A Full Guide On How To Play Online Craps

When it comes to online casino games, Craps is one of the most vibrant and exciting. With up to 20 different sorts of wagers and varying odds, online craps is one of the most complex games you’ll encounter. This guide will talk about the history of Craps, the rules involved in online Craps, how to play at an online casino and what versions are available online.

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  • Updated: 26.04.2022

  • Updated: 26.04.2022

    Top Online Craps Casinos

    The Top Online Craps Casinos To Play At


    Overview of Craps

    A Short History of The Game Of Craps

    When the crusaders laid siege to the Hazarth Castle in 1125AD, it is thought that they may have played a game called Hazard, which is similar to craps. In the game of Hazard, the term “crabs” was coined for people who threw a 2 while participating – and subsequently lost. The name of craps is supposed to have been inspired by this.

    Craps was played in English gambling establishments as early as the 17th century, but it was primarily enjoyed by the nobility and members of the socially elite.

    Eventually, Craps was introduced in the United States and Bernard de Mandeville refined the game in 1813 and then popularised it on his Mississippi River riverboats. John H. Winn transformed the game into what is played at land-based casinos today. Craps is now accessible to players of all ages and skill levels thanks to the game’s inclusion at online casinos.

    How Craps Went Digital

    The Change Over To Craps Online

    Players at land-based casinos revere the dice game. As a result of its widespread appeal, software developers started experimenting with ways to bring the game to the internet. However, the change-over did not go as effortlessly as it did with other gambling categories – the structure of Craps being the primary obstacle.

    Basically, craps is a game that requires plenty of social contact, so putting it online took some imagining on the part of the software developers. Despite this, game developers have discovered a method to incorporate RNG sequences into their games. As a result, online craps has become a popular alternative for both novice and experienced online punters.

    A movement has been underway in recent years to include dice games in the realm of live dealer gaming. The very first live online craps table was created by Vivo Gaming, an ambitious live content provider. A live dealer version of Evolution’s popular Live Craps game was introduced in 2020.

    As a result of this expansion, gamers now have variations of the game to choose from. If you’re a fan of the traditional Craps game, you’ll find it at any land-based site worth its salt. Free online craps, on the other hand, is as simple as visiting your preferred online casino, making sure they offer a free or demo mode version and selecting a table.

    Online Craps Rules

    The Rules Of Online Craps

    Craps has become extremely popular in online casinos. The rules around games online craps are nearly identical to those found in any conventional casino, with a few minor exceptions relating to extra wagers.

    With online craps games, no direct contact is made with the dice, but contemporary software, which is employed by casino sites, makes up for this by replacing it with other perks and features. It is strongly suggested that each player understand some of the most basic rules and odds before playing online craps. Over twenty different betting possibilities are available at a craps table, with the majority of them having specified odds.

    Know The Table

    Getting To Grips With The Online Craps Tableonline craps games

    Players set their wagers on a specially-designed online craps table. Craps is a game that can be played by as many as 20 people at a time, although the dealer is the one taking the bets.

    They are the primary point of contact for the players in Live Casino games. For the sake of the game, dice are regularly verified for their suitability. Three sections of the craps table are designated as the left, centre and right sections respectively. Line bets, come bets, don’t come bets, odds bets, and field bets are all types of wagers included on each side of the table.

    The bettor is permitted to make extra place bets on individual numbers or sequences of numbers once the point and come-out roll has been set. Here are some of the more commonplace bets:

    • Single roll bets are wagers that only apply to the next roll.
    • Multi-Roll bets stay on the board until the player removes them or the dice land on a 7, ending the roll.
    • Hard Ways are dice that are duplicates.
    • Proposition Bets – players place their chips in the proposition bet box and the outcome is determined by the next roll of the dice.


    Learning To Play Craps

    Learning Your Way Around The Game Of Online Casino Craps

    If you’d like to join the action at online casino craps tables, but you’re not sure what the regulations are, don’t worry. We have you covered. Even the most experienced players might become lost in the game of craps. It has a convoluted design, which makes it difficult for beginners to grasp the fundamental rules.

