all is that it is fully legal. You don’t have to worry about breaking any rules, as Austrian players are legally allowed to gamble both at establishments based in-country and offshore, and all the Austrian government attempts to do is to regulate the player’s gambling habits by offering reliable resources for responsible gambling.

    Anyone over the age of 18 can legally gamble in Austria, though some online casinos may have a higher limit. It is not unusual to come across gambling sites allowing only those over the age of 21 to join and play. Do some basic research to find the best gambling site for your personal needs and preferences, and don’t forget to gamble responsibly. Or take the easy road and pick one of our highest-rated online casinos Austria, that give you the best shot at winning.

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