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Are you eager to let the gambler in you out, but you’re not sure about the existing gambling rules in Greece? If so, we are here to walk you through the process of becoming a member, important things to know about the gambling rules and laws that currently exist in the country and a few other things to set you up for a successful Greek gambling experience.

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 10.05.2023

  • Updated: 10.05.2023

    Top Rated Greek Casinos

    Top Rated Online Casinos for Gamblers in Greece


    Greece and Online Gambling

    An Introduction to Greece and Online Casinos

    There are hundreds of mobile casino apps and online casinos out there, and many are available to Greek players. Regardless of how you like to play and the games you prefer, it is essential to pick a site that is properly licensed, has payment methods that are beneficial to players from Greece as well as satisfactory bonus offers to boost your bankroll.

    We have done the hard work for you by looking into the best sites for a casino player from Greece, and we found quite a few excellent options! Use our top list provided above to compare and eventually pinpoint the site you like best, as we all tend to have our favourites based on overall page design, gambling experience and more.

    The casinos mentioned in this article are all considered reliable and law-abiding, and they are licensed by top licensing authorities from around the globe.

    Is Gambling Legal in Greece

    Is Gambling Legal in Greece?

    The gambling rules in Greece are somewhat complex, and especially considering how much the laws have changed in recent years. It can be hard to keep up, but we are here to clear things up a little bit! Gambling was illegal and completely banned in Greece for many years, but this has changed since 2012.

    The Legalisation of Online Gambling

    Online gambling was officially legalised in 2011, but that didn’t stop online gamblers from gambling at overseas gambling sites previously. Offshore gambling may not have been legal in the full sense of the word previously to 2011, but it also wasn’t punishable by law. However, after the legalisation of online gambling, more regulations and better protection for online players has been one of the greatest benefits.

    Casinos and gambling sites that were currently licensed in the European Economic Area (EEA) were allowed to offer continuous service to Greek players, but only if they were willing to meet new regulations such as retroactive taxation, meaning they had to agree to paying taxes on their company profits dating back to 2010. The casinos were given until the end of 2011 to fulfil these requirements.

    In 2019, a new law was approved to amend a few issues with the previous one, and gambling companies can now apply for a gambling licence that spans for a specific length of time, and that then needs to be renewed once that time period expires. There are two different licences a gambling site can apply for, depending on the type of gambling opportunities and games offered.

    Greek Gambling Monopoly

    There is a gambling monopoly in Greece and most gambling establishments, both land-based and online, are run and controlled by OPAP A.E (Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A). OPAP A.E was previously owned by the Greek state which received some criticism and pressure from the EU, and it has since gone on to become privatised.

    Bet exchange websites are not legal in Greece.

    Greece Casino

    Legal Protection for Greek Gamblers at Foreign Online Casino Sites

    The existing regulations and licensing requirements exist to protect you when you gamble online, and it is important to be aware that while you might be able to sign up at sites without licences and that currently do not meet the casino requirements of the country, but it could leave you vulnerable to scams and dishonest gambling providers.

    The Greek government expects you to choose wisely and gamble at one of their vetted casino sites, and receiving legal aid in a case where you choose to gamble at an illegal site might be tricky, so have that in mind when deciding where to play.

    Gambling Authority

    How Gambling Authority, Licence & Jurisdiction Works in Greece

    The public invite to actually apply for a gambling licence wasn’t released until 2020, and it wasn’t just for casinos that were already operating in Greece and abroad, but for any site wishing to obtain legal permission to offer gambling services in the country. Hellenic Gaming Commission currently offers two different licensing options for those who are interested.

    Gambling Licence Types in Greece

    What type of licence you need depends entirely on the type of gambling business you wish to run, and the services your business will be offering to its players. We are going to have a quick look at what these two categories look like, but if you run a business and are looking to get licensed, then we encourage you to do further research.

    Type 1 Licence

    The online betting licence known as “Type 1” is valid for a total of 7 years, upon which it needs to be renewed. The licence is issued to cover all kinds of casino games and gambling opportunities involving RNG (Random Number Generators) such as slots, scratch cards and other games or gambling events. The cost to obtain this type of licence is 3 million EUR, and the same amount is paid upon renewal.

