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Online keno is a fun game that has risen through the ranks in popularity thanks to its simple gameplay and generous payouts. It originates from China, but its success and popularity have spread into the Western world. No longer is this game available at land-based casinos. If you want to play keno online, you have access to a wide range of casino sites that allow you to play online keno for real money.

With so many online casino keno sites available on the market, it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. In this guide not only will we show you how to pick the right online casino keno site for you, but also teach you how to play keno online and the many variations available online.

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  • Updated: 13.10.2023

  • Updated: 13.10.2023

    Top Casinos to play Keno Online

    Top Casinos to play Keno Online


    What is the Game of Online Keno

    The game of online keno is easily explained as a lottery-type of game. It has been compared to bingo since they work somewhat in a similar fashion. In this game, players must select numbers within a specific range, usually between 1 and 80. As soon as the numbers have been chosen, players must place their wagers and the game will kick off.

    The game randomly draws numbers and if the player has a matching number it will be ticked off. That it. Once the game has stopped drawing numbers, players will learn how much they have won based on the numbers matched.

    Playing online keno for real money comes with its own set of benefits. You can play keno online on the go, straight onto your mobile phone or tablet. Whether you are waiting for the bus or on your way to work, you have the option to play keno online as long as you are connected to the internet.

    This game also has many betting options available, so players can pick and choose the best bet sizes based on their bankroll size. The good news is that if you are new to the game, you have the option to play free online keno before playing for real money. This gives you ample opportunity to learn a game without spending a cent.

    However, even when you are ready to play with real money, there is a plethora of casino bonuses and promotions up for grabs.

    How to play Keno Online

    How to play Keno Online

    Now that you know how to play keno online, you may be curious about how to get yourself set up and running. Before anything, you should first browse through the list of online casino keno sites for Canadian players. All of these gambling sites are licensed and regulated, have keno games online in their libraries, accept various payment methods and have a multitude of gaming options. Take the time to read our detailed casino reviews to find the right casino site for you.


    When you have made your choice and decision, you can proceed to sign up for a casino account and make a deposit via one of the available payment methods. As soon as your casino account is funded, you simply need to navigate to the casino’s game library and input ‘Keno’ in the search bar.


    To start playing keno online, you must choose the numbers from the range of games available and place your bets. You can generally pick up to 20 numbers, but this is likely to vary based on the game variation you are playing. If you can’t figure out what numbers to play, you can always let the game choose for you by using the ‘Quick Pick’ option.


    Decide how much money you wish to bet on your pre-selected numbers. Many keno games online allow you to adjust the coin value or the bet size in the game. You can also choose how many draws or rounds you would like to play out in a consecutive order.


    When everything has been set up, you simply need to click on the ‘Draw’ or ‘Play’ button to get started. The keno game will then start drawing numbers at random. If your numbers match you will be paid out your winnings accordingly.

    Factors that make the Best Online Casino Keno

    Factors that make the Best Online Casino Keno

    If you are looking to play online keno for real money, we recommend that you pay attention to the below factors so you can ensure you have a safe gambling experience, especially if you are looking to sign up for an account at a casino not recommended here.

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    Licensed and Regulated Online Casino Keno Sites

    Playing keno online is fun, but you also want to stand a chance of winning. If you want a fair gaming session, it is recommended that you register for an account at a regulated online casino site. Casinos licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board and the Malta Gaming Authority ensure that the games and their random number generators are regularly audited by independent third parties and you are provided with a fair gambling session.


    Free Online Keno

    The best online gambling sites offer a wide variety of keno game variations. Since different variations come with different rules as well as odds and house edge, we always advise you to try free online keno games first before playing for real money.

    Bônus VIP

    Casino Game Bonuses

    All online gambling sites offer some type of incentive to players who have registered for an account and made a deposit. You may receive a no deposit bonus, a welcome bonus package, deposit bonuses and free spins amongst others. These bonuses are designed to cushion any losing streaks and extend your online gambling session. Always read the terms and conditions of any casino bonuses you are claiming to ensure that by playing keno, your bets are contributing to the wagering requirements.

