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One of the major factors to consider before investing in an online casino is whether they have convenient payment methods by which you can make financial transactions with ease. In this era where the need for speed in online casinos is high, e-Vouchers are becoming increasingly popular. Follow this review to learn more about this method and how it works for making instant deposits.

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 04.01.2023

  • Updated: 04.01.2023

    Best eVoucher Casinos Worldwide

    Best Online Casinos that Accept eVouchers Worldwide


    Introduction to electronic voucher casinos

    Introduction to eVouchers used at Online Casinos

    eVouchers are a great way of making payments at online casinos. It is the acronym for electronic vouchers and can easily be redeemed in offline or online stores using a PIN code. This code is called an eCode. One major advantage of these vouchers is that you don’t need to make any additional attempts to update your banking details to make transactions.

    In this era where the internet is becoming a dangerous place, gamblers are now becoming more careful of what they leave on the net. This is where eVouchers come in. All you have to do is make a purchase in any denomination and make casino deposits with your e-code.

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    eVouchers Available for Deposits at Online Casinos

    Many players prefer to protect their anonymity while maintaining the excitement of the game, and some payment methods can offer just that. One such deposit method is found at crypto casinos, and the other one is offered by electronic vouchers. There are tens of electronic voucher providers around the globe and many of them can be used to deposit at online casinos.

    Here are some electronic voucher reviews that you can further read about on our website, along with recommended online casinos to use them on.

    Payment Methods Payment Provider Min/Max Withdrawal Fees
    Neosurf logo Neosurf 10€/$ 0-2%
    paysafecard logo Paysafecard Casinos 10€/$ 0-2%
    CashToCode logo CashToCode 5€/$ 0-2%
    Flexepin Casinos 10€/20C$ 0-2%

    Other electronic vouches that you can use to make deposits at online casinos:

    • CashLib
    • MiFinity eVoucher
    • ecoVoucher
    • TopPay
    • Visa Voucher Card

    How eVouchers Work

    Understanding How eVoucher Casinos Work

    One thing about making online casino deposits with e-Vouchers is how fast and uncomplicated the process is. Firstly, no registration is needed, which is a relief. Usually, this registration requires a lot of details that users would rather keep private.

    Secondly, when you decide to use vouchers to deposit at online casinos, you can purchase these in advance from physical retailers, which means that you can use cash to buy them. Some players find this aspect very convenient.

    Generally, payments are made through a unique code sent to you for every transaction. Through this code, payment is deducted from your e-Voucher account after a transaction is made.

    If you go through our recommendation list, you will find the best casinos worldwide accepting eVouchers.

    For Deposits

    Follow the guidelines below to learn how to make deposits in these casinos:

    • Register your profile with your preferred e-Voucher
    • Find a casino that accepts eVouchers as a method of payment
    • Head to the banking section of your casino, and choose deposit
    • A list of all the available options will be presented to you. Choose e-Vouchers.
    • Enter the amount you want to deposit
    • Your next step will be your e voucher pin. It is a twelve-digit code that is required before any transaction can be made

    For Withdrawals

    Deposits are completed in minutes, and then you can continue your gameplay as soon as this payment has been made.

    When it comes to withdrawals to electronic vouchers, in most cases it will not be possible to do so, unless the eVoucher in question will also offer an option of registering and creating an account online (such as Paysafecard)

    In case withdrawals are possible, these are done in an almost similar method.

    • Head to the banking section of the casino, and click withdrawal
    • Choose the eVoucher from the list of methods presented to you
    • Enter the required method
    • Follow this step with your e-Voucher pin, then confirm the transaction.

    e-Voucher Bonuses

    Enjoy These Casino Bonuses When Using e-Vouchers

    As a player in this era, you are surely entitled to certain casino bonuses, regardless of your deposit method. The competition amongst gambling sites these days is at an all-time high. It is critical that a casino compensates you for choosing them, despite the many options.  With that said, well, there is the odd exception that makes the rule, so before you go ahead and make your first deposit with an electronic voucher, make sure you read the fine print or ask customer support, to eliminate the risk of missing out in case the casino does limit players from claiming a bonus if they deposit with certain payment methods.

    Generally speaking, there are several types of evoucher bonuses to be received at online casinos, and we will be thoroughly discussing them in the following paragraphs:

    Welcome Bonuses

    This is the standard bonus package in every online casino. This can range from free spins to match bonuses and even bonus cash. Casinos give this to their clients to welcome them onto the site. These packages are given as a gameplay boost to spice up the customer’s bankroll.

    Free spins are great for gameplay. Depending on the discretion of the casino, it could be in any number or denomination. Sometimes, these spins might come as a package with other prizes, but they are usually given alone in minimum deposit casinos.

