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American Express is unquestionably one of the world’s most convenient online payment methods. It is widely used, not just in the United States but around the world, and allows users to conduct online transactions quickly and securely. 

This also makes it a great payment method, as it is accepted by some of the best online casinos. Here’s where you’ll find out how to use it and which American Express casinos are the best.

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 15.02.2023

  • Updated: 15.02.2023

    Best American Express Casinos

    Best American Express Casinos


    An Introduction to American Express

    An Introduction to American Express

    Mention American Express, and people will instantly recognise it as one of the world’s largest banking businesses. Often referred to as Amex, its credit and debit cards are well known. Founded in 1850, American Express can brag about having more than 110 million cards issued globally.

    Around the turn of the twentieth century, American Express established an international presence with its revolutionary traveller’s checks. These allowed Americans to withdraw cash from banks in other countries and were even used by military personnel during WWI. Amex was the first major issuer to introduce a plastic card, which served as a forerunner to today’s credit cards, in the 1950s.

    American Express is a global credit card operator, that focuses on travellers. Although they are based in the United States, their services are not limited to users and companies based in the region. Due to the security measures they use and the convenience they bring, Amex is widely accepted online, including by a large number of online casinos.

    How American Express Works

    How American Express Works

    Amex logoIn terms of how American Express works, the cards differ from traditional credit cards. Banks handle the majority of normal monetary transactions, but they do not have complete control over the process. A number of companies connect your banks to payments made with your debit or credit cards. These are usually payment networks like Visa and Mastercard, which don’t actually give you a card but rather assist in the transaction between the shops and the banks.

    American Express, on the other hand, issues its own cards, funds your transactions, and manages the money transfer. American Express will charge you for this service in the form of interest or one-time fees. Merchants and online casinos that accept Amex also pay them a fee to process their transactions.

    Different Types of AmEx Cards

    Different Types of AmEx Cards

    There are different types of personal account cards available from AMEX, depending on your needs and spending habits.

    American Express Casino Card types

    Carde NameDescriptionFees
    The Platinum Credit CardThis comes with benefits such as dedicated travel and lifestyle services and benefits, as well as membership rewards.Annual Fee: €550
    The Gold Credit CardDesigned to enhance and reward global lifestylesAnnual fee: €300
    The International Currency CardA well-known green charge card that allows you to spend in your native currency. Annual fee: €100
    The Basic International Currency Card Has no fees and offers no rewards, benefits, or features. Simply pay off your account in full each month.None

    Opening an American Express Account

    Opening an American Express Account

    American Express credit cards typically require good or excellent credit in order to be approved, as opposed to the typical credit card from many other major issuers.

    Applying for an American Express account is an easy process. Simply head over to their website and click on Apply Now. Complete the application and choose the design you want on your card. They will notify you and send you an offer to accept the card if you are accepted.

    Finding the best Amex casinos for you

    Finding Online Casinos that accept American Express

    With a large number of Online Casinos that accept American Express, it’s good to know how to find the ones to trust. It is our goal to only recommend the best online casinos. Factors that are taken into consideration are:

    • License: We ensure the online casino American express has a reputable and valid license.
    • Games: A good mix of popular slots and new releases should be included in the game selection, as well as fair play.
    • Payments: We look at the payment methods the casino accepts, as well as the time limits for payouts.
    • Casino Bonuses: We believe a good casino will offer good bonuses with fair conditions and wagering requirements.
    • Customer Service: Quick and reliable customer service should be a priority at a good American Express casino.
    • User Experience: The Online casino American Express should have an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly layout and have a downloadable app or be mobile optimised.

    The process of selecting American express online casinos is simple when you refer to our list of recommended casinos.

    Making a Deposit at American Express Casinos

    Making a Deposit at American Express Casino

    You won’t have trouble finding online casinos that accept American Express, even though they aren’t as popular as other payment options like Mastercard or Neteller. Amex is very selective about the casinos it works with and is wary when it comes to gambling regulations.