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    Mobile Keno Games Online

    You don’t have to be tied down to your laptop or desktop PC if you don’t want to. Keno games online have been optimized with the latest advances in technology to make it feasible for players to play on the go. Whether you want to play online keno directly on your web browser or else, by downloading the appropriate mobile casino app you can.

    Playing Keno Online Games and Strategy

    Playing Keno Online Games and Strategy

    Keno games online like many online gambling games available on the market are games of chance, so there is no decision-making on the player’s part to improve the chances of them winning. That said, having a strategy in place can increase your chances when playing online keno for real money.

    Before sitting down to play online keno at your chosen Canadian casino, get to know the odds and payouts for different number combinations. This gives you more information and helps you select the number and adjust your bet sizes accordingly. Bear in mind, that keno games online use a random number generator to produce results, so no matter how many times a number has popped up in the past, each game round has the same odds.

    Moreover, have a budget in place. Having a budget in place enables you to have better control over your online gambling session. It is easy to get carried away and to lose control over your spending. To combat this, we recommend having win or loss limits in place. These limits are in place so when you hit either one of them, you should be able to close down your session and walk away with whatever you have left. It is quite common for players who strike it lucky, to keep on gambling away and losing all their winnings altogether.

    If you are playing with a smaller bankroll, you may think that placing bets on a single number would stretch out your gaming session. While this is usually true for other games, in keno and similarly in bingo, the more numbers you pick the better your odds of you winning. 

    Different Variations of Keno Online

    Different Variations of Keno Online

    Players can choose from a wide selection of thrilling online keno games when playing online keno. These variations increase the overall entertainment value by providing various gameplay mechanics, rules, and betting opportunities. Here are a few well-liked real money online Keno variations.

    computer games casino

    Classic Keno

    In order to play online keno in this way, players must choose numbers between 1 and 80 and wait for the draw. The amount of matches between the player’s chosen numbers and the drawn numbers determines how much the player will win.

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    Power Keno

    By hitting a “Power” number in the game of Power Keno, you can increase your earnings. The payment for a win is increased if the player’s choice of the Power number is drawn.


    Keno progressive jackpot

    This variation gives players the opportunity to win a sizable progressive prize. The jackpot pool, which can be won if a player hits a particular set of numbers, is boosted in part by each wager.

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    Live Keno

    A few online casinos provide Keno live dealer games, in which the drawings are made in real time by actual dealers. Players are able to communicate with the dealer and other players in this immersive variation, which offers a genuine casino experience.

    Free Online Keno vs. Online Keno for Real Money

    Free Online Keno vs. Online Keno for Real Money

    Practice makes perfect especially when it comes to playing keno online. If you are wondering whether you should play for free or real money, we have compiled a list of reasons why both options are great.

    Free online keno games are a great option for players who are venturing into the world of online keno for the first time. It gives them the opportunity to learn the game, and the rules and figure out how the game is played out with no financial risk. They can play these games for free for as long as they want without costing them a cent.

    They are also a great opportunity to test out different betting patterns as well as strategies. Players can experiment with different bet amounts and number combinations, allowing them to figure out the best strategy for them.

    On the other hand, players who want to play online keno for real money have the chance to get their hands on some amazing cash prizes, which can boost their gaming session and make it more fun.  

    Players can also take advantage of various casino bonuses and promotions when playing for real money. These can include generous welcome bonuses, special promotions for live keno games and more.

    Moreover, some keno game variations come with progressive jackpots attached. Players have the chance to win a life-changing amount when playing for real money.

    How to find the Best Online Keno Casinos

    How to find the Best Online Keno Casinos

    You’ve found the best online Keno casinos at SPCasinos if you’re looking for them. Our team of experts has worked nonstop to scour the internet for reputable online casinos that provide this thrilling game.

    By selecting one of the suggested online casinos on this page, you’ll get instant access to a variety of Keno game varieties as well as alluring casino bonuses and promotions that are intended to improve your playing experience and boost your wallet.

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