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Tether (also known as USDT) is a cryptocurrency that has climbed the ranks in players’ preferences quickly and for good reasons. Zero fees, privacy, and instant payments are some of the strong points of Tether. Let’s find out what USDT casinos have to offer you and how you can make the most of this banking option.

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 25.10.2023

  • Updated: 25.10.2023

    Top Online Casinos that accept Tether

    Top Online Casinos that accept Tether


    What is Tether

    What is Tether

    Tether, also known as USDT, is a popular cryptocurrency designed to hold a consistent value, as opposed to the more volatile conversion rates of competitors such as Bitcoin. This was achieved by backing up every Tether token with the US dollars held by the company behind the currency and known by the same name. 

    New Tether coins are created and issued when individuals, companies, etc., make a deposit with Tether. They will then get an exact USD to USDT matching funds back from the company, minus fees. The Tether tokens can also be exchanged back to flat currency at any point.

    Tether has a strong focus on transparency, and the company shares daily reports on its operations. This is partly because the tokens are also used by a list of other blockchain cryptocurrency networks, including Ethereum, Tron and even Bitcoin networks.

    Tether tokens are bolstered by the blockchains they are attached to and come with various benefits. For instance, Ethereum and Tron-issued Tether tokens can help you make faster and less expensive transactions. 

    How We Select the Best Tether Online Casinos

    How We Select the Best Tether Online Casinos

    If you want to be sure that the Tether casino you choose is up to your standards, there are a few things you should pay attention to before you sign up. You should not join a casino just because they have Tether as a banking method. This alone says nothing about their quality. Below you will see the factors we take into account when we review the casinos and craft our selection of any Tether casino we consider to be the best for punters.

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    Licences and Security

    Unfortunately, many licenses are not by any means crypto-friendly, but this only makes it more important to look into who or what the available crypto casinos are responsible for. When we select a great Tether casino, the safety of said casinos is one of our utmost concerns. This information will be included in our reviews, and you will generally be able to get an overview of licenses and other trust elements in each of the casinos’ footers.

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    It should go without saying that one of the most important factors when choosing between USDT casinos is how they compare when it comes to fees. Tether transactions are free of charge in and of themselves, but casinos may still add fees both for your deposits and withdrawals. While imposed fees tend to be low, and thus relatively fair and acceptable, they will vary. 

    Bonus ohne Einzahlung

    Availability of Tether Casino Bonuses

    Just because a casino allows you to play with Tether does not mean they will allow you to collect bonuses, and even if they do, they may have a poorer selection of promotions than those they offer to players who use Fiat currencies. We always check just how good the bonuses at Tether Casino sites are, as it can be incredibly frustrating to discover that your preferred digital currency is excluded. 

    This can be a particular annoyance at Crypto-friendly casinos that mainly cater to flat currencies, as Tether and other popular digital currencies can come as an afterthought. If you are unsure of how well a casino caters to your bonus needs, check their welcome offer and active promotions first to confirm that you can collect them in USDT.

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    Game Selection

    If you are used to playing with flat currencies you might be surprised to discover how many alternative casino games become available when you play with digital currencies such as Tether. This is one of the reasons why we take particular notice of how large and diverse the game libraries are at Tether casinos. The goal is that you should be spoilt for choice.

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    Mobile-friendly Tether Casinos

    All Tether online casinos are available on mobile, but they are not all equally well-optimised. Mobile experiences can vary significantly, with some USDT casinos having significantly reduced functionalities. This is why we test all Tether casino sites on mobile to ensure that the experience truly is first-rate, and if not, make a clear note of this in our reviews.

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    Customer Service

    A great casino needs to have a customer support team that is available at your beck and call around the clock. You should not need to wait until the morning to speak to a customer service representative, and when you do get help, their replies should be prompt, accurate and helpful.

    How to Set Up a Tether Account

    How to Set Up a Tether Account

    All you need to do to set up a Tether account is to head to the official website and sign up. You will not be asked to share any personal details. The only thing you need to use for verification is your email address. You will then be asked to set up a dual-factor verification, and your account will be subject to approval from the Tether team.

    Once approved, your Tether account will function as both your crypto wallet and banking tool, available for both deposits and withdrawals.

    You will also be able to keep your Tether coins in alternative Crypto wallets, and as different blockchain networks issue Tether, your account address will reflect this.