    However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This means that all Amex casinos are licensed and have Amex approval.

    American Express online casinos’ deposits can be made within a couple of minutes as the entire process is very simple and straightforward. Mobile deposits are always secure with leading operators, so you can make a deposit using your phone even when you’re on the go.


    Make sure you have your American Express card on hand.


    Proceed to the online casino’s cashier. You can access the cashier by selecting it from the menu after registering an account at the American Express casino of your choice.


    Choose American Express from the drop-down menu of deposit options. It is usually the first option offered, and the familiar American Express logo makes it easy to recognize.


    Fill in the necessary information. Complete the boxes with the card information and the amount you wish to deposit. Keep in mind that the majority of American Express online casinos have a deposit minimum.


    You will receive a text message on your phone with a code to confirm the payment.


    The funds will be immediately available in the online casino American express balance and can be used to wager on the games.

    How to Make a Withdrawal

    How to Make a Withdrawal

    The withdrawal process is similar to making a deposit at your favourite American Express casino.

    1. Sign in and navigate to the cashier. The withdrawal tab, as well as your available balance, should be prominently displayed in the menu for easy access. No active bonuses can be withdrawn, only the real money balance.
    2. Select American Express under Withdrawals. The account information must match the information on the card that was previously used to deposit and is now being used to cash out. Fill in your credit card details (credit card number, expiration date, CVC number and name). You can only use your own American Express card, even for withdrawals.
    3. Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw. Withdrawal limits are set by the majority of American Express casinos.
    4. Allow a few days for the process to be completed. Withdrawals from casinos to American Express are approved in one business day, but due to bank processing, the funds may take up to five days to appear on the card.

    Claiming a Bonus

    Claiming a Bonus

    When it comes to getting bonuses at an American Express casinos, you are entitled to all the bonuses the online casino offers. Your deposit method will not restrict you from claiming any bonuses or rewards.

    American Express casino bonuses are a great way to boost your bankroll. There are several types that are up for grabs, depending on the casino.

    It is important to note that all bonuses will come with terms and conditions. They will be available on the online casino American Express website. We strongly encourage you to read them as they will state all the rules you will need to follow to successfully claim the bonus. Pay special attention to the wagering requirements, minimum and maximum limits, as well as any restrictions on games you can play.

    Welcome Bonus icon

    Welcome Bonus: This is the most common bonus type. Every casino will offer its own version, which may consist of a match deposit, free spins, or a combination of both.

    free spins bonus casino icon

    Free Spins: A free spin bonus will offer you a number of free spins to be used on slots.

    no deposit bonus icon

    No Deposit Bonus: This sought-after bonus gives you money in your American Express casino account without first having to make a deposit!

    reload Casino Bonuses icon

    Reload Bonus: The casino will match your deposit with a predetermined amount, expressed as a percentage of your deposit.

    Safety and Security Measures

    Safety and Security Measures

    Depositing funds at Amex casinos is both easy and safe. A licensed casino uses third-party payment gateways to ensure the safety of your money and personal data. This requirement is stipulated in the license agreement and will be regulated by the licensing authority.

    In addition to the casino security measures, American Express also use a third-party gateway. The steps it takes are as follows:

    1. The player submits a request to deposit money, via the online casino.
    2. The payment gateway stores and encrypts the player’s information.
    3. The payment gateway establishes connections with the appropriate parties in order to complete the payment transaction.
    4. The payment gateway streamlines the payment process while also providing detailed reporting.

    American Express also uses the Safekey system. When a payment is requested, you will receive a notification on your mobile device with a One Time Pin (OTP). You will submit the OTP to American Express, which will then allow for the transaction to be processed.

    An Overview of American Express Instant Payment Fees

    The cost of your American Express card is entirely dependent on your preferences and needs. This is because American Express offers a variety of credit cards, each with different benefits depending on which card you choose. Some of these have annual fees, while others have none, making them completely free.

