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The game of Roulette is instantly recognizable thanks to its iconic Roulette wheel with a silver ball spinning with it. This game has come a long way from land-based casinos to online gambling sites. Online casinos live Roulette sites are available in their hundreds. If RNG Roulette casino games do not quite cut it for you, playing the best live Roulette casinos is the next best thing.

Whether you want to play on your desktop computer or on your mobile phone or tablet, whenever and wherever you are, the best live dealer Roulette online casinos give you quick and easy access. Find out more about how this game is played out and what to watch out for when shopping around for online casinos live Roulette sites.

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  • Updated: 13.10.2023

  • Updated: 13.10.2023

    Top Casinos with Live Roulette

    Top Casinos with Live Roulette


    What are Live Dealer Roulette Online Casinos

    Did you have enough of the standard Roulette and you want a most fast-paced and exciting variation? Good, live dealer roulette online casinos have the big difference, as the name implies, that you play against a live croupier. You can place your bet as normal, but in this time a real human will turn the wheel, until the ball stops to a number. Playing live has become the favourite for many Roulette players, as it offers extra adrenaline, many variations and big winning chances.


    How to Play at Live Dealer Roulette Online Casinos

    How to Play at Live Dealer Roulette Online Casinos

    Let’s start off with the basics of this game. If you have never played Roulette, let’s highlight a few facts. The game requires no skill, though applying a strategy could benefit your bankroll greatly.



    When you fire up the game of Roulette, you are presented with a table which has various numbers listed on it. You must place your bets, where you think the silver ball spinning within the Roulette wheel will land. Different payouts are available for different bets. Some players might prefer taking the riskier route and placing their wagers on single numbers, while others may prefer to play it more safely, by placing bets on clusters numbers or areas.


    Now that you have a basic idea of how the game is played, let’s highlight how to get started at online casinos live Roulette sites. We recommend you browse our list of live dealer Roulette online casinos displayed on this page since all the above-listed immersive Roulette live casinos have been thoroughly checked for safeness and fairness.


    You can also read our comprehensive and in-depth casino reviews, so you can find out whether your chosen online casinos live Roulette sites are the right match for you. You can find out about their gaming options, available payment methods as well as casino bonuses and promotions.


    Once you have settled on a specific live Roulette casino site, you can proceed to sign up for an account. You can do so by submitting all requested information, including your full name, address, email, phone number and date of birth. When you have completed this process, you can make a deposit by opting for one of the available payment methods. Many casinos live Roulette sites, accept a diverse range of banking methods, including bank debit and credit cards, various e-wallet options, prepaid vouchers, cryptocurrencies and bank transfers. When making a deposit you can claim a welcome bonus offer. Bear in mind that most casino bonuses do not cater to live dealer games. Wagering on live Roulette games may or may not contribute at all towards the wagering requirements. You can go through the welcome bonus offer’s terms and conditions to find out if live Roulette wagering is allowed.


    As soon as your deposit lands in your casino account, you can proceed to the game library and browse through the selection of live Roulette games. Many live Roulette online casinos offer a diverse number of games, including European, French and American Roulette. These games come with different payout percentages and house edge, so make sure to pick the best one for you based on its limits, bet sizes and game rules.


    Once you have picked the right live Roulette game variation, enter the game and place your bets on the table. When the time for placing bets is up, the dealer will spin the Roulette wheel with the silver ball within. Wherever it comes to a stop, is declared the winner.

    Different variations at Live Roulette Casinos

    Different variations at Live Roulette Casinos

    Now that you know how to get started at the best live Roulette casinos, let’s discuss the many variations available in this game. The availability of these games is likely to vary from one casinos live Roulette site to another.

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    European Roulette

    European Roulette is the most popular game variation of this game. The Roulette wheel comes with 37 pockets and one single green zero. This game is mostly popular when compared to other variations due to its lower house edge.

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    American Roulette

    The American Roulette differs from the European Roulette, due to the fact that the Roulette wheel comes with an extra green double zero pocket. While you may think it should not make a world of difference, the presence of the double zero increases the house edge considerably, which in turn, affects your winning chances.

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    French Roulette

    Another popular game variation found at online casinos live Roulette sites is French Roulette. This game is similar to the European Roulette variation but comes with extra rules, such as the La Partage and the En Prison rules. The La Partage rule enables players to receive half of their even-money wagers back if the ball lands on a zero, while the En Prison lets players keep their even-money bets ‘in prison’ for the next round if the ball lands on zero.

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    Mini Roulette

    Mini Roulette is a scaled-down version of the traditional game.  Found at the best live Roulette casinos, the Roulette wheel comes with only 13 pockets ( 1 to 12 and a single green zero). Since this game comes with a smaller wheel, there are simplified betting options and fast-paced action.

