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Are you curious about online casinos New Zealand? Then you’re in the right place. The country has surprisingly strict gambling laws, where in-country gambling is considered illegal except for a few exceptions, but the good news is that this doesn’t apply to online gambling as long as the casino is based overseas. This means you can gamble online as a New Zealand player, without breaking the law, and we are here to tell you all you need to know about it.

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 19.10.2023

  • Updated: 19.10.2023

    Top Rated Casinos Online New Zealand

    List of Top Rated Casinos Online New Zealand


    What makes the best New Zealand Casinos

    What makes the best New Zealand Casinos

    Our goal is to help you gamble legally also when in New Zealand, and to assist you in finding sites based outside the country so that you, too, can join the online fun. A good online casino should be licensed by an agency such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), and we are here to help you find the best site for you.

    The following selection of top sites was chosen with multiple criteria in mind, such as payment methods that suit New Zealand players, mobile casinos with apps for you to take your gambling with you wherever you go, good customer service and adequate security features.

    Gambling statistics for 2020 showed that more people than ever were gambling in New Zealand, despite the strict gambling rules, which indicates that more and more players are finding their way to trustworthy, foreign gambling sites. Are you ready to start gambling on the internet? Make sure you read this guide to get the most out of your experience.

    Are Online Casinos New Zealand legal?

    Are Online Casinos New Zealand legal

    When you want to gamble and you happen to live in New Zealand, then there are many things you need to be aware of first. Unless the gambling type is approved by the Gambling Act 2003, most (and close to all) gambling is illegal in New Zealand. The gambling that is allowed is controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs, and it is part of an existing law that any permitted gambling activity should somehow benefit (or give back) to the community.

    Before we proceed, let us bring you the good news. While online gambling falls under what is considered illegal in New Zealand, it doesn’t apply to offshore gambling sites. And, since most of the biggest online casinos are based elsewhere such as in Europe, you can safely and legally join and gamble on these sites.

    Types of Gambling That are Illegal in New Zealand

    As long as the online gambling site you choose isn’t based in New Zealand, you can safely and legally gamble, but you might want to gain a better understanding of what type of gambling activities are and aren’t prohibited within the country. The gambling types still allowed are divided into four different classes.

    Class 1

    Class 1 gambling is the only gambling class that an individual can conduct, and in this scenario, all winnings generated during the game needs to go to the winner, and this includes any type of interest or other fees. The maximum amount you are allowed to set as a prize, while still keeping it legal, is $500. The same amount applies for the turnover.

    Class 2

    Class 2 gambling cannot and should not be conducted by an individual, and can instead only be run by what the Gambling Act considers a society. The value of the prize must fall between $500 and $5,000, and any other amount cannot be considered class 2 gambling. The gambling turnover may not be more than $25,000 and no less than $500.

    Class 3

    Class 3 gambling requires a gambling licence, and you cannot legally hold a class 3 gambling activity without having first been licensed. The prize value for these types of gambling activity, and for it to be classified as a class 3 act, needs to be higher than a total of $5,000.

    Class 4

    Class 4 needs to meet the same requirements as class 3, both in terms of having a gambling licence and the total price being $5,000 or more, but it usually refers to gambling performed on some type of machine or device.

    New Zealand Casinos

    Beware of Bans on Remote Gambling

    The Gambling Act 2003 also specifically prohibits any gambling done remotely, which essentially refers to online gambling at or through establishments based in New Zealand. The law put a halt to at least one New Zealand online casino, and you can get a hefty fine for breaking these regulations in any way.

    As a result, it is important that you—as a New Zealand player—always verify that your chosen online casino is based somewhere else. Most of the sites you come across, if not all, will be, but it is always better to be safe than sorry so that you don’t accidentally end up on an illegal gambling site.

    Keep in mind that if you were to find a New Zealand casino operating illegally, this site won’t be regulated or licensed the way that it should be, and it would present a risk to you, your personal information and your money to utilise it, while also risking legal trouble. Always stick to offshore gambling sites as a gambler in New Zealand.

    Does New Zealand Law Protect Players who Gamble Overseas?

    It is clearly stated in the Gambling Act 2003 that online gambling at foreign casinos is allowed, but that you cannot expect any help or assistance from the New Zealand government if you were to become a victim of fraud or any other crime as a result. Instead, you would depend on receiving help from the country in which the casino is based.

    This doesn’t mean the New Zealand government and local laws will never step in and help, and it is simply a caution that they might not in the case of a crime committed against you as a result of online gambling.

    Online Gambling Advertising

    Is Online Gambling Advertising Allowed

    While you can legally gamble at online casinos New Zealand overseas, any type of advertisement for offshore gambling sites is strictly prohibited in New Zealand. Purposely attempting to promote online gambling is also banned, and if unlucky, it could lead to fines of up to the amount of $10,000.

    Advertisement to prevent or discourage online gambling overseas is allowed, and there are a few additional exceptions such as casual mentions of vacation spots with land-based casinos and so on.

