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Are you an iPhone user? If so, you have probably already heard about the payment app Apple Pay, and you might even have it installed on your phone or tablet already! Apple Pay offers its users a practical way to make payments online, and this service has become a popular payment method also at online casinos. You’ll find a complete guide below.

Best Apple Pay Casinos Around the World


About Apple Pay

About Apple Pay: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Alright, so you want to find an online casino that offers Apple Pay as one of its payment methods? Do you also want to find the best online casino with the top casino licences, the biggest selection of games and the most intriguing bonuses? Great! We are here to help guide you through the casino jungle.

Assuming you want to find an Apple Pay casino that will blow your mind, we have taken the liberty to list a few we think you might like. Have a look, compare what they have to offer and double-check to make sure Apple Pay is still available before you decide.

You don’t have to settle with the first casino you find, and since the same Apple Pay account can be used at all casinos where Apple Pay is a listed payment method, you only need to set your account up once.

Apple Pay was first launched in 2015, and it has now been around for quite a few years! It is currently available in over 60 countries around the world, and it offers the unbeatable chance to use a payment method with no fees, quick deposits and a user-friendly interface. Anyone can learn to use Apple Pay!

A Virtual Wallet

Think of Apple Pay almost as a virtual wallet, where you can keep up to 8 cards just like you would in a regular wallet. When it is time to pay or make a casino deposit, you choose which card you want to withdraw from and you can change it up with every deposit. If one card stops working or if it expires, you can just use another to avoid delays in your gambling!

A Casino Payment Method on the Rise

It is easy to see what Apple wanted to do when giving their users a modern alternative to classic payments, and while there are still many online casinos that aren’t offering Apple Pay, the company’s growth curve indicates that it might be changing as we speak, and we are hoping to see more and more gambling sites catching on.

Apple Pay Security Features

Before we get started on how to use Apple Pay for your casino deposits, let’s start by looking at how safe it is. You should always be extremely careful when dealing with money and financial transactions online, and one thing is to make sure you only gamble at trustworthy casino sites. Even then, using your bank card online can be scary, and that’s where Apple Pay comes in with a clever solution.

Their software was created to offer safer purchases on the internet, and your Apple Pay transactions are protected by the best encryption technology and software there is. You’ll be protected by both the casino and by Apple Pay, and your card details and payment information is never revealed to the receiver (in this case, the casino).

Rumour has it that the Apple security is so top-notch and sophisticated that not even the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been able to crack it, and if this is true, then you can rest assured that your personal data and payment info is safe.

Apple Pay Transactions

It Couldn’t Be Easier to Use Apple Pay at Online Casino Sites

Nobody wants to go through unnecessary trouble when paying at an online casino, and especially today when everything usually needs to be fast and hassle-free to keep up with modern society and busy work schedules.

It is a universal payment service that is becoming increasingly established, and the casino industry was one of the first to see the many benefits that come with Apple Pay. The original purpose of this app was to provide its users with a more practical way of paying, and one where no plastic cards or bank transfers were needed.

Such a setup is ideal for the casino industry, and especially considering the fact that the app is already installed on most iOS devices, starting with the iPhone 6. Let’s have a look at how casino transactions with Apple Pay work. It also gives the user a good overview of any spendings and purchases, which is great when practicing responsible gambling.

Apple Pay Casinos overall

Withdrawals with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is, in many ways, a great payment option when gambling online, but you won’t be able to use it to make withdrawals. This might come as a surprise to many users out there, as we’ve gotten used to using the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. With Apple Pay, however, you are inevitably going to need to change this mindset.

This is not a casino issue and you’ll encounter the same “issue” no matter where you gamble, where you can’t make withdrawals with Apple Pay, so make sure you have another alternative lined up ahead of time. Many Apple Pay users end up withdrawing with bank transfers or with another e-wallet.

All you need to do is to head to the banking section at your chosen casino, and pick a payment method the way you did when making your deposit. While online casinos usually require you to deposit and withdraw with the same payment method as an effort to combat illegal activity (such as money laundering), this isn’t the case when you use Apple Pay.

Deposits Made Easy with Apple Pay

Before you make a deposit with Apple Pay, just make sure you have looked through all the available payment options and chosen the one that works for you. Click on the ‘Banking’ page (may be named differently) and locate Apple Pay in the list. Next, type in how much money you wish to deposit, and take any minimum deposit requirements into consideration.

The online casino will redirect you to the Apple Pay app on your phone or device, so make sure you have it installed, and that’s where you’ll complete the final step and approve the desired transaction. Deposits with Apple Pay are only available to those with an iOS device.

It is free to make deposits with Apple Pay, unless the casino or your bank chooses to apply additional fees. Withdrawals may come with fees but your deposits are always free of Apple Pay charges, and the money goes straight into your casino bankroll without delay.

Apple Pay Casino Bonus


  • Instant Casino Deposits
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Easy to Use for Beginners


  • Only Available for iOS Users
  • Withdrawals Not Available

Claiming a Casino Bonus with Apple Pay

You might be aware that using payment methods like Skrill and Neteller can sometimes prevent you from claiming welcome bonuses and bonus offers, and perhaps you’re curious to know if you can make use of generous cashback bonuses, the occasional no deposit bonus or that welcome bonus offer that originally drew you to the casino?

Yes, luckily you can, as Apple Pay does not tend to prevent their users from becoming eligible for casino bonus offers. This is great news for those who love a good bonus, and who change casinos frequently in order to claim as many welcome bonus offers as possible. Apple Pay works just like any classic payment method when it comes to claiming bonuses.

We do encourage you to check the terms and conditions before choosing Apple Pay as your preferred payment method, but in most cases, it won’t in any way affect your eligibility for being rewarded as a casino player. If you would come across a casino where Apple Pay does stop you from getting a bonus, just switch payment methods that one time.

Apple Pay Pros & Cons

Our Thoughts on Apple Pay

It is no secret that Apple Pay is a great online payment method, but is it right for the casino industry and when you want to make deposits or withdrawals? The short answer is inevitably yes, at least for deposits, as this is a service you can use anywhere and everywhere, and even without internet connection! It is an excellent option for iPhone users.

Unfortunately, the fact that the app isn’t available to Android users does affect our overall rating, and there is the occasional software bug that could end up interfering with your transfer. However, these small issues seem minor compared to what you get, and we would recommend this payment method if it meets your own criteria.

Getting low to no fees is, of course, a massive advantage and one of the things that draws users to this simple payment method, along with how accessible it is (for iOS users) and the potential for future improvements and expansions that are likely to be implemented. It is an exciting app we’ve most likely not seen everything from, yet.

For those who can’t use Apple Pay, either because they don’t own the right type of device or something else—don’t worry! You’re not missing anything you can’t find in another e-wallet service or similar payment type.

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