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    Multi-Wheel Roulette

    In Multi-Wheel Roulette, players can place bets on multiple Roulette wheels at the same time. It saves time on waiting for the next round.

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    Double Ball Roulette

    Double Ball Roulette is a rare game variant that can be found at some of the best live Roulette casinos. Instead of one ball, there are two balls spinning within the wheel.

    Immersive Roulette Live Casinos

    Immersive Roulette live casinos creates a cinematic gambling experience, that is, as you guessed it, immersive. You can enjoy slow-motion replays, multiple camera angles and high-definition cameras that make it feel like you are there.

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    Lightning Roulette

    Lightning Roulette is a popular live game show-type of game found at live dealer Roulette online casinos. It combines elements of traditional Roulette with random multipliers.

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    Speed Roulette

    Speed Roulette is a widely available game at live dealer Roulette online casinos. This game has been designed and created for players who like fast-paced action. It significantly reduces the time between spins for quick results.

    Benefits of Playing Live Roulette

    Benefits of Playing Live Roulette

    While it is true that you will find both RNG Roulette games alongside live dealer Roulette games, you may be wondering why you should opt for the live dealer game variation, when compared to playing against software.

    Real-Time Gambling Session

    When you play live dealer games at live Roulette casinos, you can enjoy an immersive and engaging online gambling experience. Since the games are live-streamed in real-time, the games mimic the land-based gambling experience. You can see as the dealer spins the Roulette wheel and more. All of this is happening in real-time.

    Convenience Factor

    You may be tempted to drive into town to play Roulette at a land-based casino. However, live Roulette casinos provide you with the same identical experience if not better. When playing at home or on the go, there are no unwelcome distractions. You don’t have to have a drink and you can play in peace and quiet. This allows you to make smarter decisions.

    Social Interaction

    You can still interact with the dealer and other players at the table via the live chat function. This is akin to chatting with other players at the table at a brick-and-mortar casino. You can celebrate all the wins together.

    Slow it Down

    If you don’t quite want to play at a fast rate, you can also skip a few rounds. You are under no obligation to make and place bets on each round. If you fancy a break, you can do so at your leisure. You don’t even have to gamble your entire bankroll in one session.

    Factors that make the Best Live Roulette Online Casinos

    Factors that make the Best Live Roulette Online Casinos

    Whether you are looking for immersive Roulette live casinos or other game variations, ensuring that you have a safe and fair live dealer Roulette gambling experience is important. Not only will you have a more enjoyable gaming session, but you also protect your precious personal and financial information. 

    All efforts have gone into ensuring that the live Roulette online casinos listed at SPCasinos are of the highest calibre. However, if you would like to run your own research, we recommend you look into the following factors.

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    Mobile-Friendly Casinos Live Roulette

    You don’t have to sit on your desktop PC or laptop if you don’t want to. The best live Roulette online casinos are mobile-friendly and work on any device regardless of the operating system. Provided you are connected to the internet, you can access the best live Roulette online casinos from your phone or tablet’s web browser.

    Client Support Canada Casinos

    Customer Support

    If you are opting for licensed and regulated live Roulette casinos, they should have a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team that can be reached at any time of the day or night. They can be reached via email, live chat and phone amongst other communication channels.

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    Fast Withdrawals

    It can be frustrating having to wait around for days for your chosen online casino to pay out your winnings. Before registering for an account, you should have a look at the Payments page to find out about the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts as well as the processing times.

    Canada Casinos Security

    Safety and Security

    The best live Roulette casinos are ones that have a valid gambling licence from gambling authorities, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the Kawanake Gaming Commission and the Curacao Gaming Control Board. Having access to a licensed gambling site ensures that your data is held securely and that you are provided with a fair gambling session.

    Casinos Canada Payment Methods

    Payment Methods

    Making a deposit should not be complicated when playing at the best live Roulette casinos. Your chosen online gambling site should accept a wide range of payment methods, including bank debit and credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers and more.

    Availability of Games

    If you are looking for diversity, the best live Roulette casinos should have this. These games should be powered by some of the online gambling industry’s leading live dealer providers such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play Live.

    How to choose the Best Live Roulette Casinos

    How to choose the Best Live Roulette Casinos

    If you are ready to get up and running, the best live Roulette Casinos are listed right here at SPCasinos. These online gambling sites have got it all – a valid gambling licence, various safety and security tools, payment methods and most importantly different variations of live roulette games.

    To welcome you to the site, you can claim a welcome deposit bonus when registering for an account and making your first deposit.  There are also numerous promotions and bonuses which you can claim as an existing player.

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