    Licenses of Online Casinos New Zealand

    Licenses of Online Casinos New Zealand

    Staying safe is essential when you gamble online as a New Zealand player, and especially since your own government might not be there for you if you get scammed or accidentally choose a site that isn’t licensed. Let’s start with licensing. You want an online casino to be licensed by (preferably) one of these licensing agencies: UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Gibraltar Licensing and Regulatory Authority, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Curacao Gaming Control Board.

    Due to the current legal status of online casinos New Zealand, you won’t be able to find any relevant licensing authorities from New Zealand, but the above listed agencies are all considered trustworthy. The biggest names on the list are MGA and UKGC.

    You can find licensing information in the terms and conditions provided by the casino, or in the footer of the casino gambling page. There, you’ll also find information on where the casino is based, but the licence alone indicates that it’s not in New Zealand since these authorities wouldn’t licence an illegal casino.

    New Zealand Casinos

    Games in the best New Zealand casinos

    Which are the available games in the best New Zealand casinos

    Since the game access is restricted in New Zealand, we’ll instead look at what types of games New Zealand gamblers tend to play the most when using overseas casinos. There is a lot to choose from and everyone has their favourite, of course, but there are still some interesting trends that highlight a preference for specific game types.

    If you are new to online gambling, this could help you know where to start, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try a few different things until you find what you get the biggest thrill out of. There are hundreds of games out there from countless game developers, and being open to trying new things tends to pay off.

    Slots casino icon

    Online Slots

    Slot machines are ideal for beginners, and many New Zealand players start out here. Simple games with few reels, rows and paylines, such as Starburst from NetEnt, are popular among those with less experience, with the majority venturing into slightly more complex games like progressive jackpot slots later on.

    table games cards icon

    Table Games

    New Zealand players love their classics, and the interest for games like poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette is high throughout the country. Since you can’t exactly head out to a land-based gambling house, table game enthusiasts turn to online casinos.

    Live Games icon

    Live Casino

    An even better alternative to land-based casinos is an online live casino, which could explain the live game popularity among New Zealand-based players. Here, you get to experience gambling with a real dealer and a real game table, only you watch it all via multiple cameras that are transmitting live. A large percentage of gambling New Zealanders also prefer live game shows like Deal or No Deal, Live Monopoly and Lightning Roulette.

    Sports Betting icon

    Sports Betting

    Sports betting is a phenomenon all around the world, and New Zealanders sure love their sports, which is reflected in their choices of online gambling opportunities. Betting on sports like cricket, rugby, football and horse racing is very popular, something you can do at any online casino with a sportsbook.

    computer games casino

    Other Games

    Not a fan of either of these games? No worries, as the online gambling industry has it all. Games like bingo, lottery, keno, fortune wheels and scratch cards are also available to New Zealanders gambling online, and could provide a fun alternative for someone who wishes to try something different and change it up a little.

    New Zealand Bonuses

    Which bonuses can I get at Casinos Online New Zealand

    There are no restrictions on casino bonuses for players from New Zealand, as you’ll be gambling on sites that aren’t in any way affiliated with the New Zealand government or limited by the country’s gambling laws. The best way to find new promotional offers and bonuses is by visiting the promo section on the website, or by signing up for a newsletter.

    The types of bonuses you’ll have access to depends almost entirely on the casino, as each gambling site is free to offer their own bonuses, or skip bonus offers altogether. You’ll notice that welcome bonus packages are incredibly common, and they work as a way for casino sites to attract new players.

    The most popular bonuses among New Zealand players are these:

    Welcome Bonuses

    Getting rewarded for choosing a casino isn’t a bad thing, and you’ll often have the opportunity to get cash matching bonuses of up to 100%, where if you deposit $100, the casino doubles it. Sounds nice, right? Free spins are also commonly included in casino welcome packages for New Zealanders, and they let you spin the reels on a slot for free.

    Cashback Programs

    If you find your new favourite casino, they might want to reward you also for sticking around, and not just when you sign up. Cashback programmes work similarly to airline mile clubs, where the more you play, the more money you get back. The casino will refund you a small percentage of your losses.

    Deposit Bonuses

    The easiest way to describe a deposit bonus is exactly what the name indicates, and you get a bonus when you make a deposit. Deposit bonuses are almost always part of the welcome package, but some sites available to New Zealanders also give out deposit bonus opportunities to their existing members.

    No Deposit Bonuses

    Consider yourself lucky if you come across a no deposit casino bonus, as these are given to you automatically, without requiring you to deposit any money of your own. It means you can essentially play without having to pay a cent. Beware, though, as these bonuses almost always have wagering requirements, where you might end up playing with your own money anyway to liberate your bonus money.

    Bonus TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
    Welcome BonusGets you off to a good start.Only available once.
    Deposit BonusBoosts your deposit amount with extra money or free spins.May come with a deposit minimum.
    No Deposit Bonus“Free” money without making a deposit.Difficult to find. Wagering requirements.
    Cashback BonusNo wagering requirements. Money back on your losses.Not available at NZ-based online casinos.