    If you choose a fee-based card, you will be charged from the day you purchase the card and it will be valid for one year. Personal credit cards have fees ranging from €0 to €550, while pre-paid cards have fees ranging from €7 to €8. While Amex will not charge you for using the card, it does not cover any additional fees your selected American Express casino may charge when depositing or withdrawing funds.

    American Express Has an App

    American Express Has an App

    Like all good banking systems, American Express offers a mobile app. In addition to allowing you to manage one or more American Express accounts from anywhere and anytime, the American Express app lets you access rewards and other cardholder benefits, offers several options for making purchases and paying your bill, and even helps you manage your credit score.

    The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Goggle Play, or from the American Express website.

    American Express Rewards its users

    Launched in 1991, the American Express Membership Rewards program was initially called Membership Miles. It is reported to be the world’s largest credit card rewards program.

    Points are earned for making day-to-day transactions, such as eating at a restaurant or buying groceries. These points can then be exchanged for discounts on online shopping, dining out, travel, and more.

    The Pros and Cons

    The Pros and Cons

    All online casino payment methods have advantages and disadvantages. Now that you know a little more about American Express, let’s revisit the pros and cons.

    Advantages of American Express

    American Express has excellent security measures in place. They make use of a third-party gateway system and all transactions are authorised by you via the Safekey System. The app is user-friendly and allows you to manage your account without the need to visit a branch or spend time on a phone call.

    The rewards system is a nice bonus to have, giving you discounts just for using your card. American Express has a strong reputation, worldwide and is widely accepted, including at many online casinos.

    Disadvantages of American Express

    When you are transacting digitally, it is easier to overspend. This is especially true when you are swept up in online gambling. Due to this, some countries have restricted the use of depositing money at an online casino using a credit card.

    Although deposits at an American Express casino are instant, withdrawals take a lot longer. The withdrawal process using an Amex card can take up to 5 days.

    Most American Express cards have an annual fee. This means can be a large expense to pay at one time.


    • Excellent security measures
    • Safekey System for additional Security
    • User Friendly app
    • Rewards System
    • Widely accepted worldwide


    • Easier to overspend
    • Withdrawal time is long
    • Annual fee

    Other Similar Services to American Express

    Other Similar Services to American Express

    American Express might not be available in all online casinos. In fact, there are some countries that have banned the use of credit cards for the purpose of gambling. If this is the case for you, there are alternative credit card options available.

    iDebit Casinos With E-Wallet

    If you don’t want to share banking details, this is a suitable payment method. Methods such as Paypal and Neteller are popular deposit methods at online casinos.

    E-wallet Casino Bank Transfer

    Bank transfers can safely and securely be made at online casinos. Select the Bank Transfer option under Deposits, enter your deposit and select your bank.

    iDebit Casinos With Crypto

    Cryptocurrency is a means of payment that is completely digital and decentralised. Be sure that the casino has a reputable license when depositing with Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency.

    iDebit Casinos With Credit Card

    There are alternative credit cards that can be used, such as Visa, Maestro and Mastercard.  Credit cards are one of the most popular deposit methods at online casinos.

    A Breakdown of Alternative Payment Methods

    A Breakdown of Alternative Payment Methods

    Credit CardDeposit TimeWithdrawal TimeFees
    eWalletInstantInstantNo fees
    Bank Transfer3-5 Days1-5 Days0% - 5%
    Credit CardsInstant5 - 7 Days2% - 4%

    Closing Thoughts

    Closing Thoughts

    Due to its availability throughout the world, its ease of use, and its high level of security, American Express is a recommended online payment method. With safe deposits, top games, and quick withdrawals, the best American Express casinos provide a great gaming experience. Furthermore, when you use American Express, you will be eligible for a variety of bonuses and rewards.

    Prepare your card and join one of the best online casinos that accept American Express right now!

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