    As a result, players will use a basic craps strategy and other methods in a bid to enhance their chances of winning.

    The goal of craps is to bet correctly on the outcome of two dice that are thrown or rolled.

    At the craps table, one person, known as the “shooter,” tosses the dice. Before they roll the die, all bets must be made.

    How To Play Craps Online

    Once you have an understanding of the layout of a craps table, the rules and terminology, it is time to try your luck at the online casino of your choice. How you play craps online can be broken down into four simple steps:

    1. The craps table is where players place their wagers.
    2. The Shooter (the person who throws the dice), takes turns.
    3. Dealers observe which stakes have won and which have lost after a roll of the dice.
    4. Wagers that win are paid out and the table is ready for more action.

    Online Craps Bets

    Bets To Make During A Game Of Online Craps

    Type of BetWhat It Is
    Pass LineA wager that is even-money is placed on the first dice roll - this is called the come out roll. Seven or eleven is a win; two, three, or twelve is a loss. This is called craps. The other numbers are called points, and they must be rolled again before 7 is rolled for you to win.
    Come BetsWhen a shooter has a point to make, come bets are made any time after the initial roll. On a seven, eleven is a win; on a 2, 3, or 12, you lose. Whatever number you choose becomes your come point, which must be thrown again before a 7 is rolled in order for you to win.
    Don't Pass LineThe reverse of an even-money wager is a Don't pass line bet. If the shooter throws a 7 or 11, you lose on the "come out" roll. On a 2 or 3, you win and twelve is a tie. When a point is set, throwing it means you lose, but you win if a 7 is thrown.
    Don't Come BetsWhen a shooter has a point to make, it can be made at any time after the initial roll. It's the inverse of a come bet. If you roll 2 or 3 (12 ties), you win; if you roll 7 or 11, you lose. Any other number that is thrown becomes your "come point," and if it is rolled again, you lose. If a 7 is rolled, you are the winner.

    Different Craps Games

    Different Versions Of Online Casino Craps

    Do not think you will ever get bored of playing online craps. Once you’ve mastered the basics, there are many versions of the game that can be found at various casinos online.

    Bank Craps

    This is the most popular version of online craps as it’s seen as the closest to the classic Craps game played in both land-based and online casinos.

    Crapless Craps

    You can never lose money on a pass line wager on the come-out roll in Crapless Craps, unlike Bank Craps. As a result, the house has a smaller advantage, which benefits players. This version also goes by names like Ruse Craps and Bastard Craps.

    High Point Craps

    Although simpler than conventional craps, the gameplay differs significantly in that when a shooter rolls first, rolls of 2 or 3 are ignored and the dice are thrown again. 11s and 12s automatically win. The house edge for this version is not great at 2.35%.

    Simplified Craps

    As the name suggests, it is an easy version, with the shooter throwing only one roll of the dice. The house edge on this one is 2.8%.

    Die Rich Craps

    Only one normal die is needed to play this variation of craps, making it appealing to new players. Roll a 6, and you win. Roll a 1 and you lose. It’s as simple as that, with a few other rules in between, but they’re easy enough to get the hang of.

    Low Limit Craps

    Again, the name says it all. This game suits players who are hesitant to make large bets, but still want to enjoy the game on a budget.


    how to play online crapsPlaying Craps Online – You Can Do It!

    Craps is considered a game of chance and no formula will ensure a win every time. However, knowing what the different types of bets and odds are could still improve your game. It is also wise to avoid craps games that have a massive house edge and, above all, understand that patience is key when it comes to this particular casino game.

    Make sure you read and understand all the conditions, wagers and odds of whichever game you choose. Play some free games first so you can practice and get a handle on what strategy suits you best. Online casino craps can be very exciting, and when you’re winning, it is easy to get carried away.

    Most importantly, don’t put any pressure on yourself when playing. Have fun and take your time.


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