    Wagering Requirements

    What are the Wagering Requirements for Online Casinos New Zealand

    Make it a habit to read the terms and conditions accompanying a bonus offer before accepting, or check for information about wagering requirements in the general casino T&C’s. You often need to wager your bonus money a certain number of times before you can withdraw them or withdraw money won, and it is not unusual for wagering requirements to be somewhere between x20 and x45.

    A $100 bonus with x45 wagering requirements need to be wagered for 45 times the received amount, which adds up to a total of $4,500. Bonuses at online casinos New Zealand are great, but it doesn’t mean they’re completely free and your best bet is to make sure you know what’s expected of you once you accept a bonus.

    How can I deposit and withdraw in Online Casinos New Zealand

    How you wish to pay matters when choosing online casinos New Zealand, as you want to find a new casino payment method you are comfortable with, and perhaps also accustomed to using for other internet purchases. Nobody wants to spend unnecessary time and energy on deposits and withdrawals, and you need something quick, safe and simple.

    Some popular payment methods for Online Casinos New Zealand include VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard.

    Now, let’s have a closer look at payment types and how they can benefit you as a casino player from or in New Zealand. We’ll take a look at the main categories to help you find the perfect one for you, both if you are new to online gambling and if you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable alternative.

    credit cards icon

    Bank Cards

    You are probably familiar with bank cards like VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and similar, which remain one of the most common payment methods on the internet today. Close to every online casino allows players to pay by card, and the only real downside is the inconvenience of having to know your card number or have the card on you when you make a deposit or withdrawal.

    Casinos mit Sportwetten


    It is no coincidence that the use of an e-wallet has become one of the most popular casino payment methods in the world, and especially now with so many to choose from. You have Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EcoPayz and many more, and they all allow you to create your own digital wallet that you can use to both store money and make casino deposits and withdrawals.

    As if that wasn’t enough, e-wallets also offer some of the fastest withdrawal times in the online casino industry, and thousands of New Zealanders have active accounts with different e-wallet payment platforms.

    transferência bancária

    Bank Transfers

    We get it, bank transfers are comfortable as many of us already have our internet banks set up, and it is also considered one of the safest ways to make casino transactions. Most online casinos allow you to deposit and withdraw money using your bank account and a regular wire transfer, and most New Zealand banks are compatible with international online casinos.

    HSBC, Bank of New Zealand, The Co-operative Bank and Kiwibank are only a few examples of the New Zealand banks that can be used to make bank transfers to a casino, but keep in mind that the waiting times can be quite long for the money to arrive at its destination. It may be safe, but a bank transfer is nowhere near as fast as an e-wallet transaction, and that is something to keep in mind. Also, casino payments will be reflected on your bank statement.

    Игровые автоматы Yggdrasil играть с мобильного

    Phone App Payments

    Apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay are used frequently in New Zealand, both for online gambling and other internet payments. It is quick and easy since most newer devices come with these apps already installed, but the main thing to know is that they can both only be used for deposits. You will have to choose something else when you make a casino withdrawal.

    cassino com bitcoin

    Bitcoin Casinos New Zealand

    One of the hottest trends in modern gambling are Bitcoin casinos. Instant payments and under-the-radar betting action, are two of the main strongpoints of using cryptocurrencies. While there is a limited number of casinos that accept Bitcoin, they are increasing steadily as more and more bettors opt to use them.

    Responsible Gambling

    Can I gamble responsibly at Online casinos New Zealand

    Responsible gambling is about making sure it stays fun and safe, and that online gaming doesn’t start affecting your life negatively. It is easy to get swept away by flashing lights and the irresistible clinking sound of coins, but you must always remember that you are playing with real money—your money, and that it is even easier to lose than it is to win.

    When it comes down to it, it is your responsibility as a gambler to make sure you gamble responsibly, but online casinos available to New Zealand players also have resources to help their players maintain a healthy relationship with their betting. Responsible gambling is usually referred to as ‘Problem Gambling’ in New Zealand.

    Ways a casino can help you is by providing options to set up gambling limits for yourself, where you limit how much money you can spend over a period of time. Many New Zealand players choose to set weekly spending limits to make sure they don’t get carried away and spend more than they can afford.

    External Responsible Gambling Resources for New Zealand Casinos Online

    For those who need additional help or who would like to learn more about responsible gambling in New Zealand, there are a few resources available. Keep in mind that in-country gambling is mostly illegal, which is why resources may be somewhat more limited than in areas where you can legally gamble. NZ Department of Internal Affairs, PGF Services and Ministry of Health are a few organisations that can help with problem gambling.

    Always be honest with yourself and never hesitate to reach out to the casino or to an external source if you feel you need help establishing a healthy gambling routine, or if you are concerned about negative any effects your gambling is having on your life.

    Are there any New Zealand Casinos Online that launched recently

    The good thing is that there are brand new casinos entering the New Zealand market, but how can you tell if they are worth it? Your best guess is to visit our new online casinos section, where we can review all brands that become available to New Zealanders. Games, banking options, bonuses and players’ feedback are some of the factors that influence our rating, so we give you the complete picture.

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