A Full Guide On How To Play Online Bingo

Bingo has been a popular game for decades, and now, you don’t even need to head to the closest bingo hall to play, when you can play a myriad of options online, at home or on the go. But with so many options out there, how do you get started playing online bingo? Simple – with this full guide to the best bingo sites, games and a few tips to help you boost your winning chances.

  • Kim Wilson
  • Updated: 12.05.2023

  • Updated: 12.05.2023

    Online Bingo Casinos

    The Top Online Bingo Casinos To Play At


    Online Bingo Introduction

    Introduction to Playing Bingo Onlineonline bingo

    The same as land-based bingo, online bingo is a game of luck. The games take place in virtual rooms in an online casino, so you’ll need to go through our top list of online bingo sites to pick the right one for your preferences and bankroll.

    Whichever type of bingo game you decide to play, the idea is to be the first one to cross off all the numbers on your card or ticket. The numbers on the tickets depend on which variant of online bingo you choose to play, and we’ll get into that a little further down.

    Online Bingo Rules

    online bingo casinos reviewThe Rules Of Online Bingo Games

    The biggest difference between land-based and online bingo games is that the numbers are drawn randomly and appear on your screen, rather than someone calling out the numbers. You can gamble with just one card, or a whole bunch of cards if you so desire.

    Bingo cards online contain numbers 1 all the way up to 90, depending on the type of game you play. While the cards are assigned randomly, you can choose a new one if you’re unhappy with what you get.

    Online bingo, like other casino games, uses Random Number Generators to call out numbers. Once the numbers are called, you can cross them off your cards (if there is no auto-dubbing).

    One of the best things about playing bingo online is that it’s safer and faster. The RNG ensures truly random and provably fair gaming for the best possible online bingo experience.

    Online Bingo Games

    The Most Popular Online Bingo Variants

    The GameWhat Is It?
    30 Ball Bingo Also called Speed Bingo, the game uses a 3x3 card and numbers from 1 to 30, making it a quick and easy game.
    75 Ball BingoThis version is played with a 5x5 grid with numbers from 1 to 75 and a free space in the middle of the card.
    80 Ball BingoOne of the most popular online bingo games, this one is played with a 4x4 grid with numbers ranging from 1 to 80.
    90 Ball BingoIn this online bingo game, there are 9 columns and three rows on the card, with numbers 1 to 90.
    Bingo BlastA twist on 90 Ball, this game is super-fast, with low-cost tickets and numbers being called in quick succession. Fortunately, there is automated card marking so you don’t miss out on numbers.
    Heavyweight BingoIf you’re after potentially huge payouts, this is for you. It’s a 90 Ball variant, too.
    Bingo TournamentsWith these games, your gameplay is turned into points. You play your way to reach the top of a leader board, where you stand to win bonuses and cash prizes.

    How To Play Online Bingo

    online bingo casinosHow To Play Bingo At Online Casinos

    Naturally, playing online bingo is very different from the days of bingo halls and a host shouting “Lucky Legs 11.” There are so many different varieties of the game, besides the few we’ve mentioned. There are jackpot bingo games, bonus features and plenty of different ways to win. Fortunately, getting the hang of playing bingo online is super easy.


    Pick one of the top online bingo casinos on this page, sign up and make a deposit.


    Head to the virtual bingo lobby and pick a game to play depending on your budget, preferences and what time the next game will start.


    Check the different games, jackpot amounts and the price of tickets.


    Pick how many tickets you want to play. Buying several tickets at once can improve your winning chances, but this is a game of luck and there’s no guarantee.


    Sit back, relax and hope that your numbers are called. Some online bingo sites have an auto-dub feature where your numbers are automatically crossed off for you.


    Just like regular bingo, if your numbers reflect a winning line pattern, you win.

    Bingo Calls

    Card Patterns And Bingo Calls

    When you play online bingo for real money, the type of card patterns and game are the greatest influences when it comes to the odds of winning. Each game has a certain number of calls (for example, 75 in a 75-ball bingo game).

    While the odds of winning early on are slim, your odds increase as the game plays out. When choosing which bingo online games to play, check the winning patterns. Some games or sites offer big rewards for more complex patterns, like a Z shape. But take note, the odds of winning such games are low with so many numbers to land.

