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On this page, you should find everything you need to know with regards to casinos in British Columbia Casinos, Casino Bonus, types of deposit methods, and more. With some of the best games and bonuses available, it can be a minefield. We have taken all the trouble away from you and drawn up a list of casinos. Within this list you are sure to find one that ticks all of your boxes.

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  • Updated: 10.05.2023

  • Updated: 10.05.2023

    British Columbia Casinos

    Our List of Top Rated British Columbia Casinos


    History of Gambling in British Columbia

    All About the History of Gambling in British Columbia

    Canada and British Columbia have experienced a big transition in gambling throughout their history. There is evidence of gambling with bones centuries ago when Indigenous people played with bones from a deer or other animals to beat each other in Slahal, a game that’s still being played today! When the territory was claimed in the 1300s gambling was banned, and remained so for centuries. In the early 1900s, there was a small shift, whereby “collective bets” could be placed. In 1970, the government passed a law to allow each province to manage their own gambling laws.

    1985 saw British Columbia open its own lottery and in 1997 the British Columbia government began to manage all its own slot machines. This led to the first destination casino in British Columbia in 1999, the riverboat casino, Royal City Star. in 2004 the land-based River Rock casino opened its doors.

    All of this led to British Columbia issuing a license for its first online casino in 2010. Today, British Columbia enjoys 36 land-based casinos, all operating under the British Columbian Lottery Corporation. Today, the most popular casino games in British Columbia are Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and slots

    Is Gambling Legal in British Columbia?

    Is Gambling Legal in British Columbia?

    Every person from the age of 19 can gamble in British Columbia. This means that they can enjoy online casino games, lotteries, poker, sports betting, bingo and any other form of digital gambling.

    When it comes to online gambling it is legal to play offshore online casinos thanks to the 1982 Constitution Act. As long as you are gambling in a licensed casino, you are safe legally and ethically.

    Licence and Regulations in British Columbia

    British Columbia Casino Licences and Regulations

    In British Columbia, all gambling activities are conducted and operated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (British ColumbiaLC). Gambling activities are policed by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. In addition, the British Columbian government operates its own internet gambling site.

    Interestingly, all gambling industry workers, service providers, and supplies must be registered or certified. This helps to ensure the principles and safety of gambling are kept to. Respected licenses to look for include Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

    Gambling Revenue Distribution

    Money generated by gambling activities in British Columbia goes back into the province. It is used to provide key services such as health care and education and supports economic development in local communities! In 2020, despite the temporary closure of British Columbia casinos in 2020, the industry was still able to invest $429.9 million.

    Casino Games in British Bolumbia

    Casino Games In British Columbia Casinos

    Should you find yourself in British Columbia Casinos and want to take a break from the nature and beautiful attractions, there are a number of ways to enjoy yourself if you fancy a flutter:


    There are 36 land-based British Columbia casinos where you can play Blackjack, Roulette, Slots and more.


    There is a track in Surry or you can watch it at a British Columbia casino.

    Sports betting

    British Columbia has many sports betting sites.


    British Columbia has its own lottery.

    Live Casinos British Columbia

    Live Casinos British Columbia

    Some of the most popular British Columbia live casino games are poker, baccarat, slots and blackjack. The live casino offers players a virtual live casino experience, from the comfort of their own homes, all the lights, sounds and atmosphere are to be found here. Players can communicate with dealers and other players as well. All of these games are live-streamed from studios around the world and are all in real-time. You will also find that they are fluent in English and often French.

    There are a lot of live online casinos to choose from and the list can be a tad overwhelming! When making your choice, there are a few things you need to consider:

    • Is the casino licensed? By making sure that your casino is licensed you can rest easy knowing that your information is protected and that all games are 100% fair.
    • Does the casino offer helpful customer support? Look for a live chat section where you can speak to a representative or an email address.
    • What bonuses does the casino offer? Different players like different bonuses. Check that the casino offers bonuses that you are interested in.
    • Are the games you enjoy available to play? Make sure that the casino you’re considering has all of your favourite games so that you have a range of options you know will keep you entertained for hours.
    • What payment options are available? Make sure that the casino offers payment methods that you are familiar and comfortable with.

    Sports Betting in BC

    Sports Betting Opportunities in British Columbia

    Canadians love to bet on sports. In fact, the top 5 sports British Columbians bet on are:

    • Ice hockey
    • Horseracing
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Football

    British Columbia Casinos Canada

    Online betting tempts more players by gifting players with betting bonuses. Almost all online betting sites offer an assortment of free bet bonuses to customers.

