No Verification Casinos Canada

Playing at casinos that don’t require verification is both convenient and quick, and some gamblers do it because they don’t feel entirely comfortable giving out their personal details to gambling sites. However, you aren’t completely anonymous when gambling at a casino without verification, and it is important to understand how a gambling site like this works. Check out our guide to casinos without verification before you start playing.

Our List of the Best No Verification Casinos in Canada


How to Find the Best Casinos Without Verification

Finding the Best Casino Without Verification

There are hundreds of online casinos available for Canadian players, but only a handful of those are casinos without verification. One reason is that the concept is still somewhat new, as the top payment method for these types of casinos only just became available in Canada—in 2020.

The best way to find the ideal verification-free casino is by looking around online, and try and base your decision on factors that are important to you. The main difference you are likely to find is the game selection, and you can check to see if a casino offers the types of games you want, such as both slots and table games.

Most casinos without verification have the same basic function, where you identify yourself with your Bank I.D before playing, to skip the step of having to upload documentation. Thanks to this, you save time that can instead be used to play, and who wouldn’t want a few extra minutes to spin the wheels on some of the best slots in the world?



About Casinos Without Verification

Casinos without verification offer a practical alternative to classic online gambling, where you can make deposits, play and make withdrawals without having to verify a casino account. The way this works is that instead of verifying your identity, you identify yourself using your online Bank I.D.

With this in mind, the name of these casinos is somewhat misleading, as you do automatically verify your identity with your Bank I.D, but without having to go through the hassle of sending in papers or uploading supporting documents.

Since you don’t need to verify your account, there is also no need to create an account, which is why these casinos are also called “No Account” casinos. With this, you save time and effort, without having to submit any sensitive info to the casino.

No Verification Process

Normally, when you sign up for an online casino, you are first asked to verify your email address. Next comes multiple verification steps, where you confirm your identity by uploading or submitting proof of address and a copy of your I.D. The process usually takes around 10 minutes but could take up to 24 hours at some casinos.

In the world of today, many of us don’t have a lot of extra time, and especially not time to spend on something we enjoy and do just for fun, like gambling. Those minutes or hours it takes to get your account verified could instead be used for playing all your favorite games, and that’s where casinos without verification come in!

At these gambling sites, it takes a couple of clicks to start playing, even if you have never played at that particular casino before. Sounds too good to be true? You better believe it!

Practical Withdrawals

Have you ever played at an online casino, won some money and realised you would have to wait until you could use it to treat yourself to a nice dinner or a new pair of shoes? That wait can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you need the money for something.

When you gamble at a casino without verification—a no account casino—you will have your money almost instantly. This is true both for Trustly casinos and cryptocurrency casinos, and something that sets these casinos apart from other online casinos.

An instant withdrawal means you can win, and then go use your winnings only minutes later in the physical or online store of your choice. The money leaves the casino via Trustly and goes straight into your bank account.

Availability in Canada

The Swedish company Trustly expanded to Canada and Australia in August 2020, after having mostly been used in Europe previously. The arrival of Trustly made casinos without verification more of a reality, and existing no account casinos quickly became available to Canadian players.

The popularity skyrocketed instantly, and more and more gamblers gravitated towards this new and ground-breaking form of casino sites. Due to the convenience and simplicity, the future for casinos without verification is looking bright in Canada.

No Verification Vs Regular Casinos

Verification Free Casinos vs. Regular Casinos

The easiest way to understand what makes casinos without verification different from your average online casino is to look at what separates them. Both are online gambling sites where you can play slots, table games and even live casino games, and in both cases, you can play from the comfort of your home.

So, what makes casinos without verification different? The main thing is the fact that you don’t need an account, meaning no registration process is required. At a regular casino, you start by signing up and verifying your email and identity, and at a casino without verification, you can start playing right away.

A verification-free casino doesn’t actually mean you don’t verify your identity when you play, and it only means you don’t have to do anything additional in order for your identity to be verified. Sounds confusing? Let us explain.

At regular casinos, you have to manually upload supporting documentation to verify your identity, and this is a way for casinos to actively work to prevent money laundering, fraud and other illegal activity. At verification-free casinos, the verification is automatically completed when you use Trustly to identify yourself.

No Verification Casinos Experience

Playing at a Casino Without Verification

The road to playing at a casino without verification is significantly shorter than that of a regular casino, as you fly right by the typical verification process. You identify yourself, make a deposit, play and withdraw, and it can’t get much simpler than that to gamble online.

Bank ID Identification

What makes casinos without verification unique is their use of Trustly, where you identify yourself and make deposits with only a few clicks. In Sweden, where Trustly originated, they use what is called BankID, which is a verification software used to log into internet banks. In Canada, you also identify yourself by logging into your internet bank as usual.

This method gives you extremely secure logins and money transactions, as you are protected by your bank’s security measures as well as Trustly’s and those of the casino.

Bank ID identification replaces the usual username and login procedure when you are ready to play online, and it also replaces the need to upload verification documents to confirm your identity and home address. More casinos are likely to adopt this practice further down the line, and especially as players discover the many benefits that come with it.

