An In-Depth Guide On How to Win Online Bingo

Have you been wondering how to win online bingo and if there are strategies that could drastically increase your odds of winning big? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that in this guide we cover a few helpful tips that’ll boost your odds, bonuses that’ll boost your balance and a list of the best online bingo casinos so that you have everything you need to tick off those numbers and get the big win you’ve been dreaming of!

List of the Best Bingo Casinos

Our List of the Best International Bingo Casinos Online


An Introduction to How to Win Online Bingo

Bingo has been providing endless hours of entertainment since 1530 when Italians would take part in the weekly Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. Towards the end of the 1770s, the people of France began enjoying Le Lotto and by the time it hit the US as Beano the game’s popularity spread like wildfire.

Today, millions of people enjoy a game of bingo and as a result, online casinos all over the world will have loads of different bingo games for players to choose from.

Although this game is based on lady luck herself and no strategy could ever guarantee a win every time, we have a few tips and tricks that will certainly help you get that win you’ve been waiting for. So, if you’re wondering how to win online bingo then keep reading!

Bonuses to Help You Win Bingo

Bonuses That Will Increase Your Odds of Winning Bingo Online

Before rushing ahead and making a deposit at an online site so that you can get started, take the time to look at the bonuses available at each casino. Although offers like free spins will do little to help you win online bingo, there are a few bonus offers that will boost your balance and amplify your chances of winning big! Below you’ll find a few of the casino bonuses you should look out for the next time you decide to play bingo online.

How to Win Online Bingo No Deposit Bonus]

No Deposit Bonus

These excellent bonus offers allow players to enjoy hours of exciting bingo fun without having to spend any money right away! Although these bonuses will more than likely come with steep wagering requirements, it’s still a great way to enjoy your first few rounds of bingo risk-free!


How to Win Online Bingo Reload Bonus

Welcome Bonus

Because casinos know that new online players love rewards, they use welcome bonuses as a way to encourage you to register. If you’re looking for ways to win online bingo then you’ll want to consider a welcome bonus that offers a deposit match of 100% or more so that you have even more casino credits to play with!

How to Win Online Bingo Welcome Bonus

Reload Bonus

When you play at online casinos you’ll find that these sites have loads to offer returning bingo players in terms of bonuses. Not only will you have the chance to claim thrilling welcome offers but you’ll also be able to claim reload bonuses that could reward you with bonus funds. More funds means more cards which increases your odds of winning big!

Breakdown of Bonuses to Help You Win Bingo

A Breakdown of Bonuses That’ll Help You Win Online Bingo

Bingo Casino BonusWhy Players Love itWho Can Claim itWagering Requirements
No deposit BonusYou don’t need to trigger it with a depositAvailable to new and returning playersMight come with wagering requirements
Welcome BonusStart your bingo games with double your money or moreAvailable to new players only Available to new players onlyMight come with wagering requirements
Reload BonusGet extra bonus cash with your next depositAvailable to returning players onlyMight come with wagering requirements

What Influences Bingo RTP

Factors That Influence the RTP Percentage of Bingo Games

Unlike classic casino slots and live casino games, bingo’s RTP rate fluctuates due to several reasons. However, there is a certain point at which the rate stabilises and this will have to do with what type of bingo game is being played. For example, 90-ball bingo’s RTP percentage will stabilise at about 80% compared to 75-ball bingo which could settle at an RTP rate of between 70%-85%. Factors that influence bingo RTP include:

  • How much each card costs
  • How many cards have been sold
  • What the jackpot figure is
  • How the payout is structured

3 Bingo Strategies to Help You Win

Top 3 Strategies That’ll Help You Win Online Bingo

Because so many online players love a good game of bingo, many have tried to come up with strategies that’ll increase their odds of winning. Although there is no 100% fool-proof way to guarantee a win there are a few strategies you can use that many swear by when it comes to this online game. Below you’ll find a few strategy tips you should try out the next time you decide to play bingo online.

How to Win Online Bingo Strategy 2

Strategy Tip #1 | Think About When You Should Play

When you decide to play online jackpot slots, you’ll find that the amount of money that’s up for grabs will rise and fall depending on how many people are playing. However, with bingo this isn’t the case. When trying to find out how to win online bingo you should consider the fact that if you’re up against a few players rather than hundreds at a time, your chances of yelling “Bingo!” are that much higher. 

This is why we recommend choosing a time to play where you know that people are either at work, sleeping or could be otherwise occupied. For example, very late at night, during work hours or early hours of the morning.

How to Win Online Bingo Strategy 2

Strategy Tip #2 | Try Your Luck With Granville’s Bingo Strategy

Seen as a fairly popular strategy used by stock market analysis specialists, Granville’s bingo strategy has helped many players get their hands on the bingo win of a lifetime. The theory is based on analysing your card to determine what your odds of winning are by looking at a few important factors.

For example, this strategy states that you should have the same number of high and low numbers, the same number of odd and even numbers and equal numbers ending in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9.

How to Win Online Bingo Strategy 1

Strategy Tip #3 | Consider Using the Tippet Bingo Strategy

Thanks to statistician Leonard Tippet’s love of bingo and his desire to find the answer to the question of How to Win Online Bingo a winning strategy was born. He delved deep into the probabilities and statistics of the game and came up with two theories.

The first was that 75-ball bingo games that were known to be longer have a bigger chance of drawing balls closer to the number 38 and the second was that shorter games will often have balls drawn closer to the numbers 1 and 75. If you’d like to try out Tippet’s tricks the next time you play a short bingo game online then choose a card/cards that have numbers closest to 1 and 75 and if you’re participating in a longer game then go for a card/cards that have numbers closest to 38.

How to Win Online Bingo Conclusion

What We Think About Strategies on How to Win Online Bingo

There’s more to bingo than just logging on, choosing any card and marking off your lucky numbers and when it comes to winning this exciting game there are a good few ways you can increase your odds of getting that win! If you claim the right bonuses, play at the perfect time and make sure you analyse your cards according to our strategy tips then you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be crossing off numbers and creating winning patterns!

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