    How to Deposit and withdraw at Tether Casinos

    Making a deposit with Tether could not be easier. You simply need to go to the payment method box, select Tether as a tool, choose the amount you wish to deposit and add the address of your crypto wallet. The last step will allow you to confirm the deposit from your wallet. Once done, the amount will be transferred to your account immediately.

    It is equally simple to withdraw the funds back to your Tether wallet. You will once again need to go to the banking section of your casino and select Tether as your withdrawal option. Just as when you make a deposit, you will need to add the address of your Tether wallet, as well as the amount you wish to withdraw. Since you are making a withdrawal, you will not need to do anything from your wallet. The money will find its way back to it on its own.

    Casino Bonuses at Tether Casinos

    Casino Bonuses at Tether Casinos

    The best Tether gambling sites will come with a long range of attractive casino bonuses and promotions. Here you will find a quick overview of the various deals you might run into.

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    Welcome Bonuses

    The most common and easiest to claim of all Tether bonuses is the welcome bonus. All you need to do to claim this bonus is to sign up, select the offer and make a deposit. It will usually be present on a huge banner on the landing page and presented as one of the key selling points to join the casino. The size of the bonus will vary, but typically your first deposit will be doubled or even tripled. Better percentages, such as 300% and 500% may also be available, but in these cases, the bonus amount itself will usually be lower.

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    Reload Bonuses

    Reload bonuses are deposit bonuses you will run into after you have claimed the welcome offer. They will typically sport a lower percentage, for instance, 50%, and the maximum bonus amount itself is typically lower as well.

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    Cashbacks are a way to recoup a portion of your losses. They may give you, for instance, 1-10% back on your losses over a day, week or month. Cashback bonuses can come in two forms, one as real currency and one as a bonus, with a wagering requirement. Typically, if you get real Tether cashback, the percentage will be low, while cashback bonuses will have a higher percentage.

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    No Deposit Bonuses

    No deposit bonuses are a way to try a casino out, and possibly even win real money, without making a Tether deposit. Like cashbacks, they tend to come in two forms, free spins, which can be used at selected slot games, or bonuses, where you will have a bit more freedom in choosing what Tether casino games you want to play.

    Advantages of using Tether for Deposits and Withdrawals

    Advantages of using Tether for Deposits and Withdrawals

    The key advantage of owning and playing with Tether tokens is that the currency is stable, and fully tied to the US dollar. This means that it provides the safety and predictability of Fiat currencies, coupled with the privacy and speed of blockchain technology. When you gamble on Bitcoin casinos and many of the other popular digital currencies, you are essentially gambling twice, both on the games and the currency itself. This may be an alluring element for many, but for those who prefer stability and predictability, Tether is a strong choice.

    It is also easy to find a Tether casino, which means you do not need to look hard to get new gambling experiences. Just a quick glance at our list of the best Tether casinos above should give you an idea of the diversity at hand. 

    Another big advantage is Tether transactions are entirely free of charge in and of themselves. USDT Casinos may add their own transaction fees, but they tend to be fairly low. Be sure to check if the casino you sign up to has fees for Tether deposits and/or withdrawals to make an informed choice as to whether they are worth your time.

    How to Find New Tether Casinos

    How to Find New Tether Casinos

    The popularity of Tether for crypto transactions has ensured that the majority of new crypto-friendly casinos include them among their available currencies. This means that most new crypto casinos are also new Tether casinos. 

    We consistently update our list of the best Tether casinos above, and you will find all the new Tether casinos that passed our rigorous standards within this selection. If you are actively looking for new Tether casinos, we recommend that you look at the list regularly so that you do not miss out on any new great options.

    How to find the best Tether Casinos

    How to choose the best Tether Casinos

    One of the main goals we here at SPCasinos strive to achieve is helping each of our readers find the best casinos for them. This is why we have created the above list so you can discover the top Tether casinos available for bettors.

    If you have Tether tokens sitting idle or wish to play with a stable and predictable digital currency, you can use our list to discover a new world of online gaming. Tether casinos come with a long range of games that are not available when you play with Fiat currencies, and better yet, transaction fees end up being lower.

    In our overview of the best Tether casinos, you will find the top of the crop, and be able to quickly discern which tick the right boxes for you. Whether you are looking for large game libraries, generous bonuses, or something else entirely, the above list has you covered.

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