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If you are looking for a safe and secure way to make your bank transfers to your casino account, then InstaDebit Casinos are worth considering! It allows you to make quick and effortless bank-to-bank transfers—instantly speeding up a process that was once lengthy and tedious. Casinos that accept InstaDebit have grown in popularity over the last few years and now available at many online casinos worldwide.

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 25.04.2023

  • Updated: 25.04.2023

    Best InstaDebit Casinos

    Best InstaDebit Casinos


    About InstaDebit Casino

    About InstaDebit Casino

    InstaDebit Casinos provide online gamblers with the opportunity to make bank transfers without having to wait for days which is often the case otherwise. InstaDebit operates by serving as a middleman when you make your transactions and allows you to make regular transfers to online casinos and more without revealing your bank data or personal information to unfamiliar online casinos.

    Most Casinos that accept InstaDebit you’ll come across are reliable and use encryption technology to protect your payment details, but in case you feel uncomfortable with giving up your data or if you are unsure if you can actually trust the casino, then InstaDebit Casino offers an ideal solution.

    Depending on where you are located, you might also feel hesitant to have a casino transaction show up on your bank statement, and that’ll be avoided if you opt for using InstaDebit instead. Since the money goes through InstaDebit first, there’ll be no record of where the money went after that on your bank records.

    How It Works

    The process is similar to that of e-wallets casinos like Neteller Casinos and Skrill Casinos, but instead of your money landing in a virtual wallet, your money goes straight from your bank and into your casino bankroll. It requires fewer steps to complete the transactions, which means less of a hassle and more time to play.

    All you need to do is to choose an InstaDebit casino, then choose an InstaDebit as your payment method when you wish to make a casino site or an online casino app transaction, pick an amount and confirm the desired action, and then you’ll have deposits instantly ready to fund your gambling.

    Now that you’re about to find out a little bit more about Casinos that accept InstaDebit and how it can be beneficial when making casino money transactions, we’ll start by having a look at how you can find an InstaDebit casino. An InstaDebit online casino would be a gambling site that allows its players to make payments via InstaDebit, and while it’s becoming an increasingly popular casino payment method, it can still be somewhat hard to find.

    See, InstaDebit still isn’t as popular as other payment options such as VISA and Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill and other e-wallets, and it isn’t available everywhere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these casinos are hard to find.

    Start by double-checking that InstaDebit is, in fact, available as a payment method, and then use other parameters such as game selection and the best bonus offers to choose the casino site that works best for you.

    InstaDebit Security

    Safety should always be a priority when gambling online, and with InstaDebit online casino, you get twice the security! Not only do you get the benefits of the safety features set up by your bank, which is considered extremely secure in itself, but you also get additional protection from InstaDebit and its multiple security levels. Your personal data and payment information is protected by 128-bit encryption technology.

    That isn’t all you get either, as the service is monitored by multiple different third-party companies, such as VeriSign and TRUSTe. These internet security agencies are known all around the world for their trustworthiness, and their collaboration with InstaDebit says a lot about their overall level of customer protection.

    The Sign Up Process is Instant

    You can create your InstaDebit account ahead of time so that it’s ready when you want to make a deposit, but you can also do it directly through the InstaDebit online casino page. All you need to do is to select InstaDebit as your payment method, and you’ll be automatically redirected to the signup page for your own InstaDebit account.

    Option to Connect Multiple Bank Accounts?

    Keep in mind that you cannot add more than one bank account to your InstaDebit account, as this would be against the rules and could get your account suspended. If you have multiple bank accounts, you’ll have to choose which one you want to use.

    To have an InstaDebit account, you have to be at least 18 years old, as those who are underaged are not allowed to sign up even if owning a bank account. InstaDebit encourages their customers to get in touch if they know of anyone under the age of 18 who is currently an active member of the site.

    InstaDebit Account Setup

    How to Set up an InstaDebit Account

    The process of signing up for an InstaDebit account is the same whether you opt for signing up via the casino payment page or ahead of time and directly on the InstaDebit website. If you are still feeling a little hesitant to use new payment methods, we are here to walk you through the process of signing up.

