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If you’ve been curious about gambling at Nova Scotia online casinos, the certain games that have become exceptionally popular in this region as well as the thrilling rewards, the legality of gambling, and popular payment methods then we’ve got good news for you! In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and more so keep reading to find out everything that you should know about casinos in Nova Scotia.


  • Aleksandra Nolan
  • Updated: 29.05.2023

  • Updated: 29.05.2023

    Best Nova Scotia Online Casinos

    Best Nova Scotia Online Casinos


    Is it Legal to Gamble in Nova Scotia?

    About the Legality of Casinos in Nova Scotia

    Although gambling hasn’t always been completely illegal in casinos in Nova Scotia, players were only permitted to wager and win certain games in 1892, like lotteries, for example, that was used to raise money for charities. To gamble back then was frowned upon and seen as a threat to nova scotia online casinomorality and religion; however, this is no longer the case, especially when it comes to Canadian online casinos.

    In 1970, changes were made to the Criminal Code of Canada that ended up providing players with loads of ways to enjoy gambling. Today, gambling in Nova Scotia is exceptionally popular, and the industry is run by numerous areas of government.

    For example, Nova Scotia Gambling Corporation (NVSGC) is the head of gambling in the province and oversees the workings of Casino Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

    So, we know that land-based gambling is certainly not forbidden anymore, but what about online gambling specifically? Here we take a closer look at the online gambling scene in this province as well as any tax you can expect to pay if and when you get that big win!

    Getting Started at Nova Scotia Casinos

    Gambling at Nova Scotia Online Casinos

    Because land-based gambling is so popular in Nova Scotia, you’d think that online gambling would have been given the same “thumbs up” by the government. However, this isn’t the case, and online betting is seen as a grey area as the only form of online casinos in Nova Scotia that has specifically been legalised is the online lottery that can be accessed via the ALC website.

    Although there were many attempts to push the government into officially legalising other forms of internet gambling, it’s not regulated by the Crown Corporation. Because there is no mention of the legality of online gambling in provincial law, it remains unclear whether or not this is actually allowed.

    However, because it hasn’t been expressed as illegal and gambling as a whole is popular in Nova Scotia, you’ll find that many online casinos openly welcome these players.

    Taxes on Winnings at Nova Scotia casinos

    If you happen to be one of the lucky people that manage to get an exciting win in Nova Scotia then you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to worry about giving up a portion of your prize as no winnings are taxed. With that being said you should know that although the money you win isn’t taxed, any interest earned from this money will be.

    This is why if you begin earning interest on your big win you are legally obligated to declare this on a T5 form. The same rules don’t apply to professional gamblers though, and if you make a living by playing casino games then you will need to pay tax as you would for income earned in any other profession in Nova Scotia.

    Nova Scotia’s Gambling Authorities

    Because the legality of online gambling in Nova Scotia is still unclear, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that there is no regulatory body in charge of online gambling specifically. As a result, there is no way for those who wish to open an online gambling site based in Nova Scotia to get an online casino licence to do so.

    However, the region does have the Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel, and Tobacco Division of Nova Scotia, which oversees applications and activities at their land-based casinos, and the Nova Scotia Gambling Corporation (NVSGC) that’s head of gambling as a whole.

    Should this region choose to officially legalise online gambling, we believe it will be an additional category controlled and monitored by one of these regulatory bodies.

    Online Casino Games

    Online Games in Nova Scotia Casinos

    Even though Nova Scotia players enjoy a wide variety of casino games both online and at land-based casinos, when it comes to online gambling, there’s certainly a specific list of popular games these players simply can’t get enough of. All of them are considered very popular, entertaining, and, best of all, rewarding! Here we take a closer look at these games and how they managed to make their way into the gambling scene.

    Blackjack online game icon


    Players in casinos in Nova Scotia love to beat the dealer to 21 in an exciting game of blackjack. Although nobody is too sure exactly where this exciting casino game originated, many believe that it was enjoyed in French casinos around the 1700s. Back then, the game was called “Vingt-et-Un” which means “Twenty One”.

    Online roulette icon

    Online Roulette

    In an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine, French mathematician Blaise Pascal accidentally created what we know today as the roulette wheel. Pascal was known to be an excellent gambler, despite it being illegal until the 18th century. However, the game quickly became popular, especially when Prince Charles of Monaco established a few gambling sites where people were encouraged to try their luck by placing bets and watching the wheel spin to victory.

    poker cards icon

    Poker Texas Hold’em

    From the moment this game kicked off in Robstown, Texas during the 1900s players have found hours of rewarding entertainment. When the game was brought to Las Vegas in 1963 the wealthier people didn’t show much interest as these games were hosted in what was considered the “undesirable” areas of the casino. This was until 1969 when a professional tournament was introduced and held in a prime location closest to the entrance. Since then the game’s popularity spread and today Texas Hold’em has become a fan-favourite at Nova Scotia online casinos.