Making a Deposit

There can sometimes be a lower or upper deposit limit at casinos without verification, and you usually have to deposit at least a certain amount (such as $10 CAD) via Trustly. To deposit money and get started with your gambling, you choose Trustly as your payment method, pick an amount and approve the transaction.

The casino will then redirect you so that you can make a deposit from your bank account via Trustly, and all you need is to follow your regular internet bank transfer route. Trustly facilitates wire transfers and makes them faster and easier, and the money transfers instantly.

Do I Need a Trustly Account?

When you use other payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and other e-wallets, you usually need to sign up for an account also with that third-party company or app. You essentially need to waste time creating and verifying both a casino account and a payment method account, which isn’t always desirable.

The good news is that Trustly doesn’t require you to create an account, and instead you just click the Trustly symbol and sign into your internet bank as usual. You basically end up saving yourself double the time compared to when you gamble at a regular casino.

Transacting at No Verification Casinos

Returning to Play—Where Is the Money Stored?

You identify yourself with Bank I.D., make a deposit with Trustly and then you play, but what happens if you don’t finish playing with all the money deposited, or if you accidentally close the tab? Do you lose your remaining funds or winnings?

Don’t worry, the technology has come much further than that, and while these casinos do not require a casino account, the money is instead tied to your Bank I.D. This means that if you decide to take a break or accidentally close down the browser tab, all you need to do is to identify yourself again with your Bank I.D, and the money will be there waiting for you.

This is one of the main concerns people have when considering a casino without verification, because nobody wants to lose money. Gambling is all about the hopes to win, and you have nothing to worry about as your cash is safe also at no account casinos.

No-Verification-Casino Canada Quick bet

Withdrawing from No Verification Casinos

Withdrawing Money from No Verification Casinos

If the casino you are using uses Trustly, then you are in luck! A withdrawal with Trustly is extremely easy and quick, and all you need to do is to head over to the banking tab, choose how much money you wish to withdraw and approve the transaction.

The process is the same as that of any regular casino, but the difference is that you have fewer payment methods to choose from. In fact, Trustly or cryptocurrency payments tend to be your only option, and this is because it is the only two payment methods compatible with the principle of a verification-free casino.

When you make your withdrawal, the money goes straight into your bank account via Trustly, and the best part is that it only takes a couple of minutes! Unlike other payment methods that can take anything from 3-7 days, Trustly sends your money to your bank account instantly.


No Verification Casinos & Crypto

No Verification Casinos: Bitcoin and Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos don’t tend to require any type of verification when you gamble, and are a good choice if you prefer to skip the whole registration process. However, crypto currency casinos aren’t as easy to find as regular online casinos, nor is cryptocurrency a payment method everyone is comfortable with.

Successfully buying and selling cryptocurrency like Bitcoin requires some knowledge and understanding, and if you are not familiar with it already, then it is probably best to start out with casinos without verification that take regular currency.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Casino Without Verification


  • No KYC
  • No account registration
  • Instant transactions
  • Less time consuming
  • No spam
  • Safer with no personal data


  • No returning player bonuses
  • Limited payment methods
  • Few available casinos

Are Casinos Without Verification Safe?

Safety at Casinos Without Verification

If this is your first experience with casinos without verification, then it is normal to feel a little hesitant. After all, verification is a safety measure and used to keep both players and the gambling site safe from illegal activity, so how can a no-verification casino provide the same security? Luckily, they have found an alternative route.

Alternative Means of Verification

While you are not required to verify your identity with uploads or documents, you still do when you identify yourself with your Bank I.D. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are playing anonymously just because no documentation is required, which means casinos with no verification actually do verify your identity, and are just as safe as regular online casinos.

In fact, there are indicators that these types of casinos might even be safer than the casinos you are used to, for the simple reason that no personal information changes hands. Bank transfer is one of the most secure login options thanks to the security offered by your bank.



Withdrawals at No Verification Casinos

Withdrawals at No-Verification Casinos

The average amount a casino player is paid is referred to as its payout percentage, and the payout percentages at a casino without verification is usually quite high! For you as a player, this means that a casino without verification is likely to give you better chances at winning than a casino with a low payout percentage.

Let’s say a casino makes $10,000 from their players and has a payout percentage of 95%. This would mean they would pay out a total of $9,500 in winnings and keep only 5% for themselves. While this is only an example, most casinos without verification offer players a good opportunity to win.


Our Final Thoughts at No Verification Casinos

Now that you know what a casino without verification is, and how it works, you are ready to make the decision as to whether it is right for you. The simplicity of using these kinds of casinos makes it even more important to be responsible and make sure you don’t lose control of your gambling.

In Canada, Trustly has been available since 2020, which has led to an increase in available casinos that don’t require verification. Due to their instant popularity, it is likely that players will soon have more of these casinos to choose from, and that more and more regular online casinos will start offering an option without verification.

Last but not least—don’t confuse verification and identification. These types of casinos don’t require you to verify your identity by sending in or uploading documentation, but you still identify yourself using your Bank I.D.

Gambling at a cryptocurrency casino is slightly more anonymous, but the truth is that you are never 100% anonymous on the internet. Understanding this will set you up for a more successful gambling experience, as knowledge is certainly power when playing casino games online. Now, enjoy your gambling and play responsibly!


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