A Guide On How To Win Online Blackjack

Do you want to turn the odds in your favour by playing online blackjack as much as possible? We get it. It’s a casino game with some of the best odds around, it’s fun and it’s thrilling when you can sit back and watch your bankroll swell. But are there ways to turn the odds in your favour? Keep reading to find out.

Can A Strategy Help?

Can A Strategy Help You Win Online Blackjack?

Blackjack is a casino game that’s easy to get to grips with, but skill counts for a lot, too. That’s why players like to try out different strategies and incorporate them into their gameplay in an effort to turn the odds in their favour.

But before you test different strategies, know this: the best strategy is one where you leave your superstitions behind and rely on logic and maths.

With that out the way, let’s look at different tactics you can use to play – and hopefully win – online blackjack.

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Choosing Online Blackjack Games

how to win online blackjackChoose The Right Online Blackjack Game

Choosing the right variant of blackjack is an important part of your strategy. Naturally, the main thing to consider is each variant’s house edge. The lower the house edge is, the better.

Blackjack House Edge

Comparison Of Blackjack House Edge

GameHouse Edge
Blackjack Switch0.17%
Pontoon by Playtech0.36%
Blackjack UK0.39%
Blackjack Surrender0.38%
Perfect Blackjack0.42%
Blackjack Peek0.58%
Blackjack Pro0.47%
Progressive Blackjack0.47%
21 Duel Blackjack0.62%
Double Attack Blackjack0.47%

As you can see in the above table, the house edge of these versions of online blackjack is pretty low (in comparison, slot games have house edges of between 4% to 6%).

There are a few online blackjack games with a house edge of 1% or more than 2%, and if your goal is to win, you’ll want to stay away from those games.


Online Blackjack High RTPs

The RTP in a game of blackjack determines how much money you may win with a particular game in the long run. The idea is to search for games that offer high payback and stick to those if you’re looking to turn a profit.

Fortunately, this is easy enough to find at online casinos, with most developers listing their payout percentage on the game’s info screen.

If you already have a favourite online casino, we recommend going through the blackjack games and looking at the payout percentages.

Whether you look for online blackjack games with a high RTP or low house edge, the easiest way to do it is by looking for payout percentages to fund the games that pay out the best.

How To Win Online Blackjack

Top Tips To Help You Win At Online Blackjack

Know The Table

Different online casinos offer different versions of online blackjack. Take a good look at the table as you’ll find everything you need to know. Tables that pay 3 to 2 will make you more of a profit long-term than variants that pay at 6 to 5.

What’s more, a table that rules a dealer must hit on soft 17 makes a casino more money, and not as much for you.

Know the table variants and rules and then choose the right online blackjack game for your skills and budget.

3:2 Over 6:5 Payout

Different online casinos have different payouts, and not all of them work in your favour. Be sure to read the payout table before you start playing real money blackjack, and aim for games with a 3:2 payout.

Understand House Edge

This is a percentage that’s worked out for casino games. In online blackjack, the house edge is 2-3%, if you’re not using a strategy. So, over time, the house will win by a profit margin of around 2-3% of the funds you wager. But, with the help of certain strategies, you might just reduce the house edge.

Card Counting

This is a popular online blackjack strategy that does require a little math. The result leads to a good indication as to whether you or the dealer are at an advantage based on the remaining low and high cards. This helps you to know when to lower or raise your bets.

Try A Betting System

Online Blackjack has inspired several betting systems, including the Martingale strategy. You can also learn other strategies like splitting. Of course, no strategy is full-proof, but it might just sway the odds in your favour.

Beware Of Insurance

Side bets are certainly not for casual players. We recommend insurance for experienced card counters who have the confidence that plenty of face cards and 10s remain in the deck. You need a good handle on using counting as an online blackjack technique if you want to boost your winning chances and if that’s the case, you’ll find insurance bets beneficial, provided you have the experience to use them.

Keep Tabs On Your Bankroll

If there’s one important tip we can give you, it’s to know how to manage your gambling budget. Decide on a maximum amount you’re comfortable spending and when you reach that point, walk away. Never spend more in the hopes of winning back your losses.

Top Winning Tips

Avoid Live Online Blackjack Tables

online blackjack tipsWe’re talking about tables with continuous shufflers. Some dealers use continuous shuffling machines every couple of rounds. The devices shuffle 3 to 5 decks at a time, making it impossible for players to count cards. Instead, seek out online blackjack games that use batch or automatic shuffle machines after about 50% of the shoe is played. Even better, find Live Blackjack tables where dealers shuffle the cards themselves.

Stick To Your Online Blackjack Betting Limits

Experienced gamblers know that if you want to stretch your bankroll, you need to decide how long you want to play and how much you want to spend. Consider bet and buy-in limits of a table, as well as the number of hands per hour that a table plays. These tips will help you judge which real money online blackjack games you can comfortably afford to play while setting realistic limits.

Practice How To Win Online Blackjack For Free

Before you waste your bankroll making unnecessary mistakes, try free games and practice your preferred strategies. Most online casinos let you try RNG blackjack games for free before you’re ready to wager real money.

What’s more, you’ll find plenty of betting tips and strategy charts online to help you hone your skills.


Always Play Online Blackjack Responsibly

This is the most important online gambling strategy of all. All casino games favour the house to some degree, so play for long enough, and you’re statistically guaranteed to lose. That’s why it’s important to follow a few responsible gambling practices, such as:

  • Don’t chase losses – trying to recuperate your losses by placing more bets means you’re going to lose more money. Only ever play with what you can comfortably afford to lose and then stop when you get to that point and wait until you can afford to play again.
  • Stick to a budget – only play with what you can lose (not your rent or grocery money) and stop when you lose that amount. Then, take a break to reset.
  • Keep track – whether you’re a fan of spreadsheets or a notepad, keep track of your betting as a way of limiting how much you spend on online blackjack games.
  • Set time limits – finally, don’t bet too often. Set time limits and, like your budget, stick to it as you practice online blackjack strategies and try to turn the odds in your favour.

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Best Blackjack Online Casinos

Best Blackjack Online Casinos to Try Out Now

Now that you know all there is to know about blackjack, try your hand at these great casinos that we have handpicked just for you:


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