    • Fill in your basic information, such as your name, email address, home address and date of birth, on the InstaDebit website. All the standard information is required, but don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes.
    • Connect a bank account to your InstaDebit profile. This is needed for future payments but also to verify that the bank account is really yours and that your bank account details are accurate.
    • When you verify a new bank account, you’ll see a small deposit from InstaDebit when you log into your Internet bank or check your bank statement, and you’ll be asked to type in the exact amount deposited on the website. Look for deposits marked ‘InstaDebit’ or similar.
    • Type in the amount to verify your account.
    • …And you’re done!

    You will be able to use your InstaDebit account right away without delay, even without fully verifying your account, but we do recommend that you complete the process as soon as possible.

    Verifying Your Account & Why It Matters

    As mentioned, you don’t necessarily have to complete the verification right away, and you can start using your InstaDebit account also without verifying it. However, if you opt not to verify your account, there will be a spending limit enforced. This means you won’t be able to make unlimited transactions, and you’ll be restricted to a certain daily amount.

    You probably don’t want to be held up when you’re in the (gambling) zone, especially if you’ve already used your InstaDebit account for something else before attempting to make a casino deposit, so take a few minutes to complete the verification process as soon as possible.

    InstaDebit Fees

    InstaDebit Fees

    You don’t have to worry about maintenance fees with InstaDebit, the way you would with a bank account where you are often charged monthly or yearly to keep your account. With InstaDebit, you can sign up and keep your account completely free of charge, with no hidden fees or (unpleasant) surprises further down the line.

    Transactions, however, come at a small cost, just like when you are charged for using a bank card. The fee only applies when the money is drawn from your bank account, and you can get around it by using available funds on your InstaDebit online casino account.

    What this means is that if you don’t have any money in your InstaDebit account and make a transaction directly from your bank, then you’ll pay a fee that can vary depending on your preferred currency. The amount is reasonably small but could add up over time, and you might want to consider keeping money in your InstaDebit wallet to avoid fees.

    InstaDebit casinos

    InstaDebit Casino Transactions

    InstaDebit Casino Transactions

    Casino Deposits with InstaDebit

    When it comes down to it, InstaDebit is an e-wallet, and you can have money in your account or deposit directly from a bank account. To make a deposit at online casino with InstaDebit, just locate the banking page at your favourite gambling site. This page is usually readily available and located in one of the top corners or in the main menu.

    Look for ‘InstaDebit’ in the list of payment methods, and make sure the casino offers these types of online casino transactions. Once you’ve found it, you’ll be asked how much money you wish to deposit, and you’ll then be redirected to InstaDebit.

    Once on the InstaDebit page, all you need to do is to sign in with your account information and approve the transaction, and you save yourself the trouble of having to add or share any type of payment information. It is safe, fast and convenient, and you’ll have the money in your account almost instantly. There are no waiting times.

    Withdraw Money with InstaDebit

    While some payment methods may only allow players to deposit, InstaDebit Casino sites offer the benefit of both deposits and withdrawals. It is quick and hassle-free, and the money ends up back in your e-wallet, where you can then transfer it back to your bank account.

    A great thing about this is that you can use that money to pay online or make casino deposits, and InstaDebit won’t charge you any fees since the funds are already available in your InstaDebit account. What this means is that unless you need your money in your bank, you could benefit from leaving winnings in your e-wallet for future needs.

    The withdrawal process itself works just like it would at any other online casino, where you head back to the banking page of your favourite casino, choose InstaDebit as your payment method and then make a withdrawal of any desired amount. Just make sure you’ve fulfilled any potential wagering requirements, as these are often attached to casino welcome bonuses and bonus offers.

    InstaDebit Casinos Canada

    InstaDebit Casinos Canada

    InstantDebit Casino allows Canadian players to make fast and secure transactions without a credit card. Instadebit is the top choice among Canadian online casino players because it is fast, secure and easy to use.

    There are several factors to consider when choosing the best Instadebit casinos in Canada, such as game selection, customer support, security and bonuses.