    Online Casino Bonuses

    Nova Scotia Online Casinos Treat Players to Excellent Bonus Offers

    We all love good online casino bonuses; after all, they allow players to enjoy more game time, more casino credits and a better chance of hitting that win of a lifetime!

    If you’re relatively new to the online gambling scene, then you’ll quickly learn that although there’s ample opportunity for those playing at Nova Scotia online casinos to enjoy games at land-based casinos, online gambling can be a lot more rewarding thanks to the excellent bonuses available to new and returning players.

    Below we’ve covered a few of the popular bonuses you’ll find at these gambling sites to give you a better idea about why players continue to flock to Nova Scotia casinos online.

    VIP Casino Bonuses

    Welcome Packages

    There are loads of different sites that will give you the chance to kick-start your Nova Scotia online casino experience with a thrilling welcome offer. Although some casinos offer either a deposit match or a set of free spins, by claiming a welcome package you’ll get to enjoy both! This is perfect for those who’d like to try out popular slots and rewarding casino games with even more casino credits than they initially expected to have.

    Reload Bonuses

    Reload Bonuses

    Once you’ve enjoyed your welcome package at your favourite online casino Nova Scotia you may find that there are even more thrilling bonuses on offer! Nova Scotia online casinos love to show their appreciation for players, which is why many of them have to reload bonuses up for grabs. These could reward you with cashback offers, free spins, or an exciting deposit match.

    free spins bonus casinos icon

    Free Spins

    If you love spinning the reels then this is the ultimate casino bonus for you! These bonuses are one of the most common offers available at Nova Scotia online casinos and will allow you to enjoy even more hours of rewarding slots. Although free spins will usually have to be used to enjoy a specific game or a certain number of games powered by a specific provider, it’s a great way to enjoy playing slots for free at a casino Nova Scotia.

    Payment Methods

    Nova Scotia Casino Payment Methods

    Now that you know about the legality of gambling at Nova Scotia online casinos, the thrilling rewards on offer, and the exciting games that await, you’re probably itching to get started! But before you can claim your reward and start enjoying online gambling, you should consider the different payment methods players have access to at Nova Scotia Casino sites.

    Not every Nova Scotia online casino is the same, and as a result, not all of them will offer exactly the same methods. However, there’s often a wide variety of popular payment methods to choose from and to show you what we mean, we’ve provided a few examples below.

    Responsible Gambling Measures

    Nova Scotia’s Responsible Gambling

    Because online gambling can be extremely addictive when you find yourself or someone you love exhibiting all of the signs of gambling addiction, it’s important to address the situation right away. This type of addiction can lead to financial stress and many other life-altering problems. This is why Casino Nova Scotia has done its best to support gamblers through the numerous gambling help centres for men and women. Below we’ve provided a few examples of the companies you can contact if you or someone you know needs help managing a gambling addiction.

    Ledgehill Treatment and Recovery Centre

    Offering treatment in gender-specific treatment centres in Nova Scotia, those who suffer from a gambling addiction can get the help they need by participating in the company’s Inpatient Programme. This programme includes detox and withdrawal management, therapeutic art as well as science-backed therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

    Marguerite Centre

    This help centre is dedicated to helping women with addiction. The company claims to be the only one of its kind in Nova Scotia and offers a safe, non-judgmental environment. Each resident is placed in her own room and is shown how to create a path to recovery and a successful future. Those who need help recovering from their gambling addiction can take part in the residential programme, where they’ll receive 24-hour in-house support and professional counselling where they’ll be shown how to create new personal goals for the future.




    After reviewing the ins and outs of gambling at casino Nova Scotia, we found that there are loads of exciting games available and numerous sites that can be accessed by players living in this region. Players can amplify their experience by claiming thrilling bonuses, and if you take the time to compare each Nova Scotia online casino site you’re considering, you’ll be able to make the most out of your gambling experience.

    There are numerous help centres available for those addicted to gambling, and many of these sites have a Responsible Gambling page where players have access to the tools they need to either limit their gambling or cut themselves off. Gambling in Nova Scotia is extremely popular, and if you can successfully practice responsible gambling, then you’re in for a real treat when you visit the excellent sites available to its residents.

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