    Social Online Bingo

    A Social Online Bingo Casino Experience For Everyone

    Many bingo players want a social experience, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at the top online bingo sites on this page. Whether you play on your computer or mobile device, you have the opportunity to communicate with other players and a Chat Moderator who keeps the banter flowing, announces winners and keeps you in the loop as to what’s happening in various bingo rooms. There are even quiz games and competitions where you stand to win bonus prizes on the side.

    Network Rooms

    There are those online bingo sites that share the same network. This means you play on a network as opposed to an exclusive site, with players from around the globe taking part on the same network. This makes online bingo even more of a social experience and adds more funds to the prize pot (especially when it comes to jackpot games).

    On the downside, the more players there are in a game, the more chance of the winnings being reduced. Also, if a game is busy, messages get lost amongst the chatter.

    Exclusive Rooms

    Exclusive bingo casino rooms are a great option if you want to play online with friends. The jackpots may be a little smaller, and the social side won’t be as chaotic, but your chances of winning are a little better when there are fewer players.

    Online Slingo Games

    What Is Online Slingo And Where Does It Fit In?

    If you love slots, and you love online bingo, Slingo is the perfect combo for you. Many of the top online bingo casinos offer a variety of Slingo titles, giving you the best of both worlds – the social aspect of bingo with the excitement of slots. Popular Slingo titles include:

    • Slingo Monopoly
    • Slingo Rainbow Riches
    • Slingo Showdown
    • Deal or No Deal Slingo
    • Slingo XXXtreme
    • Starburst Slingo

    online slingo

    Bingo Bonuses

    Bonus! Online Bingo Players Can Claim Offers, Too

    Want to stretch your deposits and play a few more bingo games? The good news is that all the best online bingo sites offer deals. Let’s look at some of the most popular online offers for bingo fans.

    Casino Welcome Bonus icon

    Welcome Bonus

    A welcome bonus is the first thing to welcome many new players to online bingo sites. It’s usually awarded to players in the form of a match deposit up to a specified percentage and amount, and there will always be wagering requirements and terms attached.

    free spins bonus casino icon

    Free Spins

    Free spins are great if you’re eager to try your luck on the Slingo machines. Just make sure that the bundles of free spins on offer are valid for Slingo games and read the terms and conditions before you claim the offer.


    Free Online Bingo Tickets

    Whether this is part of a welcome package or a special promotion, some bingo online casinos offer free tickets to get you started. You usually need to make a qualifying minimum deposit, for instance, you might need to deposit €10 and receive a free bingo ticket worth €50. While some sites will automatically credit the ticket to your account, others might ask you to enter a relevant bonus code to claim the bingo tickets.

    Bingo Lingo

    Know Your Online Casino Bingo Lingo

    Any WayIf an online bingo game is played “any way,” it means you can complete a winning pattern in any direction on your bingo card.
    CHThis stands for Chat Host. There are some bingo games online that have chat rooms, moderated by a chat host.
    After GamesThis refers to games played at the end of a regular bingo session.
    HouseThe virtual Bingo Hall.
    Cash BallA progressive jackpot that pays out when a lucky player gets Bingo.
    SpecialA game played outside of a regular session.
    CoverallAlso referred to as a “Blackout,” this game’s bingo patterns require every number on the card to be called to win.
    Wrap UpThe last game of a session.
    Lucky JarA virtual container full of cash to be won.
    Free SpaceThe middle square in the bingo card which does not contain a number.
    QuickieAlso called a blowout, this is when numbers are called as fast as possible.

    Our Conclusion on Online Bingo


    bingo online casinos

    Playing online bingo is incredibly easy. You can buy your bingo cards, enter a game and then sit back and watch as the numbers are called out at random. All that’s left to do is hope that the called numbers match those on your online bingo cards. Remember, online bingo is a game of luck. There are tips and strategies out there, but really, it’s all about hoping the numbers called are the ones on your card. Get the right pattern or number of lines for bingo, and you walk away a winner. It’s fast and fun, and there are bingo games for everyone from casual players on a tight budget to high rollers chasing jackpot wins.

    Kim Wilson

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