    Type 2 Licence

    The “Type 2” licence is similar but designed to cover poker games in all its forms. This includes both live casino poker, where you play via webcams and with a real dealer, as well as video poker controlled by Random Number Generators. The cost for a Type 2 licence is 2 million EUR, both when first obtained and a renewal is approved.

    Keep in mind that both type 1 and 2 gaming licences come with long lists of other requirements as well, and it isn’t enough to simply pay the fee and collect the licence. As a result, a licensed casino shows commitment to following the existing gambling rules in Greece.

    Foreign Licensing Authorities You Might Come Across at Greek Casinos

    In general, Greek licences are what matters for companies wishing to provide in-country services to Greek players, but you also have the option to play at casino sites based abroad and offshore. These types of sites don’t have the same restrictions a Greece-based site would have, but they still need to be licensed by at least one of the following authorities:

    • UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)
    • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
    • Gibraltar Licensing and Regulatory Authority
    • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
    • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
    • Swedish Gambling Authority
    • Curacao E-Gaming Licensing Authorities

    You can find licensing information for both Greek and foreign casino sites in the terms and conditions of that specific site, but most sites also list their licences with pride at the bottom of their website. You should always be suspicious if you struggle to find this type of data, as any reliable casino would be eager to show off their seals of approval to their players.

    Popular Games Among Greeks

    Poker and Other Popular Games Among the Greeks

    It is no secret that Poker is one of the most popular games in Greece, and then we are talking about both poker with your pals in someone’s patio, poker at land-based casinos and online casino poker. It is everywhere, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only game the Greek gambling community is drawn to. Let’s have a look.

    Slot Machines

    There is something special about playing slots, and this is clearly true in Greece, where slot machines make up some of the top casino games in the country. Younger generations joining online casinos seem to gravitate towards slots, and especially adventure slots like Gonzo’s Quest and TV-themed games, but slot gambling is also popular among traditional casino lovers due to their classic aspect and simple rules. Best of all? You can try slots for free too!

    Table Games

    RNG table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Poker allows the player to “sit” at a virtual game table, and to try out these types of games without having anybody watching, and it also eliminates the need to have to wait for a game to begin. Table games controlled by RNG aren’t quite as popular as slots and live casino games in Greece, but they aren’t far behind and most casinos have a decent selection available.

    Live Casino

    For the Greeks who truly love the old-school gambling atmosphere but who want a land-based casino experience in their own living room, live casino is the ideal option! Playing Poker with a real dealer is a whole different thing compared to the RNG version, and the Greek live casinos are also packed with those with a soft-spot for Roulette, Baccarat or a good old game of Blackjack.

    Sports Betting

    No matter how you twist and turn it, Greeks love football, and the interest in football betting is huge! There is also a constant flow of sports betting on swimming, volleyball, water polo, basketball and a long list of other athletic sports. Greece is far from new to sports betting, and the expanding online casino industry has given more players the opportunity to both learn and place bets on their favourite sports.

    Other Games

    You can also play other games like bingo and keno in Greece, and there is even a growing interest in the Japanese game of Pachinko! Most casino and betting sites have a couple of additional categories where you can explore games you might not be familiar with yet, and Greeks are known for being adventurous, so why not give something new a try?

    Best Casino Bonuses

    Finding the Best Casino Bonuses for Greek Players

    Whenever you mention casino bonuses and special rewards and offers to a gambler, you can almost see that little spark in their eye! This applies also for Greek players, and we can’t exactly blame you for wanting to find the best casino bonuses out there! Claiming a bonus is a great way to play a little longer without spending more, and there are many different types of casino bonuses available to Greek players.

    Welcome Bonuses Available at Most Greek Casinos

    The first thing you’ll see when visiting a Greek online casino is most likely a bonus announcement on the landing page, and this is there to make you choose the site over its hundreds of competitors. Casino welcome bonus offers can look different depending on where you play, but they often consist of extra money to play with, and free spins on some of the best slots on some of the best slots if you are extra lucky.

    Keep an Eye Out for Cashback Programs

    It is nice to be seen when you gamble online, and to get something back for all the money and the time you invest in a casino site. Many gambling platforms have casino cashback programs for their VIP players (their most loyal players), where you get the opportunity to get a percentage back on your spendings. These types of bonuses are very popular in Greece, and reasonably easy to come across.

