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PayPoint is a leading international payments operator offering various value-added services. When choosing this method, online casino players will find payments private, safe and secure.  In this article, you will understand why millions of players prefer to gamble online at online PayPoint casinos.

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 28.07.2022

  • Updated: 28.07.2022

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    How PayPoint Works

    What is PayPoint & How PayPoint Casinos Work

    PayPoint was founded in 1996 in England, where you can still find its headquarters. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange 8 years later. It is a well-established international payment method, and has point-of-sale payment locations in Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom, with a total of almost 38,000 outlets. PayPoint outlets are commonly available at grocery stores, garages and convenience stores.

    Paypoint has a variety of payment systems, as it first started as a bill payment system. Shortly thereafter, it expanded to online services, and the most effective method for online players is its e-Voucher program. It works as follows:


    Open an account at an online casino site that accepts PayPoint


    Go to a retail outlet that hosts a PayPoint terminal that sells e-Vouchers. Outlets include grocery stores, garages and convenience stores.


    Make your cash payment at the outlet, any amount which you prefer


    Receive your voucher with a 19-digit validation code on it


    Use your validation code at the casino by choosing the eVoucher method on the list of accepted payment methods. For example, Paysafecard.


    Put in your code to instantly transfer the funds into your balance.


    Your funds will immediately be available for real money play.

    A huge plus point about this program is that it does not require users to give any personal information at retail outlets – you don’t even have to provide your name. PayPoint also does not charge any fees for this service.


    Exclusive Bonuses Available at PayPoint Casinos

    Using PayPoint as a payment method is becoming very popular at an increasing number of online casinos. Online players using PayPoint can look forward to a wide variety of bonuses, including an exciting welcome bonus, in the form of free spins, deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

    Players can also look forward to cashback bonuses, which is a small percentage of the amount played that is paid back to you in the form of cash. You will be able to use your cashback bonus on live games, slot machines or table games, depending on the PayPoint casinos you decide to play at.

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    PayPoint is Safe & Secure to Use

    When making use of PayPoint’s e-Voucher service, you are not required to disclose any information about yourself or your banking details, which means that your personal information stays personal.

    PayPoint is certified as a PCI DSS ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 service provider, which is the highest level of compliance and is annually assessed by a PCI QSA (Quality Security Assessor). Paypoint uses FraudGuard for fraud management, a very powerful tool for the protection against ID Theft, online fraud and more.

    It is safe to say that using PayPoint as an online payment method, is safe and secure, and players can use this method with confidence.

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    Pros & Cons

    Pros & Cons of Gambling at PayPoint Casinos

    Before making the final decision of playing at PayPoint casinos, it’s advised that you weigh out all the pros and cons to ensure it is the best method for you. Below you will find some of the pros and cons to consider when choosing to play at online PayPoint Casinos.


    • Anonymity
    • No fees
    • No registration is needed
    • Convenient
    • 24/7 customer support
    • More control over spending limits
    • Multiple currencies are supported


    • Time-consuming to buy vouchers
    • Can’t make withdrawals
    • Not available in many countries
    • Vouchers have an expiration date

    Pros of Using PayPoint at Online Casinos

    PayPoint is one of the most convenient payment methods across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Romania. There are many benefits to using PayPoint as your online payment method, though there are some disadvantages to using it as well. Here are some of our favourite benefits to look forward to when using PayPoint:

    • You can make cash payments at retail outlets, which means that you can keep your identity safe from using your information or banking details online.
    • There are no fees required for cash payments. It is completely free.
    • No registration is required when redeeming your e-Voucher.
    • It is a very convenient service when you do not have access to your bank cards or banking details.
    • Customer service is available 24/7 through live chat, email or telephone.
    • This is a great option for players who wish to keep their gaming funds separate from their personal finances.
    • Players can have more control over their spending limits, because you choose your own amount which you prefer to spend.
    • PayPoint supports multiple currencies and most payment methods, including cash, Visa electron, Mastercard, PayPal, Diners Club, American E, and many others.

    Cons of Using PayPoint Online

    There are many benefits to using PayPoint online, although as with any other payment method used online, there are a few drawbacks as well. Here are the disadvantages we have found while using PayPoint that you should consider:

    • It is fairly time-consuming having to buy an e-Voucher at a retail store and only then being able to get the funds.
    • You can not use PayPoint to make withdrawals at your favourite online casino. You will have to use another method for withdrawals, like an E-wallet or using your banking details.
    • There is no way to instantly reload your voucher, so you will have to travel back to a retailer to purchase another voucher.
    • It is only supported in the UK, Ireland and Romania. Other Countries are yet to be added to the service.
    • Vouchers have an expiration date. They are only valid for 6 months after purchase.

    Though some of these disadvantages may deter you from using PayPoint, we do feel that it is worth using in the supported countries as the pros do outweigh the cons by a long shot!

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    Devices to Access PayPoint Casinos

    Different Devices to Access PayPoint Casinos

    We live in an ever-changing era which has improved our daily activities drastically through technology. Convenience has become a necessity when it comes to transactions by being able to do it online. PayPoint casinos have given online players the opportunity to play their favourite casino games online.

    You are now able to access top online casinos on any technological device, like a PC, laptop, Ipad, tablet and even your cell phone.

    You can simply search for your preferred PayPoint casino on the internet from any of your devices. IOS and Android devices support online casinos as well. Apple users can access their favourite online casinos through Apple I-store, and android users can access these PayPoint casinos through the Google Play store.

    Alternative Payment Methods

    Other Payment Methods to Consider Instead of PayPoint

    Unfortunately, PayPoint is not available in many countries as of yet, so you may need to resort to using other payment methods as a substitute for it for the time being.

    With any other payment system, as with PayPoint, it is crucial that online users do their homework thoroughly in order to ensure that you find the best payment method suitable to your needs.

    If you want to test the waters for something similar to PayPoint, or if it is not yet available in your country, look no further as here are a few alternatives that we would like to recommend:

    Paysafecard Casinos


    You can buy cards with different amounts and redeem cash with a 16-digit code.

    Skrill Casinos


    A digital wallet payment method.

    Ecopayz logo


    One online account from which you can send, receive and spend money worldwide

    Neteller casino


    A virtual card that allows you to transact online in the same way as a debit card.

    Comparing Alternative Payment Methods

    Comparing The Other Payment Methods

    Payment methodFeesDeposit timeWithdrawal time
    PaysafeCard2%0-3 daysn/a
    Skrill1.45%Instant0-3 days


    Our Overall Thoughts on Using PayPoint Online

    Based on different research, it is empirical that PayPoint is an excellent online payment method, which provides great bonuses, zero fees or hidden costs, and instant withdrawals. It is very convenient for on-the-go players, as it does not require you to have access to your banking details or bank cards.

    PayPoint is also one of the safer options, as it does not require any personal information or banking details, which is very beneficial for online players looking for confidentiality and privacy. Players can stay anonymous when depositing money into the system.

    The geographical downside about this service is that players in other countries other than the three listed in this article will not have access to this service just yet, and will have to rather opt for one of the similar payment methods mentioned.

    Before using this service, players should make sure that they are aware of retail outlets like grocery stores, convenience stores or garages in their country that make use of PayPoint.

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