    Match Deposits

    These are the most popular deposit forms in online casinos. They are given to match your payment to a certain percentage. With this type of bonus, the higher your deposit, the higher the bonuses you receive.

    If, for instance, a casino offers a match bonus of 100% on your deposit, it means they are willing to boost your gameplay with the same amount you paid as a deposit. If your first deposit is $100, you will be getting an additional $100 as a bonus.

    e-Voucher - Casumo bonus

    Are eVouchers Safe To Use?

    The Safety of Using Electronic Vouchers at Online Casinos

    This is one of the most important factors to consider before you use any payment method in a casino. Since you are dealing with your personal and banking details, you want to be sure you choose a platform that values your security as much as you do.

    One thing about e-Vouchers is that it reduces the contact between you and the casino. Most times, gamblers want to keep their gaming activities low, so they try as much as possible to limit the number of personal details they put online. With e-Vouchers, you don’t need to worry too much about leaving digital footprints.

    Also, a code is used at the point of payment; this pin code, which can vary in length from 9 to 20 digits even, is used as authorization before the money is taken from your voucher. These are usually one-time codes that are strictly monitored with high-end security and data protection. As usual, there are exceptions, as will the case of Paysafecard, which will allow you to split your voucher sum into a few batches.

    Electronic voucher pins make your deposits very safe and secure because the online casino would have no contact with your banking details.

    e-Vouchers Safety Image

    Pros & Cons

    Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Vouchers

    All online casino payment methods will have their pros and cons, regardless of the type of method. It is up to you to weigh out these pros and cons and see if the method is good for you. To assist you with this, we’ve gathered but a few of the pros and cons of using e-Vouchers.


    • No Registration: Registration is usually a cumbersome process in online casinos that causes unnecessary stress. You have to enter so much personal information and then confirm your account in so many processes. However, when you use e-Vouchers, there is no need to undergo such procedures. You have to purchase a voucher from an online or offline store, recharge it, and you’re good to go.
    • Possibility to Gamble With Cash: When opting to deposit at online casinos with electronic vouchers, you have the added advantage that you can use cash in order to place bets. There are many players who prefer this option, as this will make it impossible for their funds to be traced.
    • Reduce Digital Footprints: At the end of the day, you don’t want too many details of yourself online. This is because you can never fully trust an online site. With eVouchers, the contact between the player and casino is drastically reduced. All you have to do is play games. When it comes to financial transactions, you only have to enter your eVoucher code and make payments.
    • Security: This is probably the most important factor because your security should be your priority. The e-Voucher site uses high-end data protection and SSL encryption to ensure that every detail you put on the site is well protected and secure.


    • Limited Withdrawals: Not every online casino offers e-Vouchers as a withdrawal method. This means that you might find it difficult to find a casino where this is available. However, you don’t need to worry because other viable methods can be used instead of this.
    • Possible Cap Applied to the Maximum Allowed Deposits: Many casinos, especially the ones governed by strict regulators such as MGA or UKGC, will limit the maximum deposits that you can make while using an electronic voucher. This is a result of the operator’s efforts of preventing any activities that could lead to the laundering of money that cannot be traced.

    Pros & Cons Summary


    • No sign-up needed
    • Possibility to Gamble With Cash
    • Safe and Secure
    • Reduce Digital Footprints


    • Limited Withdrawals
    • Possible Cap Applied to the Maximum Allowed Deposits

    Similar Services to e-Vouchers

    Other Similar Services to e-Vouchers

    Just like with every other payment system, e-vouchers might not be available in every online casino you find yourself. This should not be a cause for worry, because there are several other methods that can be used as alternatives to digital vouchers.

    E-wallets and prepaid cards are viable options when you want to make financial transactions in the absence of e-vouchers. They are also speedy, safe, and as secure as any payment method can be.

    It is important to note that not every casino allows evouchers for withdrawals. In a casino where this method is not available, you can use similar methods like:

    Below, you will find a list of alternatives to be used in online casinos, when you can’t find evouchers.

    Breakdown of Similar Services to e-Vouchers

    A Breakdown of Similar Services to e-Vouchers

    Payment MethodsProcessing TimeFeatures
    PayPal3-5 business days100% Privacy; Low Charges
    eChecks3-5 business daysHigh-level security; Authorization
    Skrill1-3 hoursInstant; Safe


    Our Thoughts on e-Vouchers

    We believe that electronic vouchers have quite some undisputable perks and they make for a great alternative to many other payment methods, especially credit cards.

    You get no fees at deposit and it gives players a method to use their own cash to gamble. Of course, with every great perk comes the downside, and that is, many respected casinos (that, for safety reasons, are the only ones we would recommend you to play at) will also likely place a cap on the amount you can deposit via vouchers. All in all, this type of payment method is definitely a win in our book.

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