    Sportsbooks are available in many of the casinos we recommend, so be sure to check out our list. As well as the sports listed above, you will find many more such as Football and Horseracing. You will also find different betting options, like parlays and Round Robins.

    Lotteries in BC

    Lottery Options in British Columbia

    Canada has three national lottery games available to play and British Columbia runs seven provincial games. There are certainly many ways to enjoy playing the lottery here!

    There are also opportunities to take part in other lotteries via online casinos. Various online casinos will give you the chance to win independent lottery games.

    Online Casino Bonuses

    Exciting Casino Bonuses You Can Look Forward to in British Columbia

    Everybody loves a gift and this is essentially what a casino bonus is. They obviously have an ulterior motive, which is to get you to play at their casino. But as this is a win-win situation, it isn’t all that bad. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular offers available:

    welcome bonus icon

    Welcome bonuses

    This is a bonus for new customers only and could be anything from a cash reward to a matched deposit bonus to free spins.

    free spins bonus casinos icon

    Free spins bonuses

    Usually included as part of a welcome package. However, players may be able to claim this reward in the form of a reload bonus or tournament/event prizes.

    no deposit bonus icon

    No deposit bonuses

    Claim thrilling rewards without having to deposit funds into your account.

    Cashback bonus casinos icon

    Cashback bonuses

    This bonus will help soften the blow by allowing you to claim a percentage of money lost back. The percentage varies between casinos.

    referral bonus

    Referral bonuses

    Some online casinos will offer you a bonus simply for spreading the word about the British Columbia Casinos you enjoy.

    How to Play Casino Online

    How To Play In British Columbia Casinos

    British Columbia has one of the highest praised online casino systems in the world. Getting started on your online casino British Columbia adventure is a few easy steps away:


    Head over to your casino of choice. Don’t forget to check if it has a casino license. These credentials will be displayed on the website.


    Click on the register or sign up button. This only takes a few minutes and requires information such as your name, address, contact information, date of birth and possibly a few additional info.


    You will possibly need to verify your account, usually via email.


    If you are offered an online British Columbia Casinos bonus, make sure you check the terms and conditions to meet any special requirements and minimal wagering requirements.


    Head into the casino and start your game with Lady Luck!

    Deposit Methods

    Popular Deposit Methods for British Columbia Casinos

    There are many methods for depositing and withdrawing funds with online casinos. In British Columbia, most financial institutions are friendly to casino operators and payment methods are generally unrestricted.

    Some of the ways you can deposit into an online casino:

    Crypto Casinos available in British Columbia

    With cryptocurrency becoming more advanced, more people are choosing to use it for funding their online gaming experiences. It has the advantages of advanced security and anonymity. Most online casinos accept cryptocurrency now and examples of crypto accepted include:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Stellar (XLM)
    • Binance (BNB)

    Before you make a deposit always ensure that the casino is licensed. Putting money into a casino without an online casino license puts not only your funds but your personal data at risk.

    Withdrawing's at BC Casinos

    How Long Do Payouts Take With British Columbia Casinos?

    It can be very frustrating to cash out that big win, only to find that the funds are not in your account to be spent when you want them! So, how long do casino payments take?

    You can generally get an idea as to how long payments will take both from your own experience and the casino website. It is important to be familiar with the times involved before you even deposit funds.

    It all depends on the payment method used. In our experience, cryptocurrency is the quickest. e-Wallets, such as Neteller and PayPal are also very quick as there is no need for personal data to be submitted. Our advice is to check with the casino.

    Are Online Casinos in BC Safe?

    Online security in British Columbia

    Often we are so engrossed in the thrill of playing British Columbia Casinos that we forget to take precautions. Licensed online casinos enjoy some of the best online security around. Yet there are still risks out there.

    When entering any online casino, always look for the following:

    • The site address starts with HTTPS: and has the lock symbol next to it when entered on the address bar
    • The casino license details are transparent on the site
    • The third-party Agency Trust Seal is present
    • Technical Security Seals are available.

    The online casino site should clearly display its licensing and trust seals so that you can check and be satisfied with them.

    Responsible Gambling Laws

    Responsible Gambling Laws in British Columbia

    Although gambling is a fun and sometimes profitable activity, it is important that you remain responsible when gambling.

    If you feel that you need help or advice, the government provides British Columbians with free information and resources to support informed choices and healthy behaviours with respect to gambling participation. can help you with all your questions.

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