    Deposit Bonuses

    Patience isn’t always the strongest virtue of a Greek casino player, and with that in mind, it comes as no surprise that deposit bonuses are some of the most popular casino rewards in the country. Here, you get rewarded instantly when making a deposit, and while these are often part of a welcome package, there are also many deposit bonus offers for returning players.

    No Deposit Bonuses

    The opposite of a deposit bonus is a no deposit casino bonus, where the casino simply hands you a reward without asking anything (except for wagering requirements) in return. These are a lot less common in the Greek gambling industry, but they are legal and allowed, and you might get lucky enough to come across one.

    Bonus TypeProsCons
    Welcome BonusOften double your first deposit.Only available to new players.
    Deposit BonusYou get free spins or extra cash when topping up your casino account.May have high wagering requirements.
    No Deposit BonusNo need to make a deposit to get a bonus.Considerably rare compared to deposit bonuses and other offers.
    Cashback BonusRewards loyal players based on their spendings.Can be exclusive to VIP casino players or high rollers.

    Wagering Requirements

    Beware of Wagering Requirements at Greek Casinos

    When you join a new casino or gambling site, or accept a casino bonus, you should make it a habit to look up the wagering requirements. Some bonuses can sound incredible when you first find them, because who wouldn’t want free cash, but most come with a catch known as a wagering requirement.

    greek casinos online

    The casino will most likely require you to wager your bonus money a few times before you can withdraw your winnings, as this is a clever way for the casino to make sure you don’t just take your bonus and head somewhere else to play.

    There are no specific rules or laws for wagering requirements in Greece or at Greek casino sites, and it is at the discretion of the casino to decide what they wish to ask of their players. Many casino bonuses have at least a x25 wagering requirement, but it isn’t uncommon for the multiplier to be even higher.

    Popular Payment Methods

    Popular Payment Methods for Online Gambling in Greece

    Inevitably, when you gamble online, you are going to have to make deposits and withdrawals at some point, and you’ll need to pick a payment method. Most international casino payment methods are available in Greece, but here are some of the top picks for Greek players:

    Simplicity is highly valued at Greek casino sites and among Greek players, and it should preferably be quick to make casino transactions, while also being safe and convenient. Popular casino payment methods are e-wallets like PayPal and EcoPayz, but regular wire transfers from a bank account still remains one of the top payment methods due to most people finding this a familiar and “comfortable” way to pay.

    These are some of the banks in Greece that allow casino transfers to Greek as well as International online casinos and gambling sites:

    • Piraeus Bank
    • National Bank of Greece
    • Eurobank Ergasias SA
    • HSBC
    • Attica Bank
    • Alpha Bank
    • Citibank
    • Aegean Baltic Bank
    • Investment Bank of Greece

    The downside of using bank transfers is that your bank statement will show what the money was used for, but also that it takes time, and for those who are a bit more impatient, there are plenty of quicker options that will pay out a lot faster.

    Gamble Responsibly

    Stay Safe and Gamble Responsibly at Casino Sites in Greece

    To gamble responsibly is one of the most important lessons to learn no matter where you are from or where you choose to gamble. This is true also in Greece, and for casinos to obtain Greek licensing, it is a requirement for them to offer ways to facilitate this. All Greek casinos should have the option for players to suspend themselves for a set time period, as well as daily, weekly and monthly gambling limits.

    It is recommended that you set up spending limits even if you aren’t struggling with gambling addiction or to control your betting, as this helps you keep track of your activity when you play with real money on the internet. Greek casinos also provide resources for how to budget properly, and how to learn and maintain good bankroll management.

    Growing Gambling Community

    Greece is Home to a Growing Gambling Community

    Gambling has been legal now for a few years in Greece, but it isn’t until recently that regulations have really started to become set in stone, and we are seeing a much more organised gambling industry than what has previously been present in the country. For casino gamblers, this means better gambling opportunities but also an improved safety net for those who play online and at land-based casinos.

    It is predicted that the gambling industry in Greece will continue to expand and branch out, and while the Greek gaming market has been anything but stable in recent years, this looks like it could be changing. It is unlikely that the country will go back on its slacker gambling laws, and in theory, this means that the industry will grow.

    If you are already a casino gambler in Greece, or if you are new to casino gambling—make sure you choose your sites carefully, and that you take some time to read through the terms and conditions before signing up for a new casino or accepting a casino bonus. Last but not least—play responsibly and always stick to your budget.

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