    Here are some of the best Instadebit casino sites in Canada:

    RankCasinoBonus AmountGo to the Casino
    1 JackpotCity With more than 20 years of experience, Jackpot City Casino offers more than 600 games To the Casino
    2 888 Casino Casino 888 offers over 270 games and a welcome bonus of up to $200 To the Casino
    3 RoyalVegas With over 700 games and a welcome bonus of up to $1,200, Royal Vegas Casino is the top choice To the Casino
    4 GamingClub With over 500 games and a welcome bonus of up to $350, Gaming Club Casino is well worth a visit To the Casino
    5 Betway Betway Casino with over 500 games and a welcome bonus of up to $1,000 is a great option To the Casino

    Pros & Cons

    Pros & Cons

    Let us start by saying that you likely won’t find any casino payment method that comes with only pros, as there tend to be benefits and downsides to most. However, some have significantly more benefits than anything else, and that’s what we plan to investigate in this section. What can you expect from an online casino with InstaDebit?


    • Customer Service Available 24/7
    • 128-Bit Encryption for Secure Transactions
    • Multiple Currency Options
    • Speedy Withdrawal Times
    • Free Transactions of E-Wallet Funds
    • Instant Access to the Service


    • Only Possible to Link One Bank Account
    • Fees on Withdrawals from a Bank Account
    • Not Available with All Types of Bank Accounts
    • Not Fully Anonymous

    All we can do is establish that InstaDebit is a trustable payment option when you gamble online, and the rest is up to you. Does it meet your expectations and needs in terms of payment process, fees and transaction times? The pros and cons listed above should help you make the decision.

    InstaDebit Alternatives

    InstaDebit Casino Alternatives

    Are you still not fully convinced, or are you having trouble finding online casino with InstaDebit as a payment method? If you rather go with a different payment option, check out these alternatives that might appeal to you a bit more. We have listed similar options, but you can also opt for classic varieties such as VISA, Mastercard and regular bank transfers.

    If you want to use something that is similar to an online casino with InstaDebit in terms of both function, level of security and fastness, then your best bet is to go with another e-wallet. E-wallets are among the most popular payment methods at online casinos today.

    paypal logo


    Despite PayPal being an incredibly popular Internet payment method, it is actually not quite as commonly found at online casinos. A possible explanation is that PayPal is incredibly selective when it comes to the merchants they choose to work with, and this means that if you do find an online casino accepting PayPal as an option — it is most likely trustworthy.

    apple pay logo

    Apple Pay

    With Apple Pay Casinos, you can make quick transfers directly with your mobile device, and the app is available on all newer iPhones (iPhone 6 and later models). Unfortunately, this payment option is not available to those with Android or Windows devices, and you would have to pick a different payment method.

    google pay logo

    Google Pay

    Google Pay Casinos are ideal for Android users, as the app is usually already installed on devices and incredibly easy to use. A limited version is also available to iOS users, but only in the United States and India at this point.

    Other casino payment method alternatives to consider if you don’t want to use InstaDebit, is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It can take time to gain a basic understanding of how cryptocurrency as a casino payment method works, but it is slowly gaining popularity due to its instant withdrawals and low to non-existing fees.

    skrill logo


    Skrill is one of the most popular e-wallets in the world, and you can almost count on finding it in the list of payment methods at almost any gambling site. The downside is that you might not be eligible for a welcome bonus offer if you pay with Skrill (or Neteller), so make sure you double-check this if a bonus is important to you.

    neteller logo


    Both Skrill and Neteller are very similar when it comes to the service they offer and how the service works, but if you already have a Neteller account—use it! The fees are reasonably low (but could build up if you make frequent transactions), and the service offers some of the fastest withdrawal times currently accessible in the industry.


    Our Thoughts on InstaDebit Casino

    InstaDebit Casinos have become increasingly popular in recent years. The gambling industry is still catching up, and it is only available at some casino sites and far from all.

    Despite this, and especially if you are generally drawn to bank transfers, InstaDebit Casino is going to offer you a simpler, quicker and safer way to make your transactions. You won’t have to expose any personal information or payment details, which could be beneficial if you tend to gamble in public and use public networks, or if you simply prefer not to have to log into your internet bank every time.

    This e-wallet may not be quite as popular as Skrill and Neteller in the gambling industry, or at least not yet, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. It is an excellent option for anyone who is willing to take the time to sign up for an account, and one of its greatest benefits is that the service lets you start using it right away without having to wait for verification.

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