Blacklisted Online Casinos

We often talk about the best online casinos, but we also need to take the time to talk about the not-so-great online casinos available on the market. Blacklisted casinos online are online gambling sites that may look good at face value, but on closer inspection, you should be avoiding them, no matter how good the welcome bonuses are.

Whatever their intentions may be, they are probably trying to scam you out of your money. This also means that your personal and financial details can also be compromised. Anyone considering blacklisted online casinos should also tread with caution. We can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Each of the sites listed in our list of blacklisted casinos has a high degree of rogue-ness to them. They will either rip you off or refuse to pay out your winnings. There are many shady gambling sites available on the market. They may also have a non-existent customer support team and the games may also be rigged. Keep on reading to find out about blacklisted online casinos.

  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 16.10.2023

  • Updated: 16.10.2023

    Top Legit Casinos

    Top Legit Casinos


    How We Choose Blacklisted Online Casinos

    There are plenty of reasons why we insist that players run thorough research especially if they are signing up for an account not recommended here at SPCasinos. The main reason is because there are many blacklisted online casinos available on the web. We will never recommend any online gambling sites that are, in any way, suspicious or scammy.

    Sometimes we come across gambling sites that have potential but are still falling short of our targets. We are frank and honest about these shortcomings, so you will never sign up for any casino blindingly.

    Since the online gambling industry is a very close network of players, if any casino fails to meet the expectations, players will let it be known. As such, here are the main factors we are looking at when picking blacklisted on:

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    Not Paying Player Winnings

    This is probably the most obvious of reasons why a gambling site makes it to our list of blacklisted online casinos. Rather than just running regular verification checks and paying you out, they will come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid paying you out. 

    Often, they will say that verification documentation is illegible and that you would need to resend it. This will keep on happening with long periods of delay in between. They do this in the hope that the player gives up and plays out their winnings.

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    No Randomness and Impartial Results

    Licensed and regulated gambling sites use a software known as random number generators. These generators’ main job is to produce the results and outcomes of games, such as online slots, RNG casino games and instant-win games amongst others. As part of their licensing agreement, licensed operators must regularly have their games and random number generators audited by independent third parties to ensure that they are working as they should.

    When it comes to blacklisted casinos, there is no such concept of randomness and the results and outcomes of games are manipulated. As a result you have rigged games, and you cannot expect a fair gambling session.

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    Inexistent Customer Support Service

    You may think that you won’t need customer support until you really do need to speak to a customer support team. Whether you have questions or want more answers about why your withdrawals are not being processed, you’d want to speak to a member of the customer support team.

    Very often with these blacklisted online casinos either they don’t have a customer support team or are available for limited hours via a slow communication channel, such as emails. They may not offer phone or live chat to control the influx of unresolved complaints.


    No one likes to receive unsolicited marketing promotions. When you start to receive text messages, emails and too many popup ads from either a casino you have signed up or from new ones you have never visited, chances are that they are selling off your personal information to third parties. We don’t like this, so we will never recommend any gambling sites that pull off such tricks with our readers.

    Other Questionable Practices

    Another feature that we pay close attention to when scouting for blacklisted casinos is the availability of a gambling licence. Some blacklisted online casinos will have a gambling authority’s seal listed in the footer when in reality they are not licensed. We go above and beyond to check and validate all gambling licences.

    When we spot blacklisted casinos, they also usually skimp on SSL encryption and certifications as well. There are no safety measures at all.


    No Security or Privacy Protection

    Blacklisted online casinos often only care about their own interests over player privacy, so it comes as no surprise that they may potentially compromise your personal and financial information. This can lead to serious consequences such as identity theft, fraud, and hacking issues, which can be far more detrimental than any potential winnings. To ensure the safety of your personal data, it is advisable to only provide financial and personal information to licensed casino operators that employ tight safety and security measures such as end-to-end encryption technologies and have clear private data protection statements. Additionally, reputable casinos voluntarily provide governmental consumer assistance information in case of disputes.

    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is widely regarded as one of the strictest data protection laws globally. It has been adopted by numerous countries, ensuring a high level of privacy protection for individuals. In Canada, the equivalent legislation is The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which guarantees that businesses operating in Canada protect Canadians’ personal data. When choosing an online casino, it is important to consider whether they offer GDPR or PIPEDA data protection to players. Casinos that do not provide these safeguards are highly suspect and may be prime candidates for blacklisting.

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    Unauthorised Software

    We have come across blacklisted online casinos that mimic the games of top tier software game developers. These are prominent software game companies that have years upon years of experience. 

    These unfair games, such as online slots look exactly like the ones by game developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming but they use pirated software and they don’t pay out.

    Как выбрать лучшее онлайн казино для хайроллеров и играть с большими ставками

    Unfair Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    It is only human nature to always want more for less. Blacklisted casinos know this all too well and tap into this need, by promising generous and bountiful casino bonuses. These unrealistically overly generous casino bonuses are often only offered during the sign-up process against a real money deposit. Players often fail to pay attention to the terms and conditions, which are often so vague and stringent that it is impossible to ever meet the wagering requirements and cash out.

    Tie this with no random number generators and you would have essentially given money to the blacklisted online casinos for free.

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    Vague Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions may be boring for most players, but they come part and parcel with the online gambling experience. The fine print should never overlooked in any way. While the language can be complicated at times, many online casinos present the most significant terms for players, which highlight the most important terms. These include the wagering requirements, the eligibility of games, the minimum and maximum withdrawals, any fees and time validity periods amongst others.

    Many blacklisted online casinos present their terms and conditions in very small print with terms scattered all over the place in a bid to throw you off and make you throw in your towel. It is not uncommon to come across blacklisted casinos with casino bonuses that have a 200x wagering requirement.

    What do most Players Complain About

    What do most Players Complain About

    Many players have had complaints about a blacklisted online casino site. While we should point out that there are many rogue casinos, there are also players who may lie or try to dupe an online casino. Nevertheless here are the top complaints received by players.


    Slow or No Payouts

    Players may become increasingly frustrated if they experience any form of delay when it comes to receiving their winnings or if they are having any sort of trouble cashing out their money from their accounts.


    Rigged Games

    While most players have at some point or another suspected that online casino games are rigged, not all online casinos are at fault. Of course, there is the concept of RTP and variance which play a significant role in winning. Nevertheless, the games are still rigged at blacklisted online casinos.


    Unfriendly Customer Support

    If players are having any sort of trouble racing to a member of the customer support team, or if they feel that their issues are not being addressed as they should, they may become unhappy with the services provided by the casino.


    Technical Issues

    This issue is more common than some may think. Some games may break when you hit an in-game feature such as a free spins bonus round, slow loading or the site may be inept on mobile devices. These are common issues experienced by some players.


    Absurd Bonuses and Promotions

    If players feel that casino bonuses and promotions are unfair or not as advertised, they may also be put off by the casino.


    Lack of Trust

    Every player wants to play at a licensed and regulated online gambling site. If it’s proven that the casino does not have a valid gambling licence, all the trust is gone out of the window.

    How to find a trusted Online Casino

    If you are running your own research and looking for an online gambling site not recommended here at SPCasinos, we always recommend to players check out the list of blacklisted casinos first to check for what reasons these online casinos have been blacklisted.

    You can opt for one of our recommended online casino sites. Our team of experts and professionals have checked the internet to bring you a list of the best online casinos available on the market. These casino sites have been checked for safety and security and their licences have been authenticated. We have also checked their banking methods and payout speeds; their wide range of gaming options and the main RNG auditors of the site; the quality of casino bonuses and promotions as well as the customer support service amongst many others.

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