Guide to the Best VIP Programmes at Online Canadian Casinos

Everyone wants to be made to feel special and let’s be honest, you deserve it. As a loyal online casino player, it is also nice to receive a little something extra for spinning the reels or attempting a Royal Flush. Read our guide to explore the privileged world of the VIP Programme.


Top Online Casinos with VIP Programmes in Canada


Introduction to VIP Casinos

Introduction to the Online Casino VIP Programme

If you have ever signed up for an online casino, I’ll bet you remember how good it felt to be offered bonuses!

All you had to do was meet all the conditions and wagering requirements before you got your hands on that sweet money and free spins. Then you continue playing, enjoying all the games the casino offers. Every now and then you will see another tempting bonus go through the business of conditions and wagering deposits all over again.

Some of the better casinos have realised that tempting players with bonuses is not the only way to keep their clientele happy. Introducing the VIP Programme! Yes, you can be rewarded simply for logging in and doing what you enjoy. The more you spend, the greater the rewards.

Overview of VIP Casinos

An Overview of a VIP Programme

A VIP programme, known as a loyalty programme at some casinos, is a programme that rewards the player for playing. It usually works as a tier system. As you play, you will earn points. When you have enough points, you move up to the next level, which will bring bigger rewards.

Rewards can come in the form of matched deposit bonuses, free spins, exclusive tournaments, and more.

How VIP Programmes Work
As we have said, the more you spend and play, the greater the rewards. A VIP programme is a marketing technique used by casinos to keep you as a loyal customer, but it certainly is a win-win situation!

Benefits from such a loyalty programme can include:

  • Withdrawals are processed more quickly.
  • Deposit and withdrawal limits are higher.
  • A personal account manager.
  • Exclusive events and casino tournaments are available to you.
  • Bonuses and promotions that are specifically designed for you.

All that you, as a player, need to do is play. It is that simple.

Difference Between VIP and Loyalty

The Difference Between a VIP Programme and a VIP Loyalty Programme

Casinos will sometimes call their membership programme a VIP Loyalty Programme. As a general rule, a loyalty programme is one that is accessible to all players. A lot of casinos will automatically sign you up for their loyalty programme when you register on their site. It is typically designed to include several tiers (where you level up by accumulating points for various activities that you do on the website), and only with the very top tiers being considered VIP (“Privé”). You will be able to join these top tiers only after receiving an invitation.

There are other casinos where the VIP programme is separate and strictly exclusive, an invitation-only club. If you are accepted to a VIP club, the benefits and rewards will be a lot more generous. These clubs are considered true VIP programmes. High Rollers make up the majority of the membership of these programmes.

Casino VIP-programme Canada

Benefits of VIP

The Benefits of Becoming a VIP

A player’s first bonus or general promotion is typically a welcome bonus, but as he or she climbs through the ranks, they will receive better and better bonuses. The best way for casino operators to reward regular players is through VIP loyalty programmes. Direct deposits are not required in order to benefit from these programmes.

VIP Bonuses

VIP Bonuses and Rewards You Can Expect

Let’s take a look at the typical rewards you can expect to receive as a member.

The rewards are not standard across the casinos and will vary.


Most casinos offer special deposit bonuses, promotions, or free spins to players who reach a new loyalty level. These could be in the form of deposit bonuses. The bonuses may or may not have wagering requirements attached.


These bonuses are high up on the list of players’ favourites. A cashback will give you a percentage of the money lost back to you. Cashbacks may be subject to wagering requirements.

Free Spins

Many VIP programmes will give you daily or weekly free spins to enjoy. The number of spins could be fixed, or depend on any deposits made or funds spent. Check for wagering requirements before you start playing.

Events and Tournaments

Tickets to exclusive live and virtual tournaments can be earned. These events will be more exclusive than those that can be found on the online casino’s website.

Exclusive Tables

Exclusive tables are only available to a select few. These high roller tables will feature higher maximum bets and payouts and the best croupiers.

Account Manager

VIP players often get their own dedicated account manager who will assist them when needed.


Luxury items such as holidays, cars, electronics, and more can be won. You could also look forward to discounted purchases of other luxury items.

Choosing the VIP Programme That’s Right For You

There are several factors to consider when choosing an online casino VIP programme. As a first step, you must determine if you can meet the criteria for becoming a VIP within an online casino. The requirements are not always listed on the casino website as they could be invite-only.

Consider what sort of VIP programme you want to enlist with. Cashback may be more beneficial to you than tier-based schemes, so consider your gambling style when choosing a VIP programme.

How to Sign up at VIP Programmes

How To Sign Up For The Red Carpet Treatment

Casinos that support a loyalty programme will generally sign you up for it when you register or place your first deposit.

The casino’s system will track your progress as you deposit and wager, and depending on how their programme works, will assign points or rewards. The more active you are on the site, the higher your prestige level will be.

The exclusive VIP programmes will be invite-only. They’re sporadic and highly sought after, with terms and rewards that vary from player to player and operator to operator. They all have one thing in common: the more you bet, the better the red-carpet treatment you will receive.

VIP-programme rewards canada

Pros & Cons of VIP Programmes

Pros And Cons Of Casino VIP Loyalty programmes


  • Offers and rewards that are only available to members.
  • Based on your tier level, you'll have access to high-quality rewards.
  • Get personal support whenever you need it.
  • Invitations to tournaments and exclusive events


  • It's possible that incentives will come with stringent playthrough requirements.
  • You may have to invest time and money to earn an invitation.
  • It's possible that you'll have to make higher minimum deposits to qualify.
  • It has the potential to lead to gambling addiction.

As you can see, the main advantages differ from casino to casino and are almost always dependent on the amount of money you play and deposit. While we all enjoy receiving rewards, VIP loyalty programmes have advantages and disadvantages.


Terms for Joining VIP Programmes

Even VIP Programmes Have Terms and Conditions

No one likes to read the small print, but as always, it is highly recommended. It is important to understand what will be required of you before you commit to getting to as high a tier as you can.

Every casino’s terms and conditions will vary, which is why you need to make yourself familiar with your choice of casino. There could be time limitations, withdrawal restrictions, and bonus requirements to take into consideration.

This could also apply to the rewards that you receive from the VIP programme, as they could also be subject to wagering requirements.

How to Become a VIP

How to Climb Your Way Up a VIP Programme

Here are some tips to help you rise to the top.


Read the Terms and Conditions: This will help you advance as quickly as possible.


Stay loyal: If you are trying to get the best from a VIP programme, you will have to limit yourself to one casino.


Choose your games carefully: While we all prefer to play our favourite games, branching out and trying new ones will not only broaden your horizons and increase your chances of winning but will also help you earn loyalty points.


Limitations and deadlines: Some VIP programmes are indefinite, with no points expiration, whereas others may have deadlines and other restrictions. Some casinos require you to keep playing to keep your tier status, while others only award points for specific games.

Where to Find the Best VIP Casinos

Where to Find the Best VIP Casinos in Canada

Regardless, even if you’re a casual player and don’t intend to spend too much money, you might still receive some amazing rewards from a casino’s loyalty programme.

Provided you’re playing responsibly and know your limits (and stick to them) VIP perks could well bestow upon you the online casino red carpet treatment you so deserve.

Head over to our list of recommended online casinos and start to explore VIP programmes today. All the casinos on our list have been chosen for their wide range of excellent games, top games providers, generous bonuses and top safety and security measures in place.

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