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The game of Backgammon has a long history that stretches back more than 5,000 years, so it comes as no surprise that online casino sites are lining up to offer the Backgammon online game. If you are looking to sign up for an account at a Backgammon online casino, we also have got you covered.

If you are not sure how to play this game, we also recommend casinos where you can play Backgammon online free, so you easily learn the ropes of the game before playing with real money. We have searched high and low and our team of experts have examined hundreds of Backgammon online casinos to bring you the safest and most reputable sites.

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  • Updated: 13.10.2023

  • Updated: 13.10.2023

    Top Casinos to play Backgammon Online


    What is Online Backgammon

    If you are not quite familiar with this game or are interested in learning Backgammon online 247, let’s give you a general overview of the game. The Backgammon online game is a game that is generally played between two players, whereby each player must control a number of pieces on a board that is split into triangles.

    Your aim as a player is to move the Backgammon online game pieces on the board, based on the result of the roll of the dice. To achieve a win, you must bear off all the pieces on the board. The game has proven to be so popular that it is available in different variations at Backgammon casinos.



    The Setup of an Online Backgammon Game

    The Setup of an Online Backgammon Game

    Now that you know the backgammon game, let’s pay attention to the essential details of this game. When playing Backgammon, the players are positioned on opposite ends of the board. Each one of the players has 15 checkers to begin with, while the boast is made up of 24 points, marked with numbers 1 to 24.



    Both players’ point distributions are mirror images, with their own 1–12 points on one side and the opposition’s 13–24 points on the other. The 1-point of the first player equals the 24-point of the second player, and vice versa.


    Each player positions two checkers on their 24-point, five checkers on their 13-point, three checkers on their 8-point, and five checkers on their 6-point in order to set up their checkers. The player’s home board is the region where they have 1-6 points.


    The goal of the game is for players to progressively advance their position on the board by moving their checkers from the 24-point toward the 1-point. To remove every checker off the board before the opposition does is the goal.


    There are also two six-sided dice that each player needs to roll out in order to determine how many steps and moves need to be made. Moreover, all the numbers that are rolled out on the dice also depict how many points the checkers can be moved and in which direction.


    Besides the standard six-sided dice, there is also the doubling cube, which essentially boosts the stakes of the game. Players have the added option of doubling their current wagers in the game and the doubling cube keeps track of the currency value. Players have the option to decline a double if the Backgammon strategy they are following does not favour them.

    How to Play the Backgammon Online Game

    How to Play the Backgammon Online Game

    Before looking to play Backgammon free online, you should always choose a Backgammon Casino that accepts players from your country. You can find a comprehensive list of reputable Backgammon casinos right here at SPCasinos.

    Before you can start to play the Backgammon game, you would first have to register for an account at your chosen online casino and make a deposit via one of your preferred payment methods. Backgammon online casinos accept a diverse number of payment methods, including bank debit and credit cards, Crypto casinos, e-wallet options such as Skrill and Neteller casinos, prepaid vouchers and bank transfers. We always recommend that you take the time to read the terms and conditions, especially if you are claiming a casino bonus or promotion to find out the minimum deposit as well as the game weights and contributions of specific games.

    Once you are ready to get started and your account funded, you can head to the Casino Games. Online Backgammon should be listed under the Table Games filter/category. If there is no such category, you can simply use the search tab to look it up at your chosen Backgammon casino.

    Pick the game variation you like to play. You can also always play Backgammon online free, if you are not quite sure how a game is played. Besides various online Backgammon variations, there are also multi-player tournaments to join as well as live casino games. It is best that you take the time to get to know the basics of Backgammon online game by paying attention to the set-up of the board, the dice as well as the various options you have at hand. You should also be mindful of the software game developer and the game’s payout percentage, which can all impact your gaming session at a Backgammon casino.

    You should also bear in mind when you play the Backgammon game, that there are different rules for different variations. If you are a complete beginner to the game, we recommend trying the game for free at Backgammon online casinos. You may also want to learn more about moving the checkers, how to hit the other player’s pieces as well as the concept of bearing off.

    Once you are ready to play Backgammon online, you simply must make the bet size you are comfortable with. The game will then kick-off. You must first roll the dice and apply any of the available options to move your checkers across the board. You also must be careful about any moves made based on your dice results so you can achieve the best possible results.

    Different Variations of Backgammon Online 247

    Different Variations of Backgammon Online 247

    Thanks to the transition from a physical board game to the online gambling sphere at Backgammon casinos, players now have access to dozens of variations of this game. Here are some of the most widely available variations to play Backgammon free online.

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    Classic Backgammon

    This is the most standard and classic version of online Backgammon which is played between two players. This game sees each player receiving 15 checks that they must move around the board and bear off. The winner is the player who successfully removed all of their checkers from the board.

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    Nackgammon is a Backgammon game free variation, where players start in an asymmetrical position. The checkers in this game variation are prepared in a specific pattern, so a change to your Backgammon strategy is required. Similar to Classic Backgammon, players must successfully remove all their checkers off their board to win the game.

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    Hypergammon is played on a smaller board with only three checks for each player. The main aim is similar to that of all other games. Players must bear off all their checks. What makes Hypergammon appealing for some players is that since it is a fast-paced game, a different Backgammon strategy needs to be applied.

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    Backgammon Tournaments

    Some Backgammon casinos run special tournaments where players have the chance to compete against others for lucrative cash prizes. These tournaments are available in different shapes and forms, including round-robin, single-elimination or Swiss style. 


    Acey-Ducey is another popular Backgammon online free game variation where the game is played with each player having one checker on the other player’s one-point. The rest of the game is played out normally, with the players bearing off their checkers.

    Online Backgammon Strategy

    Online Backgammon Strategy

    If you are looking to achieve more wins, having a Backgammon strategy in place is a must. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve the best results.


    Know the Basics

    Don’t assume that all online Backgammon variations are played the same. Get to know the basic rules of each game variation. Bear in mind that different rules and variations also mean different payout percentages and odds.


    Opening Moves

    Most players tend to move two checkers from a 24-point to a 23-point. You should take into consideration moving your checker from a 24-point to an 18-point, while also moving one checker from a 13-point to a 7-point. These moves enable you to spread your checkers and make it less likely to be hit by the other player’s rolls.


    Strong Home Board Foundation

    Take the time and effort to build a strong home board that could trap the other player’s checkers and make it different for them to re-enter after being hit. To do so, you should have points 1 to 6 filled up on your home board, to halt the other player’s chances of their checkers re-entering.


    Hitting and Blocking

    If you get a good chance to hit the other player’s checker, go ahead as this can radically change your game. Take also the opportunity to block the other player’s checkers from advancing as much as possible. This will, in turn, force them to leave blots (single checkers) vulnerable to being hit.


    Double Cube Backgammon Strategy

    Don’t be too aggressive by doubling early in the game. Instead, take the time to use the Doubling Cube at a more opportune moment.


    Bear-Off Strategy

    Your main priority is to bear off the checkers from the highest points first, especially if you are quite ahead in the game. Be mindful of leaving any solitary blots in your home board as you are bearing off, as it can give your opponent the chance to hit and slow you down considerably.

    How to Find the Best Online Backgammon Casinos

    How to Find the Best Online Backgammon Casinos

    Now that you know how to play online Backgammon, found out about the different variations and learned Backgammon strategy tips and tricks, you can proceed to play either Backgammon for free or for real money.

    If you are looking for licensed and regulated Backgammon casinos, our professional team here at SPCasinos has compiled a list of tried-and-tested online gambling sites. Not only do they offer online Backgammon games and variations, but also have generous casino bonuses and promotions to boot.

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